Quatro Camp – ANC Detention Centre Angola

Sequence on rape, torture & execution of inmates in exile at ANC detention centre Quatro Camp, Angola.

From the documentary by Kevin Harris, titled “Unfinished Business”dealing with the search by Joe Seremane for the truth about his brother, Chief – tortured & executed in exile at Quatro Camp.

ANC camps

The ANC established bases in several African countries. The Department of Intelligence and Security (DIS), together with the military headquarters of MK, had control over residential centres and the Angolan camps, including ‘Camp 32’ or the Morris Seabelo Rehabilitation Centre (popularly known as ‘Quatro’), Panga, Viana and the Nova Catengue camp. Following the SADF bombing of Nova Catengue camp in 1979, there was an atmosphere of paranoia about infiltration by South African agents. A number of ANC members were detained and tortured; some died as a result of assaults and some were executed. Dissatisfaction in MK training camps in Angola led to mutinies at the Viana and Pango camps during 1984. Both mutinies were put down with loss of lives on both sides. Many MK members were detained in connection with the uprisings, and some were tortured. Two groups of mutineers were tried by military tribunals and seven were executed.

Source: Truth Commission



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