White people must join the struggle for land. Only 2% of whites own land – Malema

In February, EFF leader Julius Malema called on white people to join the party to get their hands on land. “White people must join the struggle for land. Only two percent of whites own land. If they want land, they must join EFF,” he said at the time.


*By Concerned Citizen, and believer in starting with the “low” hanging fruit” (Not Malema)

The legal redistribution of the 30 520 325 hectares in question could start immediately, but the ANC continues to sweep this under the carpet and ignore it. The land is right under our noses. This land could easily be legally redistributed without much “legal sparring”.
Here is a summary of the land in question.


There is a total of 30 520 325 Hectares. This calculates to be about 25% of the surface area in South Africa where a conscious decision has been made by our leaders not to legally sell it to private black ownership, or not to offer true ownership to our people in any manner, shape or form.
A deeper breakdown:
60% of this land is former ‘homeland” or communal areas that cover some 17.2 million hectares, of which around 14,5 million hectares were classified as ‘agricultural’ in 1991 (DAFF 2011). (The balance includes small towns and protected areas.) Most of this land is state-owned and densely settled by black households under various forms of customary tenure, with tenure reform a contested but neglected area of state policy. Tenure reform should be addressed immediately so that true legal ownership can be attained. As a result of regionally specific histories the extent of black communal areas varies considerably across the provinces, from over 36% in KwaZulu-Natal to under 0.05% in the Northern and Western Cape (DLA 2002). Former ‘coloured’ reserves comprise a further 1.28 million hectares, mostly in the Northern and Western Cape.
The remaining 40% is “other” State-owned land
This land could be converted to black ownership if the State chose to do so. Most state land outside the communal areas is demarcated for public purposes that should be directed towards the common good, so re-distribution of this could be done with a well-orchestrated plan. State-owned protected areas accounted for about 7% of the country by 2012 (DEA 2012).
It would take over 20 years for legal redistribution of this land to occur if a systematic plan was implemented tomorrow. This could be done with minimal bloodshed if the ANC were to put the necessary planning for thelegal redistribution program into effect.
The 20 years would also allow infrastructure planning (and education) for those taking ownership transfer of the land to where the land is utilized in a way that it contributes positively to our countries GDP.
Let’s focus our efforts on pressuring the ANC to start this legalredistribution of land right away.


5 responses to “White people must join the struggle for land. Only 2% of whites own land – Malema

  1. Is there realy no one in the world who cares about the lies .

  2. uitstekendeartikel maar gaan enigeiemand hiervan kennis neem en iets DAARAAN DOEN? Mens staan so magteloos teenoor ‘n regering wat nie verder kan dink asdie lengte van hulle neuse nie en dit is Letterlik en figuurlik plat. oetnie vergeet die taalkwessie vir die kinders nie, om in ander taal as moedertaal opgelei te moet word met onnies wat self nie die taal behoorlik magtig is nie….TRAGEDIE VAN ONS ONDERWYS.

  3. The white man or black man that join molema will join the communist party and are a trator of citizens of south africans

  4. Jy onderhandel nie met die vyand nie! Die land is duur gekoop,Piet Retief en sy manne was verkeerd om met (daardie) vyand te onderhandel,maar die land is gekoop! Melema,Zuma,Mandela,Mbeki en die kabinet is vol korrup,bedrog,leuns,en gedagtes vol moord.Hulle hande is vol onskuldige bloed! Waar is Melama se uitlating dat die honeymoon is over for thr whites? Want ek dink,hulle kan sien,dat ons witvolk word nou moeg om uitgemoor te word,rondgestamp te word en die onregverdige BBE is besig om die land en sy ekonomie te “vermoor ” en veronskuldig hulle elke keer en gee die “apartheid” die skuld!!!Daar is die LEWENDE GOD en HY sien wat gebeur.Wag en kyk wat gaan HY nog doen!!!!

  5. This boy Malema lacks principle and foresight. He seem not to understand what he says he stands for. He is so desperate to rise into power at all cost even if it means contradicting his own principles and what he preaches EFF to stand for. From the angle he seems to be inviting whites to join him in a directionless struggle for land its clear he is a lost and confused fool. State owned land forms part of land in the correct hands. Tribal owned land too is in the rightful hands. I would understand if his struggle was directed to large stretches owned by foreign nationals ,corporations and individuals occupying more than one farm.
    Now I don’t understand his objective and principles. He is a dangerous populist hungry for power irresponsibly.
    If his call to whites to join in this struggle was to ask white people owning excessive land to be willing to share and maintain a reasonable grab and join in ,in dispossession foreign individuals and corporates owning vast stretches of land I would understand. That’s were land redistribution must start including under utilised land either by blacks or by whites in commercial areas. If those can be joined in by whites in conjunction with progressive formations, we would have a very harmonious and productive friendly land reform and avoid the Zimbabwe situation.
    My warning to white citizens is that if they turn a blind eye to the need and urgency of land reforms then it will through a rotten egg on the faces of very one including those holding reasonable farm holdings.