Listen: TTASA interviews an active duty South African Cop

Crime is the result of breaking laws given sufficient desire and opportunity. I interview an active duty South African Police Officer – and uncover the deadly consequences when the law enforcement system itself subverts laws through laziness, ineptitude, ignorance, corruption, racism and outright evil.

We explore what an innocent person might do to survive such a lawless and violent society. In summary – gun control is hitting what you aim at – AND – when an intruder invades your space – shoot to kill: if you don’t stop the aggressor – they will end you. Often times, the criminal will turn your own weapons against you – through your well-meaning desire to preserve life – even the life of the criminal.

Today’s South African criminal does not share your value of human life.
Don’t miss today’s interview. If your local community still has a reliable police force – This show can tell you what you can expect when all Hell breaks loose: what happens when Criminality rules society.

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7 responses to “Listen: TTASA interviews an active duty South African Cop

  1. This is an evil country…. Wish I could move away or that we could have a new government!

  2. Bruceski007

    Brendi it’s hard to pick out the best interview you have did ,but if I had to rate one I would have to say this is among the best. The things your guest has to endure on a daily bases is unreal. How he keeps doing his job is a testament to the good people of SA. May Heavenly Father keep him safe.

  3. Agree with Hilda!!

  4. Women in Blue

    Dear Brendi, I have listened to this interview. It is sad but it is the TRUTH. I left the South African Police Service in 2004 after 18 years of service and I must say that all the things that you have addressed in this interview was happening before I left and things ARE NOW MUCH WORSE. To be a Police Officer in this WORLD is one of the most HATED jobs that their is. I SALUTE all the Serving Members. If I can say one thing I HOPE that the identity of the member will be kept SAVE.

  5. John McCarthy

    Hey Guys I know this is not the thread but why was the Clem Sunter’s latest piece on the future of SA removed?

    • It was pointed out that the source of the article was questionable… I removed it as I did not feel comfortable. I have sent him a mail in the mean time, and will post back up as soon as he confirms that he wrote it.


  6. Afrikaners just aren’t marrying and breeding large families fast enough because they’ve bought into feminazism and forsaken the King James Bible. I’d say move to other less communistic, white-friendly countries up north in Africa (Kenya seems most Westernized after ZAR) if Europe won’t take you back for your ancestry, where they can recover their numbers in relative safety ( After listening to Brendi, Karin and Monica speak on this topic, I doubt that Afrikaners have much choice left short of taking a final stand in Orania, which will most likely have a Blood River ending.