South Africa – burning people alive – The video appears to be linked to an SABC report of 18 March of an attack in the Sondela informal settlement in Rustenburg on a group of men accused of murder – Also known as “Bush Justice” (When people get tired of the inefficiency of the Police)


A shocking video circulating on Saturday and which was described as showing young Zimbabweans being necklaced in a xenophobic attack in Durban this week is unconnected to attacks on foreigners in South Africa this week, News24 has confirmed.


The video was seized upon on social media on Saturday morning as evidence of the violence against foreign nationals this week as xenophobic tension in South Africa rises, but the truth behind the footage is quite different. The video appears to relate to an incident in Rustenburg in March and there is no suggestion the victims of the horrifying attack were foreigners.

Durban police on Saturday said the horrific video which shows a group of young men being set alight with a crowd watching was, to their knowledge, not footage of the recent violent attacks on foreign nationals in the coastal city as some on social media are suggesting.

The video appears to be linked to an SABC report of 18 March of an attack in the Sondela informal settlement in Rustenburg on a group of men accused of murder.

Durban police spokesperson Major Thulani Zwane said on Saturday that while the video had not been brought to his attention, police monitoring  the tense situation south of Durban had received no such report of a similar incident in the past week, debunking the belief that it was related to xenophobic violence in Durban.

“We need to be careful about these things because videos like these can cause a panic. As of now we have no knowledge of this incident.”

Storyful Newswire, who News24 asked to assist verify it, said: “It appeared a few weeks ago, described as showing five youths being set alight ‘after raping a woman and shooting her husband’ in Rustenberg, about 140km northeast of Johannesburg. There is no reference to Zimbabwe or xenophobia. SABC carried a report on the footage on the video”

According to the SABC  report, “‘five youths, alleged criminals, were set alight. A video too graphic to display shows five youth, three of them minors, tied with ropes and tyres placed around their necks.

“During a public interrogation, they confessed to the murder of a man and were then doused with petrol and set alight. Police came to their rescue but three of them later succumbed to their injuries.”

At the time it was reported that one was fighting for his life and a fifth remained in police custody.

A North West police spokesperson was not immediately available to provide an update on any criminal charges against the group surrounding the  burning youths without helping them or stopping the men who were burning them.

YouTube has started taking down some of the posts of the video with the message: “This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy on shocking and disgusting content.”

However, two foreign nationals were taken to hospital on Friday night after petrol bombs were thrown into a container they used as a shop and a sleeping place in Umlazi.

Zwane said it was originally thought they were Somalian, but it emerged they were from Ethiopia.

Seventeen people have been arrested this past week in the Durban area for crimes associated with attacks on foreign nationals.

Charges include looting and assault.

Amir Sheik of the Somali Community Board of SA said on Saturday morning he was receiving calls from Somalians in Durban and in the Western Cape who are frightened.

“They have closed their businesses,” he said. “They are afraid of being attacked”.

The Congress of SA Trade Unions condemned the last attacks saying it was unacceptable.

Source: http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/True-story-of-shocking-xenophobic-attack-video-revealed-20150411


  1. If I comment I will be banned from the Internet.. How anyone can do this is another human being is beyond me.. I am not even going to try understand this. IT IS PURE EVIL.

  2. I WEPT watching this….HOW CAN such atrocities be done to other humans…..God help us!

  3. Charmeon Carneson

    How is it possible for the rest of the world to ignore this!!!!! The words that come to mind will not be allowed on a public forum. This is beyond evil and I cannot for the life of me understand how the people doing this “to their own” feel NOTHING. May these poor tortured souls RIP.

  4. I’m afraid inhumane, Humans don’t behave like this, and what’s more Sickening is the audience .

  5. Keith and Estelle Kleyn

    We have no words – the ones in our minds are unprintable! Demons! Savages! Barbarians! Heartless bastards! 🙁

  6. It is not unusual for
    Africans to treat each other with incredible brutality. Ask the Ndebele what the Shona – Mugabe’s tribe did to them.

  7. Stop Rape and Murder in RSA

    The people are tired of rapists and murderers.

    South-Africa is one of the rape capitals of the world where they rape babies under 1 year old and kill 50 people a day.

    This is just reported because its black on black violence,Google white genocide in South-Africa and see how people are raped and killed and chopped up for being white.

    I say that if you rape or murder another human you are no long considered as human and I could care less if they burn you .

    All above comments are made for the guys being burned,what about the woman that was raped and husband killed.

    I say burn,hang and kill all murderers and rapists

  8. That video is beyond words. Hows that saying go, A pictures says a thousand words, well that video says a million. There is some more I could say but I wont because I don’t want to offend anyone.

  9. What will be said if some pictures and videos are shown of the brutal and violent attacs on innocent farmers?

  10. You would have to be African to understand. When you have weak law enforcement coupled to an ability for the perpetrators to simply melt back into the anonymity of the crowd, this is how mob justice is delivered.

  11. I have no words…
    These people are not human

  12. I think its time Parliament sat down to debate return of the Death Penalty.
    You kill and so shall you perish! How do you look on as people burn to death????????????

  13. Catherine Blair

    I’m deeply shocked and heartbroken, at man’s inhumanity to man. WE are ALL going to end up killing each other, if we accept this barbaric, inacceptable torture and murder, on this divine, tiny planet, that belongs to us ALL. Do we really want WWlll? Please think hard, we are all ONE – human beings. This Earth, and it’s people, must pull together, NOT apart. Things are very bad in Europe, the USA, Russian and where I live in the UK. Please “God” STOP IT. OR else, we truly have learnt NOTHING. WHY OH WHY??? Blessings, love and peace, to all that suffer, and to those that watch, be careful it’s your turn next, it’s called KARMA.

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