UPDATE: Pongola petrol station attack victim tells his story

In an exclusive interview, one of the victims in the infamous Pongola petrol station fight has told the Zululand Observer his side of the story.

The incident occurred at about 3.30am last Sunday and was filmed by a witness who asked for anonymity for safety reasons.

The victim requested anonymity for safety reasons (Stock Photo) The incident occurred at about 3.30am last Sunday and was filmed by a witness who asked for anonymity for safety reasons.

IN an exclusive interview with the Zululand Observer, one of the victims in the Pongola petrol station attack, who requested anonymity for safety reasons, told his side of the story.

After a night out with friends, shortly before the two brothers and their friend were due to return to the USA where they have been working since last year, the group of five went to the Pongola fast food restaurant at the petrol station for something to eat.

He said there were many taverns in the area and, as a result, the early morning sees many intoxicated loiterers in the area.

One of the group went into the shop, leaving his friends in their vehicle.

Five women sitting on the steps to the convenience store allegedly swore at him as he entered the shop.

As he came out, more people had gathered and were shouting and swearing.

He saw a police officer in a SAPS vehicle and asked the officer to put an end to this behaviour, which was becoming more aggressive.

Not knowing exactly how things erupted, he said the next thing he knew, his friend who had been standing behind him, was hit numerous times.

The girl, who can be seen on the video footage lying on the floor, was not being hit by her own friend, as a member of the public commented on another media outlet’s website.

‘He was trying to protect her after she had been kicked and had alcohol cans thrown at her,’ the source said.

‘I told her to run to the vehicle, but there were too many people and so much going on that she couldn’t.

‘I was then kicked and hit on the back. I walked to the doors of the petrol station shop and think I passed out briefly’.

The friends eventually got away, but are still recovering from cracked ribs and other injuries.

‘I just want to put this behind me and get back to work in America’.

The alleged aggressors could not be contacted as police officers have been unable to identify them from the video.

Pongola police station commander, Colonel Herbst, said much police work still need to be done and investigations continue. However, no case has been opened and no charges laid, Herbst’s investigations pertain to the apparent lack of police intervention.



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