Malema: 10 reasons to vote EFF – has he delivered?

Here they are – the 10 reasons to vote EFF

EFF leader Julius Malema toasts his supporters during the party's launch on Sunday (October 13 2013). Picture: Felix Dlangamandla/Foto24

EFF leader Julius Malema toasts his supporters during the party’s launch on Sunday (October 13 2013). Picture: Felix Dlangamandla/Foto24Here are 10 of the reasons which he gave for why he should rule South Africa:

1. The EFF is there to continue the struggle started by ANC, Pan Africanist Congress and Azanian People’s Organisation stalwarts. At the moment, the struggle is failing.

2. EFF will unite taxi drivers, owners and passengers against elite get-rich-quick schemes like the Bus Rapid Transport system.

3. Real reconciliation can only start when white people give back, without compensation, land stolen from blacks – EFF will demand that.

4. We need an independent police that would not shoot innocent people like those at Marikana – EFF will deal with those officers who do these things.

5. Teachers should not strike during school hours and they should treat the children they teach as if they are their own.


6. Exploited black waiters and waitresses, sex workers and domestic workers must report abuses to EFF to deal with.

7. EFF is not scared of the white boss and will help foreigners who are abused and fired at will because they don’t have papers.

8. Nurses must treat people with pride and black doctors deserve better working conditions.

9. By shooting mine workers at Marikana, the current government is the same as the apartheid government that shot innocent people at Sharpeville.

10. South Africa doesn’t need a singer as a president, but a thinker. EFF will oust President Jacob Zuma, who has spent public money on expensive Nkandla upgrades, on maintaining his four wives, and who irregularly gave permission for a plane of his friends, the Gupta family, to land at Waterkloof Air Force Base.

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“White people must join the struggle for land,” he said.
“Only two percent of whites own land. If they want land, they must join EFF.” – Malema



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