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“My son was beaten to death, like a dog, in the street”, said a broken father who has to work through the news that his son, Pierre de Necker (24), was so badly assaulted on Friday evening, in Belfast Mpumalanga, by a group of people who accused him of theft. He died on Saturday from his injuries.

Lion de Necker, Pierre’s father who also live in Belfast and who manages a local hang out establishment, was emotional on Monday when he told Maroela Media about the last time he had seen his son. “They telephoned me at about 9:30pm while I was at work to tell me Pierre was in hospital. I went there immediately an recognised him by his height because he is very tall and his feet stuck way past the bed. I could not recognise his face. He was beaten beyond recognition.”

According to information Lion has obtained, his son and a friend were in a white Golf at the Shell petrol station in town to buy cigarettes. “I don’t know who the vehicle belonged to but I know it wasn’t his car. An altercation began at the filling station between Pierre and a group of black people. One of the men had a weapon and Pierre and his friend tried to flee in the Golf. Four cars, including a minibus taxi, chased after them and blocked them in a cul de sac in Extension 2”. He said that a group of between 15 and 20 people laid into Pierre and assaulted him with bottles, stones and sticks.

After the assault, Pierre was taken to the Belfast hospital where he was declared brain dead. He passed away on Saturday at about 3:30pm.

Sergeant Kwapa Macdonald, police spokesperson, confirmed to Maroela Media that they were investigating a case of murder. Macdonald said “the assault related to a matter of theft of a car in the town a couple of weeks ago. Members of the community saw the stolen car at the petrol station and took things into their own hands and assaulted the driver.”

On Monday the police arrested three men in connection with the “assault”. They will appear in the town’s magistrate’s court on Tuesday.

Lion describes Pierre as a beautiful son who was a hard worker and was always smiling. “He was a happy go lucky and a free spirit. He was a great artist and animal lover, a gentle and loving person. He was not a trouble-maker. He was not a racist and had no racist inclinations at all.  All this was so unnecessary.”


One of Pierre’s attackers in the meantime took and posted a bloody photo of Pierre on WhatsApp to a contact, from where the grieving family had their attention drawn to it. “I want the world to see how they beat my child to death in the street.  I remember the marks on his face and the wounds on his hands and arms as he probably tried to fend off his attackers”, said an emotional Lion. He said his son was possibly also stabbed with a knife but they are awaiting the outcome of the coroner’s report.

Pierre leaves behind his father, mother, Katryn, younger brothers Jan-Lion (21) and Dieter (15). The family plan to have Pierre’s memorial service on Friday.

Source: – Translated from Afrikaans

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  1. total madness…when will these criminals recognise that life has value….ALL LIVES MATTER folks…

  2. How sad nobody deserves to die like that, may your soul rest in peace and condolences to your family and friends…….:-(