Xenophobia: Multiculturalism FAILS in South Africa! Finally the Rainbow Nation is exposed as a lie. Wake Up!

Finally the Rainbow Nation is exposed for the Marxist Communist, mass marketing propaganda lie that it is.

Marchers against xenophobia run from tear gas in Dr Pixley Kaseme (West) Street in Durban. Picture: Doctor Ngcobo

Marchers against xenophobia run from tear gas in Dr Pixley Kaseme (West) Street in Durban. Picture: Doctor Ngcobo

Will South Africans continue naively denying what Europe has now realised? (In a recent poll 95% of British admitted multiculturalism was a failure).

While no one is condoning the violence and harm being cause by xenophobic violence, it has been happening in Europe, America and elsewhere in the western world. The xenophobic violence in South Africa YET AGAIN vindicates anti-multiculturalism, anti-mass-immigration, anti-open borders, anti islamisation, anti communism and ONCE AGAIN, after so many times, PROVES the abject evil and failure of “collectivism” ideologies.
When will people learn that their leaders claiming to be “peoples” leaders are misleading them for their own power and profit? More so than even conservative, republican “capitalist” leaders.

Xenophobia is nature’s rejection of multiculturalism

Xenophobic violence in South Africa is caused by “Rainbow Nation’s” false multiculturism, communistic open borders policy and forced integration. No nation can be successful or try develop a character or identity with 12 nations within it, never mind importing many more. It is evil, stupid, ludicrous and pathetic for ANYONE to try and defend or support this genocidal conquest and enslavement of the masses with such antiquated thought processes!

Xenophobia in SA can be directly attributed to the “Rainbow Nation”, and exposes, the failed Marxist Communist ideology and false multiculturalism behind the forced integration ideology and echoes similar “anti-immigration” sentiments worldwide.

Just because these Africans all have blacks skins does not mean they are all the same. The ills of multiculturalism have just the same effect on them as it does on European people. Africa has 7,000 tribes with 2,300 languages yet only 50 countries and who knows how many religions? To be honest I am surprised this powder keg has not blown before.

The absolutely ludicrous statement by Cosatu president S’dumo Dlamini that “Pakistani’s and Bangledeshi’s are also Black Africans” exposes the stupidity and deceit and downright evil social engineering that has been taking place in Africa for decades.

Likewise their old tool of polarization and mass abuse, by claiming that it is somehow “white monopoly capitals” fault for exploiting foreigners is as stupid as it is evil. The irony being that it is actually multinational corporations behind the push for open borders and mass immigration.

Their finger pointing at “narrow nationalism” is an admission of guilt as to where their true agenda lies.

They, with the help of London and Washington D.C., might have succeeded in brainwashing the minds of the black masses of Africa with Marxist ideology and vocabulary, but, as happened elsewhere where communism has failed, they too failed to enslave and subdue natural human feelings, emotions and desires despite spending billions on advanced propaganda, brainwashing and marketing techniques. It failed in Russia and is failing in Africa

Africans ARE NOT all the same and the “we are all African” claim is pure communistic propaganda. Like elsewhere in the world where they have deceitfully and against the wishes of the citizens, thrown open the borders to allow other cultures and nations in to “mix up the pot of brown stew”, it has, and always will fail.

Forced integration and forced racemixing (even if they are all “African”), be it covert, overt or political, is genocide.

How many of these foreigners from African and Asian countries are Moslem? Is there an element of anti-islamisation in the xenophobic violence?

Could this xenophobia be the start of the “South African Spring”? Will this cause the masses to become aware of and wise to the lies, deceit and corruption of the despotic regimes in Southern Africa with their corrupt leaders?

Will this xenophobia spread to Zimbabwe and Mozambique? It is certainly occurring in central Africa and as we all know, happened spectacularly in North Africa with the Arab Spring.

It seems when it comes to self determination, self respect, self identity, self awareness, etc. blacks are no different to whites and also want to be in amongst their own where they can practice their own culture, traditions, religion, work, and family life without being forced into the thick brown sludge soup of “the inevitable brown future“.

At the heart lies the ideological fight of individual rights versus collective rights. “Human rights” being the biggest scam against individual rights perpetrated by those forcing failed collectivist ideologies on the masses in order to enslave them.

No matter which label it tries to hide behind, be it democracy, labour, liberalism, Marxism, progressiveness, etc. It is all Communism and will always fail.

Lenin once said he does not care if two thirds of the population is killed, as long as the remaining third are communists…

Do you get it yet? Are you worried yet?

By: Deon Don Venter


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One response to “Xenophobia: Multiculturalism FAILS in South Africa! Finally the Rainbow Nation is exposed as a lie. Wake Up!

  1. And I hope that all South Africans come to understand that Mandela was the traitor to the People of South Africa, especially the Black People of South Africa, along with some Afrikaners who were traitors to their own People.

    I HOPE that they will begin to ask why Mandela betrayed his own tribe when he and the ANC and de Klerk and Pik Botha, arranged that false election. The Transkei was already a free and independent COUNTRY – and a big country, bigger than Swaziland or Lesotho. That Bopututswana was on the verge of independence and all the tribes were being prepared for independence. The AFrican People were free and secure in their own lands, free to live in their own way, in their own natural and healthy way.
    Verwoerd wanted to create a Swiss style confederation!

    What a terrible loss for us all – for the whole World, but especially for the Black people of South Africa.

    Mandela was a pathetic puppet of the Jewish bankers and he destroyed a happy, peaceful prosperous country, maliciously – for what? For the profits of the Jewish bankers who now OWN the People.

    Wake up people, before that horrible fool Malema and his accomplice, Zuma, do you any more harm. Both those fools are in it only for their own Power and Ego.