Farm attacks show how criminality is engulfing SA citizens – SAHRC

Farm attacks showed how criminality in South Africa was engulfing its citizens, the SA Human Rights Commission said on Thursday.


Since the start of the year, there have been 148 farm attacks, with 33 murders taking place.

“We cannot afford farmers, farm workers, farming communities [to be ] attacked, and their lives are taken at will because this is where we see how the criminality in our country is engulfing us,” commissioner Danny Titus told media and farming sector stakeholders.

“It really is a broad South African experience of crime.”

He was speaking at the commission’s presentation of its “Safety and Security Challenges in Farming Communities” report in Johannesburg.

“We cannot deny there are also racial undertones, overtones, terminology used in these attacks, but we cannot make the finding that this is racially motivated, that this is ideologically driven as we experienced in the early 1990s,” Titus said.

“We really are very clear in terms of the presentations that our criminal justice system is not deterrent enough when it comes to preventing crimes on the farms.”

Farmers were seen as soft targets, with farms “auto-teller machines where they [the criminals] can just go draw money and because of the vulnerability of distance, it really is an easy target”, Titus said.

“We would like to say to the perpetrators that we will have to improve our criminal justice system. A lot is at stake. Criminals feel they are at liberty, with almost gay abandon, to take the lives of other people,” he said.

“We hope Parliament will step up to the plate and not disappoint us in this.”

The SAHRC would forward the report to different government departments and within a year’s time, would like to bring out a statement regarding the status of their recommendations.

Adam Wakefield, News24

Source News24

4 responses to “Farm attacks show how criminality is engulfing SA citizens – SAHRC

  1. This is the truth. I ask the other countries governments to help our farmers by putting pressure on the South African government to act on this violent crime. The South African government must protect its Farmers !
    Please by the world being quite the same thing will happen to the South African Farmers as what happened to the Farmers in Zimbabwe. Do not allow that to happen please.

  2. I am trying my best to help white people with work on farms as general workers and also to do security work of farmers. I went to afri-forum to see if they can help me with funds for training people as field Rangers. We are a group of instructors that will give training to these people and increase it to help our farmers. I need help and support. Is there someone in south Africa that can help
    me. I don’t care about my self but for our white

  3. From Texas…White people, why are you still there? Get the heck outta there.
    Yeah yeah yeah, you grew up there and all. Get out! I’ve been hearing about this stuff for way too long and it makes me sick. At this point it doesn’t matter who’s right. You are way outnumbered and surrounded and nobody is coming to help.

  4. To Dave from Texas – remember the Alamo !!