Elderly nun robbed, raped, strangled in Ixopo South Africa

Police are combing a small KwaZulu-Natal midlands town for the killers of an elderly nun‚ who was allegedly robbed‚ raped and strangled over the weekend.


The 86-year-old nun was found gagged and bound with a typewriter cord‚ in her quarters at the Sacred Heart Missionary in Ixopo‚ police said on Monday.

The Austrian immigrant‚ who has been with the mission for 60 years‚ was found by another nun on Sunday morning.

She was alone in her room when the robbers struck‚ tied her up and robbed her of cash.

“Rape is also suspected in this matter. The victim was found tied with a typewriter cord. She was also gagged‚” said police spokesman Major Thulani Zwane.

It is understood that the nun worked closely with impoverished children in the community‚ and was described by her fellow nuns as having a “kind heart and love for children”.

Zwane said police were still looking for the suspects‚ who are facing charges of rape‚ robbery and murder.

“We are following all leads. We are also appealing to the community to come forward with any information that will help us solve this case.”

-RDM News Wire


3 responses to “Elderly nun robbed, raped, strangled in Ixopo South Africa

  1. It is heinous to do to anyone. It doesn’t make it worse because she was a nun.

  2. The words I feel for the people responsible for this horrible act are beyond the rules of our web sight.

  3. shirley halforty

    It’s heart breaking I have no words