Maimane: ANC implementing reverse apartheid

Residents of Mitchells Plain braved the rain and cold on Tuesday to listen to new Democratic Alliance party leader Mmusi Maimane at a rally in the suburb, reported Netwerk24.

DA leader Mmusi Maimane addresses people in Mitchells Plain. (Liza van Deventer, Netwerk24)

DA leader Mmusi Maimane addresses people in Mitchells Plain. (Liza van Deventer, Netwerk24)

“We are ready for Mmusi,” and “Viva DA, viva,” chanted hundreds of the party’s supporters as he spoke using a loudspeaker.

Maimane told the gathered crowd that the ANC were succeeding in trampling over former President Nelson Mandela’s dream of a democratic South Africa.

“The ANC are implementing reverse apartheid,” he said.

“The party and the government aren’t creating opportunities for South Africans. At least 25% of people are unemployed.

“The DA will now make sure that the dream of a democratic South Africa will come true,” he added.

The event was part of a DA campaign for freedom, equality and opportunity.

“This is my second visit to Mitchells Plain and certainly not my last,” he continued.

“Enough is enough. South Africans are tired. The government provides no opportunities for South Africans.

He said that the police’s special units have been redeployed by the government to protect the president, rather than fight the problem of drugs and gangsterism on the streets.

‘Drug dealers are not hiding’

Maimane was accompanied by Cape Town mayor and Western Cape party leader Patricia de Lille.

De Lille implored the residents of Mitchells Plain to work with the Cape metro police and the provincial department of community safety to fight drug dealers and gang members.

“The national government cannot help you,” she said.

“You must work together to single out the offenders. Drug dealers are not hiding.

“They sell their drugs along with fruit and vegetables and with other things on the street.”

Several Western Cape Cabinet members, including Anton Bredell, Nomafrench Mbombo, Ivan Meyer and Albert Fritz, were also present.

By: Michelé O’ Connor



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