SA farm attacks to be raised at Aussie conference on crime victims

Civil rights group AfriForum will inform the world about South Africa’s unique phenomenon of farms attacks during a conference on “victimology” in Australia later this month.

“We hope to achieve significant international awareness concerning farm attacks and that the world will pay attention to the atrocities committed against these South Africans,” the organisation’s researcher Lorraine Claasen said in a statement.

Her presentation, entitled “Victims of farm attacks in South Africa”, would be delivered at the 15th International Symposium of the World Society of Victimology being held in Perth from July 5-9.

She said it was imperative to tell the world that since 1990, 3 542 farm attacks had been recorded and 1 747 murders committed during those attacks.

Afriforum - (Via Web)

Afriforum – (Via Web)

“The severity of the problem cannot go unnoticed any longer,” she said.

The conference would hear presentations on subjects including sexual abuse of children in Mayan communities in Mexico; research on victims of terrorism in the Basque country and justice for rape victims in India.


By: Thomas Hartleb

Source: Media24

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