Breaking News – Boko Haram is in Zimabwe en Route to South Africa – Ziminsider

Zimbabwe’s Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) has communicated an intelligence report that says the Nigerian militant group Boko Haram is in Zimbabwe en route to South Africa.

Boko Haram - Nigeria

Boko Haram – Nigeria

Zimbabwean UK-based news website, Zimeye, reported that police officers in Matebeleland have been put on standby following a tip-off from South the African intelligence service that the group is entering that country trough Zimbabwe where it is feared they would carry out revenge attacks for the ill treatment of several Nigerian nationals in the ongoing xenophobic attacks which have killed seven people and displaced thousands from their homes.

Officers were called yesterday for duty at around 9PM and are now temporarily stationed at the stations. Several cops were seen patrolling the streets wielding FN rifles.

Police spokesperson Charity Charamba had not responded to questions at the time of writing.

Nearly two weeks ago, Boko Haram reportedly released a tape stating that they were giving Suh Africa government 24 hours within which to make the Xenophobic attacks come to an end.

The video, which could not be authenticated if had been released by Boko Haram officials, claimed that if South African government would not contain the situation they (Boko Haram) would execute all South Africans living in Nigeria, Chad, Niger and other surrounding countries, even the South African Embassies in the African countries.

As if that was not enough, the Nigerian government has withdrawn its High Commissioner to South Africa following deadly attacks on foreigners that left seven people dead.

Nigeria recalled it’s acting High Commissioner Martin Coham and Deputy High Commissioner Uche Ajule-Okeke. It’s the latest sign of African countries’ discontent at South Africa’s handling of attacks on immigrants.


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  1. Yolande Fourie

    HKGK!!!! WAKE UP WORLD!!!!!

  2. if this is true and I hope not, then as they say in Afrikaans hier kom kak

  3. Gail van Barkenhuizen

    I cannot understand why we have to suffer because of the black on black war. Boko Haram are very violent people and we have seen what they can do. Is it not possible that we try and live in peace with one another like GOD wants it?. He created us all and he will destroy all evil.