Violence in The New South Africa



7 responses to “Violence in The New South Africa

  1. I wish this video would air on our news cast just once so our country can see what they helped do to SA by supporting mandela and his anc.

  2. Ursula Trentham

    Unable to activate video.

  3. Sifisomadondo

    wow what a video, they just forgot to include all the videos where our parents were mass murdered. Defenseless, they should show all the videos of us in the township living under terror of white system and local criminals without any protection from police.

    People say our freedom was a peaceful negotiated settlement. That is a lie from hell, southafrica was in civil war. Yes no whites were killed, when their turn to be killed came, Mandela said we should not.

    Actually these are the fruits that the white system has planted, they must enjoy them. It’s their garden and the fruits are theirs.

    • You are misinformed Sifisomandondo… Nobody was mass murdered… go read your history… and yes many whites died in Mandela’s bombings… go read about Church street bomb and Magoo bombings… get informed.

    • To Sifisomadondo. Ones you find out why neither Eskom nor Telkom can go into Diepsloot (Informal settlement) without police escort (and yes, I live close by and have seen it numerous times). Then you can start to make racial accusations. If you have not taken notes, these attacks are not racial based. The thugs just take what they want, how they want and have no regards towards live. Ignorance and arrogance is the damnation of a nation. You have internet, get informed.

  4. I see in the video its says there is hope and a future , well what when how, lets be real , it cant change, I wish it would or could , but unless there is a war or some kind or similar it wont happen , it cant change from within or political change, no in our life times,

  5. William Dix

    There was supposed to be reconciliation after 1994 That’s what mandela wanted. He realized that there would be other agencies that would thrive from destabilizing RSA and we needed unity to stand firm against these forces. Now we have a government that is similar to the standard African pattern of dictatorial leadership with eventual one party states. We eliminate racial segregation then eventually end up with class separation. The haves and have nots. Whites in this country are being subjected to economic apartheid . The wealth that they once may have had has been eroded by the devaluation of the rand as an example in 1961 when this country gained indepence the Rand was worth 75 USA cents today its close to 20rand to the dollar. The country has lost its wealth and the mining, agriculktur and manufacturing are slowly diminishing through bad laws and regulation, BEE policies and and labour unions out of control. Who the …. wants to invest in a country like that. This is the same problem that the other African countries have. Eventually the state is run by a select group of eleite blacks who actually don’t care about the masses. I have been to other African states – go there and wake up. Unless the majority wake up and vote this government out and go for a truly representative administration this country will go the same way as Zimbabwe. Do you know how Zim got into the state its in. Find out but I will give you hints, Land expropriation, sponsoring wars in the Congo. Plundering the state coffers etc etc. We have troops in Lesotho, Sudan, CAR, Congo . Why we need to house and clothe our own nation. Then home affairs run as a passport buy and sell agency then we have the xenophobia as a result of poor government admin. Our crime is out of control, Why because there are no opportunities for our youth. Our vaunted nad much esteemed president makes ludicrous statement such as creating 100 industrialists. You cant create industrialists through government these people are entrepreneurs that rise up in an economy that’s vibrant and expanding. Every year our predictions for growth are lowered and revised downwards with continuing loss of employment . So who is the Government going to blame. The whites , apartheid and continue with the hatred and polarization of our nation . make no error the 8000 millionares that left our country are not only whites. Mr Khumalo took out $250 in Brett Kebbles time and the rich black diamands will continue to stash there money in off shore banks to save their wealth from being eroded completely. How much does our vice president have statshed off shore, find out. Why did Mark Shuttleworth take his money out of the country?
    No the majority have to think differently as we are now in a global village and running a country on ideology cannot work and blaming the past for present incompetence is not an excuse. Viva RSA Viva change and forget the past and start today building a new non racial. non segregationist and skewed economy.