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The history you will never learn in South African schools today!

According to history, textbooks, Google, the truth and reconciliation commission etc. the “Apartheid” government was established in 1948 and ended in 1994.


The disarticulated implications of this re-written history is that the Boer (Farmer) were (and are) uniquely responsible for Apartheid. But, I contend this modern-day myth is a fairy tale intended to demonize today’s White South African people:

Can you handle the truth? – Historic Documentary on South Africa and the ANC

If only independent thinkers not swayed by the media and all the lies it feeds us, can stand together and say… “We the people…” let’s pray enough people start waking up from their media induced coma and turn these political smart weapons against the very ones who wields them against the masses! Let lies be exposed and let ALL men and woman be free from discrimination.