The Truth About South Africa – Episode 21/03/2015

We interviewed Riekie Erasmus from the Boikot ABSA, KKNK & Bedmaats group:

RIEKIE ERASMUS is an attorney/estate agent who’s been running her
own legal practice in Roodeport Gauteng since 1996.

She has the right of appearance in the High Court as advocate.
She was employed in the Department of Justice since 1978 as a prosecutor, magistrate and state advocate. She was seconded to the Independent Electoral Commission by the Department of Justice in 1994, with the first democratic election and served as a commissioner. She has a keen interest in family law matters and litigation and her pet hate is injustice, negativity and laziness.
She is also the admin for the facebook page Boikott ABSA KKNK & Bedmaats (Accomplices) which was opened on 22 January 2015 which grew to 48 460 members in 56 days(19/3/2015).

We share a common interest in freedom. The problems that we face are not a matter of Black vs. White – our problems are a matter of Wrong vs. Right.

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