Dr Koos Troskie, a well known general practitioner in Kroonstad in the Free State, and his bedridden wife, Natalie, were attacked on their farm just outside town.


Captain Stephen Thakeng, police spokesman, said Troskie (71) arrived on his farm in Halfkroondrift on Sunday at about 19h00 and smelled something burning. “His 69 year old wife was alone at the house and in bed as she was recovering from a stroke”, said Thakeng. Troskie immediately went into the kitchen to see what was burning but he couldn’t see anything. “He was on his way to his wife in the bedroom when he was attacked by an unknown man. The man pressed a gun to his head.” Troskie grabbed the gun and realised it was a toy pistol. A struggle ensued during which Troskie was hit on the head with a metal pipe. “Dr Troskie fell onto the ground where he was hit in the ribs. Thereafter he sent to the bedroom where another suspect was busy with a grinder trying to cut open the safe.”

Dr Troskie was tied to a chair and the money in his pocket was stolen. A pistol that was in the cupboard was also taken, whereafter the suspects fled in Troskie’s Hilux bakkie. “Dr Troskie was then able to untie himself and ran towards the road to try and summon help as he couldn’t find his cellphone.” The police were called and a full-scale manhunt was conducted to try and catch the suspects. According to Thakeng, the attackers threatened Natalie that they would cut her throat with the grinder if she didn’t tell them where the safe was. They also had a spade and an axe to threaten her. “One of the couple’s dogs was poisoned and it died”, added Thakeng. The Kroonstad police are investigating a case of housebreaking. No-one has yet been arrested in connection with the incident.

Source: Translated from Afrikaans

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