Mugabe And White African

This documentary Mugabe And White African deals with the farm invasions and land grabs in Zimbabwe during the first decades of the 2000s. A farmer takes the Zimbabwean government of Robert Mugabe to court. Good movie to watch as we are seeing history repeat itself in South Africa. Watch and consider if this injustice should be allowed?

2 responses to “Mugabe And White African

  1. Ursula Trentham

    Hello Brendi, congratulations on your new website! I love all the interesting news you post and your radio talks.
    If I may ask, have you tried giving a talk on a British radio? Nothing here is ever mentioned about the crisis in SA. People are oblivious to the butchery of the White South Africans also the butchery of the rhino and elephant to name but two. If I can be of any use in this matter, besides writing to Michael Gove (who I will be seeing on the 7th at a meeting near Camberley) maybe I can do SOMETHING? I look forward to reading your posts here in the future.
    Kind regards, Ursula

  2. Thanks so much Ursula… will keep you posted 😉