Released: list of the 9 murder victims – minority group under attack in South Africa

While the country was preoccupied with history/colonialism and burning Statues all over South Africa, 9 brutal murders (all separate incidents) took place the first two weeks of this month alone (April 2015), and not a word or an outcry? 

5 People die in Xenophobic attacks and the world is up in arms? Are the lives of the minority in South Africa not worth fighting for as well?  

See the list of victims below and the video explaining the possible reason why – RIP

14 April 2015

Andre Botha –  Shot dead outside his home

14 April 2015

70-year-old woman was stabbed to death

 9 April 2015

Jannie van der Schyff (46) – Shot dead in front of his children

7 April 2015

White woman found hung up in bushes, Amanzimtoti

(not the body of missing Afrikaans woman Lorraine Bothma, Amanzimtoti)

7 April 2015

Noeline Koekemoer (15)
Rape and murder of a 15-year-old Afrikaans girl from Bainsvlei in Bloemfontein

5 April 2015

Marius du Toit, 48, shot dead in front of 15-yo son.

2 April 2015

Security guard Hennie Jacobs shot dead by gang of robers with AK47s at the Superspar in Brighton Square, Kraaifontein

1 April 2015

Bossie Badenhorst 64, murdered on farm Doelgerig, Nylstroom

1 April 2015 

Missing Boksburg man Wayne Alberts, found dead: police handed his stolen car back to the 3 murder suspects the very next day!

See how our president sings about killing us – his own citizens – maybe that is why nobody cares, a “not so” silent directive from the TOP?



3 responses to “Released: list of the 9 murder victims – minority group under attack in South Africa

  1. Richard Salvagni

    And the solution?? regretfully you only see the tip of the iceberg the rapid passing of laws since Mandela s death to limit & prevent foreign immigration ( part. white ) I can give you numerous examples of Europeans & Americans that have had their visas totally screwed up since all visas have to go to Home Affairs in Jo-burg area there has to be purposeful intent to deny their apps no AGENCY CAN BE AS INCOMPETENT AS THAT those residents that do have visas considered non citizens land theft better known has land reform new mining laws that are totally different than what was agreed upon ,incompetents in all phases of government from Municipal to the President

  2. i have a picture of a white man killed horribly, it’s a pity. when i took this photo myself i was crying to see a human being killed like animal. this is the end of the downfall of this country and it’ll never be the same anymore. they are digging their own grave. anyway, i was saved miraculously and getting to joburg today by 05h00. ” WHEN A NATION TURN ITS BACK TO GOD,IT IS THE END OF EVERYTHING”.

  3. Johan Dawid Raath.

    There are no words to describe this incompetent, undermining and inhuman government that is leading South Africa to total destruction. “Hung by the tongue” they say, and I believe in that; but before 1994, when the young people brutally killed there own, throwing petrol down their throat and necklessing them. (We can blame the Russians for this who trained them). And after they died they would still through them with stones, only because many would try to calm them and disagreed with them. Many of these where family and even parents. At that time, I predicted that we would face great difficulties in South Africa. young people growing up with no discipline, no respect and no value system. And of course; many, I suspect is now leaders in our government!?