THIS WEEK’S GUEST: JACK SEN – Say the wrong word… you’re politically dead… or, worse. Don’t miss this riveting interview!

We pull no punches in this hour long interview with Jack Sen, Activist, and the consequences of what happened to Jack Sen have direct implications for what can happen to you if you decide to stand up to Global Communists.

Intellectual elitists, each more equal than you, populate media, beaurocracies, massive corporations seeking to flatten competition and governments.

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Jack Sen served northern England as a prospective member of parliament for the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) before being unceremoniously, & quite publicly, suspended by Nigel Farage one week prior to the General Election for ‘racially charged comments’, attempting to broach the subjects of indigenous displacement in Britain and raising the issue of the genocide being waged against White people in South Africa.


He now writes weekly columns for several online publications, travels Britain as a public speaker, acts as media spokesman for the British National Party and has recently accepted a role as UK and European representative for South Africa’s Front Nasionaal.

A message from Jack:-
Jack’s Plan of Action

I wanted to thank Brendi – one of the bravest women I know, for giving me the opportunity to speak on her fine radio program today. My goal is simple; I want to expose injustice and fight for truth, whether it is in my home, Great Britain, or my ouma’s (grandma’s) native South Africa.


Speaking at a UKIP event prior to the UK elections

Contrary to what the mainstream media will have you believe, I am not a racial supremacist, nor do I hate anyone. In fact I want what’s best for all people I share my lands with, regardless of their background.


Jack and his little girl

As a politician-one that genuinely cares about society, my job is to formulate policy that benefits the greatest number of people, while leaving the smallest negative impact possible.

As a pragmatist I refuse to let emotion, ideology, animosity or any other distraction interfere with my approach.


With my wife and daughter

With that said I am a realist-one that recognises that what we’ve allowed to happen to our homelands because of pathological levels of tolerance, and an inability to recognise the threat liberals and their Marxist ringleaders pose, has been catastrophic and is now jeopardising our children’s future.

I can’t allow that to happen.

Our Predicament The demise of our societies is evidenced by the state of our families, the manner in which our youth comport themselves, the sexual deviance we allow taught in our schools, the behaviour of our own people, the filth emanating from our televisions and how the world is starting to view us.

Each of these symptoms is a direct result of a very deliberate assault on our societies from within.

This cultural assault has made us susceptible to policies resulting in our shores being flooded with foreign invaders (of all colours), the erosion of our culture and gradual denigration of our homeland’s individual national sovereignties, and most shockingly a campaign of hatred and violence being perpetrated against people of Western European origin.

But instead of being able to address root causes and punish offenders, we are told that we must understand why minorities hate us and commit acts of violence. How their inhumane existence, impoverished state, even our fear and distrust of them is responsible for their hatred of humanity.

We are told to empathise with them as ‘fellow human beings’, to try and understand why many commit crime, are angry, and ultimately resort to savage violence. This last month I literally spent every last penny I had on food and living expenses as my UKIP parliamentary campaign has literally drained all of my finances. I did not hurt anyone. At times I wanted to spit on my former leader Nigel Farage’s smug face, but I certainly had no desire to injure or kill anyone.

Like the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore and the daily bloodshed in South Africa, this has NOTHING to do with poverty, anger or being mistreated as the media leads us to believe. This is down to a certain segment of the population’s disregard for human life, and another, even more evil segment of the population’s, decision to allow it to take place.

So-called oppressed groups are being given a free pass by their liberal enablers and our actual oppressors, to rape, kill, abuse, dishonour and insult our decency at every opportunity. A non-black man makes an off colour remark about women, and he is labelled a misogynist. A black guy beats and rapes a hundred women to death-as was the case with the gruesome ABC South African Strangler murders, and feminists grant him victimhood status.

Sadistic violence has NOTHING to do with poverty or any other social ills. It has to do with a certain segment of the population’s disregard for human life, and another, even more evil segment of the population’s, decision to facilitate it.

As much as we might not like to accept it – angry blacks are being given a free pass by their liberal enablers and our oppressors, to rape, kill, abuse, dishonour and insult our decency at every opportunity. Some are even being encouraged.

The numbers do NOT lie. From the US to SA, black on non-black violence is at an ALL TIME high. Black on black violence is even higher!

So who’s facilitating the violence you ask? Encouraging blacks to attack us in the streets?

It’s the same people that ignited the fire of racial hatred in the US after the Trayvon Martin shooting, and rioting in Ferguson, Missouri. The MARXIST LEFT.

The Left make their livelihoods from societal discord. It’s their bread and butter. Without it, they have nothing. The majority of the men and women enabling acts of violence against our respective societies are-and it saddens me to say this, white, upper middle class liberals.

These people thrive on our misfortune and are a bigger menace than the criminals running wild because of them. They fill black me already rife with rage, with the notion that their hatred and blood lust, is somehow our doing. They empower men like Moses Sithole, the people that burned Baltimore and London to the ground, extremists on both sides of the political spectrum, and in South Africa, the brutes killing innocent white people simply for being white. They inspire their rage, not only justifying it, but blaming us for the resulting hatred.

The Left also pit society’s women against its men, empower fringe groups that promote homosexuality and sexual deviance and trick us into believing it’s normal. They attire their agenda with harmless words like ‘tolerance’, ‘diversity’ and ‘egalitarianism’ when their agenda is anything but innocuous.

Real World Solutions

So how do we combat this infection, and in particular stem the tide of racially motivated violence?

By taking our societies back.

We need to implement laws in our lands that do not reward savagery. This can only be accomplished by removing the sort of liberal degenerates empowered by their Marxist rulers that enable the violence, from positions of authority.

Liberals, representing these savages in the courts, the media and government, are what stands between societal civility and savagery. If good men were able to implement laws that protected society, and their hands were not tied by liberals and their representatives in destructive humans rights organisations, the courts, the media, and in government, we would be able to deal with the issues we face, and ultimately, be a whole lot safer.

Liberals stand between South Africa’s non-black population and safety, as they stand between Britain & our ability to combat Islamism, Eastern European migrant criminality, and leftist moral degeneracy. They prevent us from being men and they indoctrinate us into feeling shame of who and what we are! Can you imagine being ashamed of being a Brit or South African? I can’t!

Still some of us are racked with guilt and it’s wrecking our morale, while facilitating Marxist hegemony over our respective lands. It tells us we are RACIST for being able to tell people apart. And why shouldn’t we be able to recognise difference and in turn rely on evidence to formulate policy?

Statistically, black males, commit a disproportionate amount of crime, yet we are prohibited from saying so. Relying on statistical evidence when formulating an opinion has become all but illegal. People have the right to think about their security, especially when they’re vulnerable, and should never be told by people that typically live far from the black populations, they enable, they can’t.

That’s why we need to direct our focus on the enablers facilitating the savagery. Once liberals and their Marxist leaders are toppled, mark my words, EVERYTHING will fall into place.

By: Jack Sen

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  1. Elize du Plessis

    Amen brother

  2. Craig Bennetts

    Well done Jack we need more fearless people like you!