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The high walls, electric fences, and private security guards surrounding South Africa’s residences and businesses are as inherent to the country’s landscape as Table Mountain is to Cape Town. And with good reason

— South Africa’s crime statistics are the worst in a decade, with increases in murder, attempted murder, violent armed robbery, and carjackings.

Interesting thing when an international group makes a documentary of South Africa. they generalise… Saying “all” whites earn six times more than their black counterparts… that was true 20 years ago… It is however no longer the truth.

There are over 700 000 (of a population making up just over 4 million this is a staggering percentage) whites living in sheer poverty.  Due to BEE and Affirmative action legislation, highly qualified people cannot find employment.  The whites make up only 7% of the entire population.  There are more black middle class people than the entire white population, this figure does not include the exceptionally wealthy blacks.  I am in no way suggesting that this is wrong, if people are prospering, I am happy for them, but to blatantly make a blanket statement that is not the truth and portray a minority already compromised, is a sign of how the world still buys into old propaganda and continues to be complicit in the hatred towards white people in South Africa.


Fear of crime has led to a boom in South Africa’s private security industry since apartheid ended 20 years ago. The field’s quick expansion is largely a result of continued social and economic inequality, increased violence, and inept police forces.

VICE News traveled to South Africa’s mother city Cape Town to look at the lifestyle gap between those who can and cannot afford the luxury of safety.

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One response to “WHATCH: Violence and Private Security in South Africa – Vice News

  1. This article is a must watch..
    Daily I see the posts by people living in the Cape Flats… It is horrific the life there for innocent people caught up in the crossfire of the gangs and crime.