They march to unite our Nation

Mr Duncan Nyawo and his three companions started their journey to the Union Buildings to raise awareness of the killings of white farmers and police officers yesterday. They have already reached Belfast.

Mr Alex Leitch, Mr Duncan Nyawo, Mr Ian Venter and Mr Jaco Klopper getting ready for the big walk. Photos: Marinette Potgieter

MBOMBELA – “Thank you for what you are doing for us,” said a crying woman to Mr Duncan Nyawo on Freedom Day as he prepared to walk from the city to the Union Buildings in Pretoria in protest against the killing of police officers and farmers.

“The country needs more people like you so we can be united as one. We are behind you every step of the way,” she said.

Tears flowed freely as about 30 people gathered at Halls Gateway in the early hours of Monday morning to pray for and bid farewell to Nyawo and his three companions, Mr Ian Venter, Mr Alex Leitch and Mr Jaco Klopper. It was an emotional scene as hugs were exchanged and messages of encouragement whispered by family members, friends and well-wishers to the four crusaders.

Another companion, Mr Sipho Mnisi, ( will join the group in Witbank.

Sipho Mnisi

Sipho Mnisi –

These men have been preparing emotionally and physically for more than a week to brave the 350-kilometre journey.

Their plight has evolved from standing up against the killing of farmers and police officers to also including opposition to rhino poaching, xenophobia and land grabbing.

Klopper, co-founder of Mpumalanga Animal Crime Watch (MACW), said he was “doing it for the animals”.

A number of supporters prayed for the crusaders. Photos: Marinette Potgieter

A number of supporters prayed for the crusaders. Photos: Marinette Potgieter

Emotions ran high, both for the walkers and the supporters.

“What is actually being done about these matters?” asked Leitch, who flew from Durban on Sunday to join the march.

“Cases are reported to police but nothing really ever comes from it. It is heart-wrenching that our beautiful South Africa needs people like Duncan to send a message about all that is wrong with our country.”

Leitch is a farmer in Ballito, KwaZulu-Natal, whose friend, also a farmer, was attacked a few weeks ago.

“I’m passionate about this plight,” he said.


A supporter hugs Nyawo for his bravery.

In a time blighted with xenophobic attacks, land grabbing and the defacing

of statues and monuments, it was meaningful that these brave men’s journey started on Freedom Day.

“What will become of this country if there are no farmers?” asked Nyawo, who was also struggling to hold back the tears.

“It is barbaric and inhumane to think that white people need to pay for the sins of their fathers. We need to put the hatred and racism behind us and unite as one country. I live according to ubuntu, we are all family.”

Mr Alex Leitch and Mr Ian Venter carries one of the signs: ‘Some people want it to happen. Some wish it would happen. Others make it happen.’

Mr Alex Leitch and Mr Ian Venter carries one of the signs: ‘Some people want it to happen. Some wish it would happen. Others make it happen.’

As the men started off towards the N4, the well-wishers clapped hands and wiped away tears. They then joined them for about a kilometre.

Cars drove by and hooted in support and a few motorists even stopped next to the road to applaud the men.

“This pumps me up,” Nyawo said as he gestured to his supporters. “Now I am certain I am doing the right thing.”

Nyawo’s journey has generated momentous support on social media.

A few people have started Facebook pages in support.

One page, “The Truth about South Africa”, has started a page called “Long walk against the killing of police officers and white farmers” which has gained more than 2 000 followers from all over the world, in one day.

Nyawo holds hands with Ms Linda Semmens.

Nyawo holds hands with Ms Linda Semmens.

Since Lowvelder has started reporting on his mission on April 17, sponsorships for Nyawo have been pouring in.

AfriForum, The Farm Stall at Halls and private sponsors have provided the team with food, water, backpacks, walking shoes, money and accommodation.

J&M Security Nelspruit, ADT Security Middelburg and ADT Security Pretoria are ensuring the men’s safety.

However, not all the feedback has been positive. Nyawo has received numerous phone calls from people threatening to sabotage his mission, and even to kill him.

“One man phoned and said if I didn’t drop this, he would try everything to ‘bring me down’,” he said.

Despite this, Nyawo says nothing will stop him from completing this important task.

They plan to walk about 120 kilometres each day, stopping only to rest for a few hours.

“I am not going to sleep,” Nyawo said. “I just want to get there as soon as possible, even if I have to walk through the night. My spirit is fit and my heart wants to do it.”

The men will record a video diary along the way.

They hoped to reach Belfast yesterday and the Union Buildings by Thursday.

By: Marinette Potgieter – Lowvelder

Follow their journey on their Facebook Page:

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12 responses to “They march to unite our Nation

  1. Charmeon Carneson

    What an amazing man and what incredible people who are joining him. Please God keep them safe. It hurts my heart to hear some some are threatening this brave man. BACK OFF and leave him alone, if other groups can march (mostly not peacefully) why cant he walk for what he knows and believes is wrong. God protect you Alex, Duncan, Ian, Jaco and Sipho and huge thanks for doing this for all South African farmers and police who continue to be murdered

  2. Gillian Leitch

    Brave boys. So proud of you. My son Alexander is one of these brave boys.

  3. You guys are amazing! If only all white and black people can stand together like this but we pray that this might change views. Get back safe to your families, and all we can say id THANK YOU!!!

  4. Leona Van Der Merwe

    Fantastic. Hope by the time they near there destination there are plenty more people joining them black and white alike we all bleed the same. If I was there I would have liked to be along side them .Alas New Zealand to for away but have you guys in my prayers.

  5. Sandra Fletcher

    Monsanto is behind all the Farm killings I am telling you I just know for years this EVIL Company, may Du Pont, and others are behind the Farm killings in Africa – Watch Monsanto Evil on You Tube and many many other documentaries on Monsanto on You Tube – I am telling you this Evil Company needs to be crushed they have been behind the farm killings for decades now – Monsanto is a EVIL COMPANY and needs to be crushed!! 🙁

  6. Sandra Fletcher

    “Monsanto Documentary – This is a shocking video about the company” PLEASE WATCH THIS DOCUMENTARY ON YOU TUBE – You will see why I feel so strongly about my feelings about Monsanto – they wanted to get rid of the farmers in Africa so they could land grab and dominate the farming of the entire WORLD!!!!! 🙁 European Union – United Nations – One World Dictatorship!!!!!! Fascism and total control of the worlds food.

  7. Sandra Fletcher

    “Monsanto Documentary – This is a shocking video about the company” PLEASE WATCH THIS DOCUMENTARY ON YOU TUBE

  8. Sandra Fletcher

    Hear what the Farmer from Canada says at the end about being approached by one of the employees of Monsanto in Johannesburg before leaving to returning to Canada – the employee of Monsanto threatened him and 3 days later after he returned to Canada Monsanto was Spying on him, stalking him and threatening him!!!! 🙁 🙁

  9. Sandra Fletcher

    3 weeks after the Farmer returned to Canada Monsanto launched another Court Case against him 🙁 Evil Company 🙁

  10. Carrol. Engelbrecht

    Good sentiment. I salute you guys for your bravery!

  11. Cliff Slabbert

    Well done guys. You make us all very proud by setting such a good example to the rest of South Africa and Africa as a whole.
    Go Alex