Words of a Desperate Zuma

I couldn’t agree more education is paramount, but unfortunately Zuma doesn’t have the money or the infrastructure to do this, and why does he only talk about this now, when he’s known about this for years, besides, that was the great Madiba’s vision, not bloody Zuma’s!

images (1)He’s only saying this to start feathering his nest for the next election, it’s a political promise that he knows he can’t deliver on, he can’t even feed the country.

Don’t believe this, it’s all a huge lie designed to buy votes, besides, where are all the teachers going to come from, there’s already a chronic shortage of those, and where are all the schools, universities and colleges coming from, there is already a chronic shortage of those too, and where are all the text books and basic essentials coming from, there’s already a chronic shortage of those, and how does Zuma plan to manage the thousands who will quit school before they get to 18, we know that’s a major problem, many youngsters pull out way before the time, and finally, given that most South African qualifications are no longer considered as relevant across the rest of the world, what future will there be for those that are eventually educated, other than to remain in SA and pay taxes to the ANC?

Goitsimang Edgar Magana

Goitsimang Edgar Magana

It’s all just bull, don’t fall for it, his track record is undeniable proof of his inability to deliver or even keep his promises, these are the words of a desperate man who’s party knows it’s day are numbered…

By:  Goitsimang Edgar Magana

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One response to “Words of a Desperate Zuma

  1. “the great Madiba”??? Mandela was a traitaor to the people of Sa – especially the people of the Transkei! He was nothing but a puppet of the Jews – Joe Slovo was his main handler. How pathetic you are to continue with this lie about Mandela. The Transkei was already a fully independent country when he betrayed it. It was bigger than either Swaziland or Lesotho! Which both, by the way, are still subsidised by South Africa as they were during the times of apartheid. Try not to be either duped or to dupe others.