Woman assaulted at local hospital

Grace Ludde has a major heart problem and was admitted to Tambo Memorial Hospital on 2 February 2015, to see a cardiologist


But she ended up leaving the hospital on February 11, before being treated, because she was assaulted.

“I noticed another patient drinking milk used by all patient from bottle and I complained to the nursing sister,” said Ludde.

“The nursing sister reprimanded her and told her not to drink from the bottle, but to use the cup.”

The patient then took it out on her.

“She found me sitting outside and started hurling insults at me.

“She also beat me with an object on the head and back,” said Ludde.

She added that the same patient had slapped a another patient the previous night, and on February 11 she assaulted another young patient, who she punched in the face.

Apparently, the nurses and the security on duty did nothing at all.

Ludde ended up discharging herself ,as she feared for her safety.

“She threatened to kill me and I still have nightmares about it,” said Ludde.

According to the Gauteng Health Department, the management and professional staff at Tambo Memorial Hospital are aware of the assault on Grace Ludde.

Department spokesman Prince Hamnca said the patient who assaulted her and other patients is mentally challenged, with mood swings which are unpredictable.

Hamnca said that the hospital, as part of its mandate, must admit mentally unstable patients, who at times tend to be violent.

“Doctors and nurses are trained to manage such patients,” he explained.

“In addition to this, the security personnel are on site to provide support and such patients are seen and prioritised, to calm them down as soon as possible.

“Ms Grace Ludde preferred to leave the hospital, despite being assured by the staff about her safety and security.”

Hamnca said the hospital contacted Ludde to schedule a follow-up visit and that the patient was last seen and attended to on March 4.

Patients are advised to lodge their complaints in writing with Quality Assurance managers at public health facilities, or to contact the department’s 24-hour call centre on 0860 011 000.

“All concerns will be thoroughly investigated and appropriate action will be taken,” Hamnca said.

Source: Boksburg Advertiser


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