Is This The End of South Africa?

Things are very bad in South Africa. When the scourge of apartheid was finally smashed to pieces in 1994, the country seemed to have a bright future ahead of it. Eight years later, in 2002, 60 percent of South Africans said life had been better under apartheid. Hard to believe — but that’s how bad things were in 2002. And now they’re even worse.


When apartheid ended, the life expectancy in South Africa was 64 — the same as in Turkey and Russia. Now it’s 56, the same as in Somalia. There are 132.4 rapes per 100,000 people per year, which is by far the highest in the world: Botswana is in second with 93, Sweden in third with 64; no other country exceeds 32.

Before the end of apartheid, South African writer Ilana Mercer moved, with her family, to Israel; her father was a vocal opponent of apartheid, and was being harassed by South African security forces. A 2013 piece on World Net Daily quotes Mercer as saying, with all her anti-apartheid chops, that “more people are murdered in one week under African rule than died under detention of the Afrikaner government over the course of roughly four decades.” The South African government estimates that there are 31 murders per 100,000 people per year. Or about 50 a day. That would make South Africa the tenth most murderous country in the world, outpacing Rwanda, Mexico, and both Sudans. And that’s using South Africa’s official estimates — outside groups put the murder rate 100 percent higher. Choosing not to trust the South African authorities is a safe bet — South Africa’s government, which has been led by Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress since the end of apartheid, is outstandingly incompetent and corrupt.

Of course, de facto one-party rule doesn’t promote integrity. Unemployment is 25 percent, but President Jacob Zuma, of the ANC, recently spent $24 million of public money to add a pool and amphitheater to his private home. Not long after the story broke, he was elected to a second five-year term. Think-tank theorist Leon Louw, who helped defeat apartheid, calls the crime and corruption “a simple manifestation of the breakdown of the state. The government is just appallingly bad at everything it does: education, healthcare, infrastructure, security, everything that is a government function is in shambles.”

He adds — citing “anecdotal data” — that “most people don’t bother to report crimes.”

It appears that South Africa is about the most dangerous place you can be outside a war zone. What’s more worrying is the chance that it might become a war zone. Nelson Mandela was able to hold the “rainbow nation” together, but he’s passed on. Now, according to the human-rights organization Genocide Watch, South Africa is at pre-genocide stage 6 of 8: “Preparation.”

With the country skidding toward anarchy, naturally, the people want to know whom they should blame. In 2010, a prominent member of the African National Congress named Julius Malema revived an old anti-apartheid song whose lyrics — says Genocide Watch — call for genocide: “Shoot the Boer, shoot, shoot.” “Boer” means “farmer” in Afrikaans; colloquially, it means “white South African.” Malema was ejected from the ANC and convicted of hate speech; he has since formed a new opposition party, the Economic Freedom Fighters, which is currently the third largest party in parliament. Seven months after Malema’s conviction, President Zuma sang the genocide song himself, leading a crowd in a musical chant: “We are going to shoot them with machine guns, they are going to run . . . The cabinet will shoot them, with the machine gun . . . Shoot the Boer, we are going to hit them, they are going to run.” Watch the video on YouTube — it is surreal. Nelson Mandela’s successor, the president of South Africa, addresses a crowd of — according to the Guardian — tens of thousands, in a giant stadium, and calls for the murder of what amounts to about 10 percent of his constituents. Among the audience, uniformed members of the military dance.

According to Genocide Watch, the murder rate among South African white farmers is four times higher than among South Africans en masse. That rate increased every month after President Zuma sang his song, for as long as accurate records are available: The police have been ordered to stop reporting murders by race. The police have also disarmed and disbanded groups of farmer-minutemen, organized to provide mutual security. Consequently, says Genocide Watch, “their families” have been “subjected to murder, rape, mutilation and torture.” Meanwhile, “high-ranking ANC government officials . . . continuously refer to Whites as ‘settlers.’”

White South Africans have been native for more than 350 years; whites were farming South Africa before Newton discovered gravity. If, however, no length of time erases the stain of colonization, it should be noted that the dominant Bantu peoples of today’s South Africa displaced the Khoisan peoples who lived in South Africa before them. The archaeological record, evidently, is unclear — but it seems that the first Bantu appeared in what is now South Africa about 400 years before the first European. A long time, but not time immemorial.

Obviously, this weekend, there are other groups at greater risk of genocide than white South Africans — the Yazidis, for instance, who are in the direst conceivable circumstance, surrounded by ISIS. Who, without Western help, may not survive the month. As disinclined as the West is to help the Yazidis, imagine how uninterested it will be in helping white South Africans, a group still suffused with the stench of apartheid. Four thousand white farmers have already been killed, according to The Times of London. Maybe the British will help, or the Dutch. In the meantime, endangered South Africans might try this:

They could take advantage of their geography and set up a Singapore-style city-state. With foreign investment, they could purchase a city-sized portion of coastal land and assert independence from the national government. First they’ll want to hire some sympathetic military as a temporary security force. They can set up a low-tax, low-interference economic zone that can compete with Durban for its tremendously large volume of shipping traffic. As South Africa has fallen apart, Durban has slipped off the list of the world’s 50 largest container ports. But whatever happens to South Africa, the south of Africa will remain a vital point in world shipping. In fact, it’s only going to become vital-er, as trade between Brazil and Asia increases. Singapore, at the tip of the Malay Peninsula, built itself as a site of entrepôt trade — exporting imports. It has parlayed that into one of the world’s most advanced economies, a global center of innovation and free enterprise.

A new South African city-state could join Singapore and Hong Kong as centers of trade and investment — starting with the investment that would be necessary to build a brand new city-state out of thin air. But one has only to look at Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or any number of Chinese cities to see how fast a city can be built with some will and capital. A South African enclave could attempt its own “Taiwan miracle.”

And as this new city-state developed, it would necessarily boost the surrounding economy, and provide jobs for tens of thousands. It might be a fantastical idea. But it might be able to help South Africa back from the brink.

And, like Singapore, it could develop a serious self-defense force, modeled, like Singapore’s, on the Israel Defense Forces. So, if necessary, it could help prevent a genocide. As a bonus.

— Josh Gelernter writes weekly for NRO and is a regular contributor to The Weekly Standard.

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  1. France Vermaak

    “Big business votes with its feet
    TJ Strydom | 06 October, 2014 00:01

    A great trek of companies from South Africa is under way, even as the government talks of “reindustrialising” the economy.

    Multinational companies increasingly view their South African operations as “orphan assets”, says Investment Solutions economist Chris Hart, pointing to plans by mining behemoth BHP Billiton to “demerge” most of its local mines into a separate company.

    Billiton is not alone. Furniture giant Steinhoff International got the go-ahead from the Reserve Bank in July to move its primary listing to Frankfurt, the first major corporate move abroad since those by Anglo American, Old Mutual and SABMiller 15 years ago.

    Since Steinhoff got the nod other companies have approached the Reserve Bank to do similar deals.

    Sasfin economist David Shapiro says companies are “silently leaving”, seeking better projects and opportunities elsewhere.

    The manufacturing sector has in the past six years shrunk from 16.4% of the economy to 11.1%.

    In the same period “general government services” have swelled from 12.4% of GDP to 17.2%.

    “The government has been pushing the private sector out of the economy for the past five years,” says Hart.

    It is not only feeble economic growth – forecast by most economists to reach only about 1.5% this year – that is convincing big corporations to move.

    A policy analyst at the South African Chamber of Commerce, and Industry, Pietman Roos, says:
    * the high cost of doing business here and
    * general unpredictability of policy changes are major reasons.” Follow the link on a detailed study about the reasons why South Africa could sooner than later be at the brink of an economic collapse similar to that of neighbouring Zimbabwe:

    • 30 years ago I read Wilbur Smith’s book ” The Leopard Hunts in Darkness”.
      The action in the book took place in Southern Rhodesia (Zim) right after the political change when Mugabe came to power and the amazing penmanship of Wilbur Smith brings to light the savagery and corruption of the new country leaders and the majority of the black population and the way they transformed a prosperous country into a despicable uncivilized dump. I knew that it won’t be long before SA, after Mandela’s demise,will have a similar outcome as Zimbabwe. Unfortunately the situation in South Africa will not change anytime soon, probably never, and the remaining white population will be making a big mistake if they wait there for better times.

      • In response to your “the remaining white population will be making a big mistake if they wait there for better times.”, do you realise that most of us are not welcome anywhere in the world???

        • I am a South African Indian living in New Zealand for the past 10 years. Many of my South African friends here are not just white but white Afrikaaners. We have all found acceptance and a place we can call home in New Zealand. If you have qualifications that meet the criteria & can afford to get out of SA, then NZ can become your safe haven .

  2. France Vermaak

    “This document seeks to lift out the key observations that I have made that to me indicate that the South African economy is likely to collapse at the level of the Stock Exchange, the Rand and the Property Market followed by comprehensive collapse and revolution that will see almost the entire population obliterated.

    1.  Structural economic damage
    A recent report indicates 300,000 jobs lost in the manufacturing sector – these job losses are blamed on the international economy and some may be caused by this, but MOST are caused by what the ANC is doing to the economy.

    2.  Loss of knowledge and experience
    There is an on-going and accelerating loss of knowledge and experience as educated people, primarily People of European Descent, but also Indians, Coloureds and even African people with education are leaving South Africa.
    Many of these people have been driven out by harsh Affirmative Action, others have “seen the writing on the wall” and are getting out while they can.

    3.  Apartheid obsession
    Despite the fact that legally Apartheid has been dead for 19 years and (in practice it has been dead a lot longer) we continue to be bombarded by the ANC and Africans generally with stuff about “Apartheid this” and “Apartheid that”.   Yet Japan and Germany made substantial recoveries within twenty years after being obliterated during World War 2.

    4.  Inappropriate usage of funds and Tender Fraud
    Fraud, Tender Fraud (socalled “Tenderpreneuring”), outright theft, gross extravagance and wastage, inappropriate expenditure (Soccer stadiums are an extreme example), etc, etc are sapping the economy and have created an artificial boom as money that should have gone into infrastructure, maintenance, employment for the poor, homes for the poor and numerous other fundamental structural elements

    5.  Inappropriate legislation and policies
    On top of this, legislation such as minimum wages that harm the competitiveness of the South African economy and totally ignore the high levels of unemployment are instituted and enforced, and ANC allied Trade Unions encourage workers to demand more and more unreasonable remuneration leading to job losses and businesses becoming uncompetitive and closing down.

    6.  Breakdown of the Criminal Justice System
    There is on-going evidence that the Criminal Justice System is collapsing.  Constant reports of corrupt and incompetent police, over-crowded jails, suspects released on bail never to return, etc, etc.

    South Africa has one of the highest murder rates per capita in the WORLD, AND massive general crime.
    Horrendous murders of farmers, over 3,000 in the last ten years together with more than 10,000 assaults – but in 2007 the police ceased reporting these statistics separately, arguably because such conduct is actually ANC policy as evidenced by President Zuma, the leadership of the ANC (including Cabinet Members) and thousands of others singing “the Cabinet will shoot the Boer with the machine gun” at the ANC Centenary.

    We read reports daily of massive corruption and virtually never hear of real convictions and meaningful jail sentences – the President himself steals millions for his private dwelling assisted by Government Agencies, lies in Parliament and nothing is done.” Follow the link for more SHOCKING news on this comprehensive collapse and revolution that could very well see almost the entire population obliterated as discussed in the topic:,6734.40.html

  3. Glenda Gradwell

    I agree, it is such a pity as South Africa is such a beatiful place.

  4. That is quietly accurate however the New South African State wouldn’t work because of a couple of things. Firstly it is racism all over again which is not what the majority of us want. We’re now of a generation that doesn’t want segregation, we had nothing to do with what our parents parents did yet we feel the stirring of its revenge. It’s no longer Black and White to us but civilised and uncivilised. Where do we draw the line between ‘previously disadvantaged’ and ‘currently incompetent’? The ANC have starved this Country of its fairytale future. Education, or lack of, is the biggest problem in our Country. If the majority of our population wasn’t illiterate and uneducated South Africa would thrive on the International stage. Our performances in Economics and Sports would give deserved credit to the resources and professionals of this Country. Yet they’re moulded, moulded in a troublesome tribal tradition. Unable to gather the facts and make educated decisions about what ultimately would benefit themselves. The majority of Black people in this Country are followers, followers of lies. They feed off their leaders empty promises because hope has become the air they breathe. They’re bribed at polling stations and it’s seen as charity and not corruption. If they were able to do simple mathematics they would calculate the cost of corruption and use plain sense to realise how that impacts them directly. The thirst to fill their own pockets has corrupted just about every upswept corner of our dirty government and it’s municipalities and Nationalised Company’s. I sit writing this without power. Our once World class National energy supplier Eskom has not maintained our grid since the ANC took over. Power Stations are feeling the load and the entire infrastructure is a mess. We are now getting warnings about water problems and this danger to our basic living needs is ever-increasing and ever noticeable. Our leaders fill these followers with resent for us white ‘settlers’. Going as far back as blaming Jan Van Riebeeck (discovered South Africa from a Western point of view) for all the problems South Africa currently faces. What an opt out. Our apparent president jacob zuma denies and has denied every accusation he’s been accused of from Rape to Incompetence to Theft to dishonesty to Corruption to Hate Speech to Being a Useless individual! But they listen… We get robbed of our possessions to feed his desperate people. We fit a film on our car’s windows to prevent them from breaking the glass and stealing whatever they want while we’re stationary at a robot (traffic light). Our houses are walled and fitted with security systems to protect us from the same people who’s taxes we pay. zuma, in a time where housing is a huge problem, even spent Millions of our tax money on a housing project… his families housing project and that’s no grammatical error! He is publicly ridiculed in our media yet the ignorance protects him. Our resources are being sold to the Chinese because they pay! Our wildlife is being pillaged to extinction because greed is turning blind eyes. Yet fat cat ANC parties will run tabs into the millions and pay their corrupt police off when they drive home drunk. It’s pathetic and we’re helpless.

    The other reason the New South Africa wouldn’t work is because ‘they’ wouldn’t allow it. The DA is the opposing party to the ANC and they run the Western Cape. It is the only province the ANC doesn’t rule and the only province that works. Despite the rest of the Country falling apart the ANC’s #1 goal for the next election is to ‘aquire’ the Western Cape!

    What a beautiful Country we have, We need a young educated leader at our helm someone who isn’t scorned by apparteheit, someone who genuinely cares for all of us as humans and encourages us to accept our differences and not resent them or pretend they’re not there.

    • An excellent comment/response Peter.It cuts right down to the bone.

      • Peter,
        Thanks for your brutal and honest comment. I totally agree with you if you don’t mind I would like to share your comment. I was recently in SA for 3 months, and had the opportunity to travel the country, and the opposites seem to widen… more extreme poverty, and everywhere corruption corruption corruption… There is one thing which cuts through all races, colours in all its awfulness… crime. and I don’t know perhaps we need to really start demanding change from the ANC with regards to that, as a unit, as South Africans. It truly breaks my heart. as being away and coming back and seeing the good changes too, looking at how united the kids are, the black teenagers playing in the parks where I grew up, none of the stuff we grew up with and have to free ourselves from all the conditionings…and geezz lets do it for the kids.

      • I agree. Peter, well said

    • Peter, beautifully written and all so true. Civilized and uncivilized is not a colour issue. Unfortunately most of our government joined the uncivilized ranks. I admire and feel deeply sorry for the ANC stalwarts who still desperately strive for the betterment of all our people. May ‘The Cape’ continue to improve on their successes.

    • Heather King

      Phew! thank you for your light in the darkness of naysayers. I’ve been living in Cambodia for the last 2 years, as a teacher. I commuted daily with my fellow South Africans on the most popular/best form of transport – taxis, and the common denominator was the general anger at the gov’t.
      So how do we educate the masses? It must be doable. I’ve just had an idea, which could reach even the remotest village, but will need to get NGO’s and the private sector’s help. I’ll get into discussions with people I know. The education could be holistic rather than segmented, as we were educated. I do not want to lose South Africa to the African Malaise.

    • Great comment. I agree.

  5. michael williams

    very sad about the state of affairs I waited more than 39 years to vote foe ANC Mr Mandela must be turning in his grave if sees what had happened to the Rainbow nation…Mr Zuma I think it is time that you start pulling out you finger..

  6. Good morning, what I have been reading here is all true. And many South Africans have left the country. What I don’t understand is what is going to happen with the rest of our people who don’t have the finances to run. Many of the white people are so poor and staying in shacks. I. Am sorry but I don’t know if I am allowed to ask this on this page. But I am concerned about this. Blacks are wiping us all out. What will we do, wait to be raped and slaughtered. Even babies of 4 months gets raped and killed. Please let me know so I can help others too. I am not rich but have a God who will fight for us.


  7. Also crime is big where I stay. Some of my family members are been targeted. 9 breakins in the past year. It has been reported, dockets have been opened and nothing has been done. We see corrupted police every day. Those who smoke dagga, using cat and love to be bribed with money. They can assault you on street and get away with it. They can tell you that they will make sure everything will be stolen from you and they will kill you because they have guns. The police are not here to protect us but also to see that we get wiped out

  8. And you know what the excuse is, it is van Riebeeks fault. Can Africa not just look at itself and be truthful for a change? Cambodian mentality. Kill or get rid of all the skilled and able people and sink and live in a dung heap. Oh yes, and blame colonialists and anything else successful. True, apartheid was very wrong. But that was over 20 years ago!! Yet God is in control. Was God judging witchcraft? No God won’t allow this evil here, but the attitude towards whites must change. They are not the problem in to-days South Africa nor in Africa. South Africans must real and stop lying to themselves and making excuses and elect proper governance. Everything left to itself runs downhill. The main scientific fact that refutes evolution.

    • So true. No one has mentioned that ANC is an unreconstructed Communist party. In simple terms this means the integral corruption of absolute power and the denial of the authority of God. Oh so sad.

  9. Peter & France, you have summed up everything 100% correct, but in a nutshell. The evil, unfairness and corruption runs so much deeper and affects so many other aspects of our lives in SA.

    I am 32 years of age now and at this young age I have seen and experienced so much in my life in recent years. One truly shocking fact is the following: Since Nelson Mandela left presidency in 1999, to what extend did this country degrade from then to now (almost 15 years)? That was when he was still alive! Imagine how things will decline in the next 15 years!? It is just mind boggling that the people that brought the country to this point, just has absolutely no conscious whatsoever. For them to spend Millions of tax money on personal gain while people are dying in hospitals due to malpractice and hygienic reasons is the norm. They reason that it will appear on the news and headlines of newspapers but so what? The next weekend we have “forgotten & accepted” it and moreover they know that they are basically “untouchable”. All the general public can do is sit back and watch the soapie(show).

    Then we get to “equal opportunities”. There are definitely opportunities, but they are far from equal. Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and Affirmative Action (AA) is one of the main reasons why well educated people are leaving the country. Since even with higher qualifications and experience, they are struggling to get positions worth the educational efforts they have put in. This is really so sad because we are loosing essential skills daily to other countries. I read an article on this topic a while ago where the writer shared the following fact. With the BEE and AA incompetent people are getting top positions in companies. Now the problem is this: We then get to the point where these incompetent people deal with other incompetent people that are also in high positions and we are then in a situation where incorrect and bad decisions are made between companies. This then snowballs and leads companies into trouble. This also brings down the national workforce skill level. I mean, just look at service delivery these days. At shops, companies, restaurants etc. Try and phone service providers and see how long you wait for to speak to someone and how helpful they actually are when you eventually get through!

    I personally have lost out on so many contracts due to my BEE rating not being high enough. At the end, I have to give away about 80-90% of my business just to get work? So in this case I would be the minority shareholder and possess 10% of a company that I had worked so hard for. How can this be equal opportunities for all in any form?

    As for our electricity problem. The reason we are in this dilemma is due to our new government that stopped planning ahead in 1994. Pre that, the government took in consideration that each year new babies are born, people immigrate to South Africa, economic development, new businesses, new infrastructure and so the list goes on. With all this comes a obvious colossal new demand for electricity, but sadly this logic future thinking was halted when the new ANC government came into power.

    I also agree with your last paragraph. We need a leader that is 100% neutral so that all races can clearly see that no one is being favored. The question is, where would such a leader come from? As the current kind that are in leadership just express to their peers how easy it is to be in top positions, spend lots of money, be corrupt, say what you want, and get away with all this. To extend on your example of the Western Cape. Look at what the DA has done for the province, how hard can it be to comprehend that all money that is allocated for hospitals, schools etc. are actually going towards that! Look at how neat and clean the streets are. All this because we have people running the show that are genuinely interested in the province and want to advance it. Plain and simple – they deliver! No empty promises year after year. And more important, people falling for those empty promises year after year. I’m in the Eastern Cape and I will guarantee you that you will get the fright of your life if you see our state hospitals. This is funny enough one of the provinces with the highest ANC votes at elections……Still they go to these hospitals, sit there and complain about the horrific conditions and time they have to wait to get helped, but come next election there is a tick in the box next to ANC. How can one be fooled like this year after year?

    The rhetorical question is -Why weren’t things like this pre 1994……..

  10. I repeat the last para of Peter above’s comments hereunder.

    What a beautiful Country we have, We need a young educated leader at our helm someone who isn’t scorned by apparteheit, someone who genuinely cares for all of us as humans and encourages us to accept our differences and not resent them or pretend they’re not there.

    Maybe if we all stop complaining and get off our a&87s and help to educate a young person our country will deliver the “young educated leader”


  11. As I sit here and read all of the above, I come to the shocking, yet accurate conclusion, that all the above is true. The lives we are living now, is glorious compared to what our grandchildren will have. Already, our children will never know a life of living without security bars ect. Most of us middle aged adults and younger, were not even part of the apartheid era, yet most people act as though we are directly influenced by it. All jobs now days are for the previously disadvantaged. What about the currently disadvantaged? The rate this country is going backwards, sadly all the white South African’s will either be murdered or flea the country. The country will be left to the black South African’s, who will run it into the ground until there are no more resources. Everyone left will die because the land will have nothing to offer and no one will have the intelligence to create any means of a living. Then, many years from now… The wheel will once again come into play and some Westerner will rediscover South Africa.. And History will repeat itself.

  12. The problem is that after Mr Nelsons release they let every jailbirdfree .Nelson was not in jail for murder or curraption. Now corruption is very popular they claim that these people pay back the money and I am wondering in whose account. BEE was the worse move ever our standerds lower same as our school educations.

    • Ju st to clarify Katy, while mandela remained in jail he organized many terrorist attacks that did kill people. He refused to denounce violence at any time.

    • Not to take away from any of the statements made, but Mr Mandela was arrested several times for murder and high treason. He was the founder of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the military and extremely violent and murderous arm of the ANC, and was involved in several murders, bombings and attacks, not all directly accredited to UwS. As was many other “heroes” of the so-called Apartheid-struggle. Let’s not pretend that these murders and attacks did not take place. The same way we should not pretend that counter attacks did not take place either.

      The point, however, is that none of these things are in any way relevant and should not even enter a conversation over the state of the country and its corrupt and power-lusting government and politicians.

  13. I agree with Julie, a reformation is the key. No good blaming each other, SA has to be pulled out of the darkness and imto the light..

  14. I recently returned from South Africa on a holiday, I grew up in Joburg as a child and have been back quite a few times, each time from a outsider looking in the country seems to be going downhill,I agree with many of the comments here let the country be fair for everyone regardless of skin colour. I know I would never live in the country and land of my birth again and to be honest I know live in Australia and feel grateful every day of this fact.

  15. Peter and France great overview and true.
    Education is the key overall, people need to understand how incompetent, ineffective the government is and that their primary goal is to line their pockets at everyone’s expense. There own people, Africans will be the greatest losers.

  16. I’m 20 years old and I’m petrified by what iv seen and read in these past months as there is speculation that the BEE has issued a new law thatno whites are allowed to be employed especially white females, sadly I grew up in mixed race schools so I have never had an issue with race,, us children have nowhere to go and nowhere to start a future if these laws are coming into practice, South Africa is my home I wanted my children to grow up in this beautiful country but sadly I don’t think it will be that beautiful by the time I have kids, we need help from other countries as it’s just getting worse

    • Alex you are still young, such sites will do nothing but poison your young mind, no wonder you talking about bee laws that don’t exist. I’m a black, young South African who has been running a business for the past seven years, my business does not need tenders to thrive nor is it dependent on government. I felt I should just start off there and add on by saying Not all blacks are illiterate as most of you might care to think, not all blacks are dependent on government to feed their families as you care to think, not all blacks are fooled by the ANC and all their crap, not all blacks are hidding behind apartheid instead are making something out of their lives. Some of the comments on this site are true especialy the general state of affairs in the country but within are comments are filled with anger from fools looking to vent while some are outright lies, some misinformed and sone compledly disingenuous. From what I derived from reading most of this comments is that this guys see me as a monkey, unable to do anything without them hence they also double up as prophets of doom. Alex this is the time as the youth to rise mabove this crap, we might have different challenges but are we gonna dwell in the past or are we gonna face our individual challenges. I urge you to stand you ground or you can migrate its really upto to you!

  17. There was a time I lived for this country , and it is really sad to see how it is falling apart. Yes , apartheid had to end and it was wrong , but what is happening now is just ridiculous!!! My greatest concern is what if war breaks out?? We are far out numbered and our young men have no military experience! Will we be able to make a stand until some merciful country comes to our aid?
    I have seen a video the other day where house robbers stopped and fired at a house owner after he had been following them by vehicle after witnessing the suspect jumping over the fence of his property?? That is just arrogant and evil.
    I am no politician , but i know that whatever is going on in this beautiful country of ours can not go on like this for very long. It is time we stop complaining and stand together as our fore fathers did when they fought for their and your piece of sunshine. You fight fire with fire , how much longer do you want to wait for things to change?? It is time to do something ,talk is cheap and got us nowhere.

  18. I am one of the lucky few who managed to get out of South Africa , I left my country 7 months ago and moved to the UAE .

    I took me a couple of months to get used to a couple of things . The first was how safe you are here compared to SA , usually as soon as you start to feel safe in SA you have to remind yourself to be vigilant as any place and time might be your last.

    One of the things that was weird was children playing outside , at night until midnight some weekends.

    The police actually look bored due to almost no crime so they help out with traffic problems , and drive around and actually help people.

    Government services are Pay as you Go because you pay no tax on your salary or when buying almost anything .

    In the past 7 months the power hasn’t gone out at all for any reason.

    The reasons why I left are numerous and seemingly obvious to anyone living in SA , and yes SA is beautiful with lots and lots of potential . If you are white the chances of you getting a job in any form for any compensation is a miracle. If you are black it you are automatically more likely to get employed.

    Now the SA problem is a lot more complicated than most normal people realize because they tend to only see the symptoms of the disease , and respond with the classic Democratic Alliance reflex of “That is wrong !!!” But so few people are actually capable of seeing the cancer . The cancer in the spine of our country that causes everything that has potential to become another source of infection . So few people are capable of saying “That is wrong ! You should or could do the following to fix it” . And cancer being cancer doesn’t listen to people saying no stop don’t do that.

    What SA needs is for the black community to realize what is going with our country and actually do something about it. They have shown that they are incapable of using democracy to fix the problem because we still have an ANC government . And the main reason is that they are scared white people will bring back apartheid. Out of the 100% population of any country you always get the 10% stupidly far right and 10% stupidly far left. So unless the AWB or whoever the nutcase whites are these days manages to win the election there is no way apartheid is coming back.

    We need to be honest with ourselves and realize that when anti-apartheid journalists start to question the the government and then immediately gets racists that maybe the government has just changed color but is still enforcing apartheid except now it is for the majority instead of against.

  19. Jaco, once a Saffa

    How sad to read this my dear and fellow Saffa’s. I was born in Zimbabwe but as with so many others at that time my parents moved me, at the ripe old age of 2, to SA in 1979 following the start of Zimbabwes demise. When I turned 22, and started to see for myself my parents prediction of South Africa following in Zimbabwes footsteps, I decided to leave the country for good, not to run away from South Africa’s problems but to make a better future for myself. In SA I had experienced our home being broken into and burgled and my very first car got stolen too, unbelievably on the very first day I got it. Anyhow, I’m now a 37 yr old man and father (to the most amazing son) who has spent the last 15 years in the UK. Whilst we are not perfect here, democracy and integrity are the very fabric of the political infrastructure in the UK and corruption is simply not tolerated. There is significant investment in education and infrastructure as it is well understood that it is today’s young minds who will provide tomorrow’s prosperity for all. What South Africa needs is a single minded, resolute change agent. A political figure who will carve out at its core the corruption that has poisoned South Africa just as it had in Zimbabwe to its complete ruin. It also needs a people who will be prepared to support that shift in mindset and a people who accept that short term gains are never sustainable. I miss South Africa, and all of its beautiful people. But I do not miss what South Africa is at its core, which is a corrupt and short sighted nation obsessed with colour, creed and class. I wish all my fellow Saffa’s all the happiness in the world. Be safe.

  20. just my thoughts

    Heavy article to read and digest. Probably all fact. What bothers me most on each return (I’m a South African living abroad for the past ten years) is the ENORMOUS financial divide between the super rich (in SA terms) and the majority rest. For me its so painful to watch people thriving off the backs of others. Actually, I was one of those privileged people, and it was hard to cut the chord, but there’s no way I would let my kids grow up there believing in a false utopia of beach houses and private schools and range rovers and game farms. If I had the money to ‘invest’ in those things, I’d sooner use it to get out, and to offer my kids a chance at a ‘real’ life. I can’t see a future for SA, its poor are too desperate and its wealthy are too greedy. Cry, our beloved country.

  21. I moved to the USA in 2000, after my beachfront hotel at Ifafa Beach, 100km south of Durban, was robbed by men who drove off in a police vehicle. Needless to say, I still called and reported it to Hibberdene, the nearest police station, and it took 3 days for the murder & robbery squad to come to take a statement. I saw the writing on the wall then, and left with my eldest son.
    I still return every other year as my Mum is 94, and still living in Durban.
    I read all the reports, and get more and more depressed that such a gorgeous country can go to rack and ruin in a mere 20 years.
    I never voted for the Nats, but every time I go back, I am reminded time and again that it is my fault that the country is in such a state.
    I also find it incredible that the ANC can inherit such a vibrant economy, and cannot merely steer it in the right direction. It is totally beyond their capabilities.
    I recently sold my house, and could not find the front door key to give to the new owners! I just never locked it.
    I will be back again this year, but am delaying my flight as long as possible…..

  22. Good article. I’m dealing with many of these issues as well..

  23. okay…. having read all the responses, I am in total agreement! However I have to ask this question – what do you think was going to happen, do we honestly believe that it was all to be happiness and handshakes??
    Or put it like this , if one watches their favourite movie over and over again do we ever expect a different ending, of course not! so why did we all think it was going to be any different in South Africa?
    when Rhodeisa changed to Zim old Bob Mugabe’s mate Idi Amin past down the tried and tested hand book ” how to [email protected] up a perfectly good country in 3 easy steps”. obviously this has been past around the continent with great success. So when it came to Mandela’s turn in 1994 we breathed a si of relief when he put it a drawer for safe keeping….. but way and behold guess who hands the book made it’s way into……
    Look where we are now and can we truly say in our hearts of hearts, we did not see this coming when history warned us time and time again????

  24. Wooow, this is very interesting. I arrived in the States in Dec of LY and have no desire in going back to my beloved SA. Simply because of what’s written here and I also share the same sentiments. I’m 35 black young female, Educated and yet my country isn’t giving/providing me with the life we’re being promised. Everyday was struggle unless you know somebody who knows somebody. I love my country dearly but I definitely dont see my future in it, hence i came here to the U.S to start all over again. I pray and remain hopeful that one of the good days our country will be where it’s supposed to be…Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrica!

  25. Another angle to this sorry saga being how in many instances Colonialist turned their backs on their Colonies – Britain/Southern Rhodesia being a classic example. Can some blame be aimed at some of the world powers who mercilessly boycotted South Africa forcing the country into majority rule knowing full the consequences and that in time, this once vibrant wealthy country would be brought to it’s knees but very poor corrupt Black Government. We saw the writing on the wall sixteen years ago and left. A country we love and visit regularly – wonderful people but the crime and corruption is out of control.

  26. South Africa needs to start from scratch again. All government institutions needs to be dissolved. New leaders have to be chosen by process of nomination based on what they can bring to table to get the country back on track regardless of their race and colour. This process needs to be repeated with all government institutions. All criminals (including those that are in power) needs to be repatriated to the country of birth or to whatever country is willing to accept them. There have to be no place for criminals in South Africa. If you get convicted of a crime you are out. If South Africa are to stand up as a country, then all of its citizens needs to get involve to make this happen.

  27. All of the above is true! There are positives in the country but the question is are we maximizing these strengths? My concern is the gap that is opening…..little bit like some other countries…..the gap between the rich and the poor! The middle/average class is slowly disappearing and then what? We have lost the respect for others; as a Government (forget color, race or creed) you are there to guide/lead the country not empower yourselves! Is it justified that some leaders are living a lavish life and people are starving to death! The basic elements of the deadly sins…..greed for power and money! There are always positive sayings for life which in a nutshell mention “forget the past””without letting go of the past, you can’t move forward” “cannot change anything of the past; that’s why today is the present to keep trying to do as right as possible for an unknown future”. We all know apartheid was bad but until we let it go we will not have enough good energy to progress forward in the future!

    Yes true we all have a responsibility but as government you are looking after the world to millions and those that leave are only looking to better and protect “their governance” of their world which is their family and home! Good Luck to OUR SOUTH AFRICA!

  28. Jacques Tredoux

    Sadly I have to comment that South Africans got what they voted for. They deserve every one of their ANC masters. Especially the white liberal left who joined the communist ANC in demonizing all Afrikaners. Mostly good, hard working, compassionate, loving Christian people. People who could have helped build a better SA, are lost to SA due to 25 years of viscous hateful undeserved persecution and slaughter. Even the worst of Afrikaners were angels compered to the evil racists currently ruling SA.

    • I have read what most of the people have written and have come to the conclusion that they have no idea of the struggle and strife the people who opened and developed South Africa, Botswana and all the way up into North Africa had. They do not know the history and their blood sweat and tears. If it was not for them these countries would not have existed. Do they know how the Afrikaaner was oppressed and his language was not allowed in print. Do they know how there was a time he was not allowed a government job. Did he turn to burning buildings and planting bombs? NO!. Jacques you are the only one that is hitting the nail on the head. Apartheid BOO-HOO, America still has Indian reservations. Wanting to practice your culture is not being Racist.

  29. Jeannette Elson

    I will NEVER leave this beautiful land. I am 61 years of age and have lived with both the apartheid and new government. I am not blind to what is going on in South Africa, our corrupt government and thieving President., but it is my land, my memories and my future. Ours is not a perfect situation but this is my home too and I chose to stay.

  30. I know someone who was offered R5000 worth of prepaid electricity for R2000….his answer was a resounding ‘yes please!!’. Another who bribed a metro cop to get off a fine. And then there are the ones who brag about the brand new R12000 TV they ‘bought’ for R6000. The attitude is ‘well everyone does it!’ As a parent I often tell my kids that they shouldn’t do something just because their friends are doing it and many parents say the same. Why then do we do this?
    If nobody buys stolen goods and nobody offers bribes, then surely there will be no market for this.
    I agree with all the comments above….this is just food for thought.
    If only we could find a president that lead by example.

  31. On reading most of the comments above (with apologies to whomever did actually state what I am about to) something still sticks out like a sore thumb. Why is everybody skirting one of the most important issues here – Racism! Apartheid was a racist regime and the whole world was up in arms about it. The ANC is a racist government party and there’s just silence everywhere. What has changed that suddenly racism isn’t an issue? If the bloody ANC will stop their racist policies most of our problems will eventually disappear – once jobs can once again be filled with people who are capable and competent.

  32. True….True and ALL true. Solution? Let’s teach our kids!!!Teach them that politics ain’t a club sport. That we must not hold allegiance to a political party because in the end they just there to serve themselves. Let’s teach our kids that government is there to work for us not we for them. They should be scared of the people and not the people of them. That if they mess up they will be voted out of office. Lets teach them not be afraid of government.Even if they don’t get a good education lets give them that little bit.
    Let us use democracy against those that think it belongs to them.

  33. I wish people could see through the whole load shedding scheme. See what has been going on for the past years…when we are all in the dark (oh, but wait, we already ARE in the dark…i the dark about whats REALLY going on.)

    The big wigs with their leather swivel chairs, loads of ‘pocket’money – also called our tax money, and their bought degrees will be wheeled out by US ninjas. This is much bigger than eskom…it is a strategically planned poltical move that has been going on for years.

    Take away their safety (imploded military, airforce etc), encourage hate speech (you know who) limit freedom of speech and everything that has been going on. And then, last but not least, let the life cycle of the eskom issues run its natural cause. Wham, an almost dictator is ready for the final move.

    Mass takeover…Nkandla I believe is also an attention diversion…misdirection…Every country has a black start plan in case of total power failure…of course we have one too! There is this beautiful technical specification document, but oh yes…the guy who can actually read it and implement it is now a waiter a Spur and the guy who was in Standard 6 at the age of 21 who eventually gave up after h failed for the tenth time, is expected to be able to do the job.

    So when there is (or if) total failure of power, all hell will break loose, we are already in stage 3, it will take weeks to restart the power grid, this means that we will not have fresh water, no security, it will be total anarchy, you wont be able to make a phone call, draw money from the ATM or fill up at the gas station. You will be a sitting duck waiting to be picked off by the “previously disadvantaged” that will start swarming through the the neighbourhoods looking for food & water or just an easy break in and maby kill you on the way through you house.

    Our mister master mind and his cabinet of minions will be safe on the other side, wash their hands in pure innocence and blame it all on ‘the lack of funds for doing maintenance on the power stations and turbines etc. Wham…a perfectly matured dictator.
    So there you have it. Planned genocide and political take over.

  34. I think after this country falls. then the ‘new south africa’ will rise. bigger and stronger. and we will be free again. but first the country has to fall. and we will have to build it from the start again. Go and read the prophets. God wont let His bride stand alone

  35. It is not only SA that is going down the proverbial toilet but the whole world.
    Escalating drug abuse, kids as young as ten sexually active, teenage pregnancies, human rights superceding human values (the right to mock someone else’s religion etc in the media), neverending wars started and kept going by First World economies to further and guard their interests in the poorer but minerally wealthier countries, overpopulation, global warming, the destruction of the eco systems by greedy companies sending hundreds of plant and animal species into extinction. A large part of the human race has become morally bankrupt placing wealth, power and prestige above honesty, modesty, loyalty. They do not want to expose their children to prayers yet happily expose them to the antics of drugged up drunk celebraties who have become the new icons and let them watch some of the garbage on TV that goes under the guise of Reality TV.

    There are whites living in squatter camps in the USA and life in the UK and many European countries is also becoming harder. Crime there is also on the increase as illegals continue to pour in. There is no Utophia.

    If a war breaks out in SA it will not be a white/black affair but rather between factions trying to grab or hold on to power. The Chinese will back the ANC-Zuma has already told us that and the rebel army backed by Russia or Pakistan or whoever wants a piece of the action. We will be caught in the crossfire as the country turns into another Zim or Uganda etc.

    For those who still believe in the power of God pray for the safety and wellbeing of our citizens and that the country does not descend into anarchy.

    My late father took me to see a movie back in the fifties. It was a documentary about the Mau Mau uprising and was entitled “Africa Adio” -which means Africa Goodbye. SA is the last bastion of order left in Africa and God willing it will stay that way for a while longer.

  36. Lyn chamberlain

    We lived in S.A for 35years And came back to England our birthplace 5years ago the reason being husband worked offshore so I spent weeks alone and despite living on a full security estate still felt scared at night. I wouldn’t go out after dark because of violence so was a prisoner in some respects as I was a “soft target” because of being an older white person. Having to live with full security and locking everything was bad enough, but the day was approaching that we would need to have barbed wire around the property and sleep with a gun under the pillow so took the decision that I’m out of here which sadly we did as it is a beautiful Country being ruined by a bunch of bafoons. We had experience of a Legal case that was handled by a Advocat just spreading the case out to feather his own pocket and in the end collapsed so we had to walk away. Our children after Varsity immediately left S.A. Saying if we had any sense we would leave but after spending all those years of what was a good lifestyle at one time we stayed – until we woke up early enough to still do. I now have no regrets in leaving it has been a readjustment but worth it be hearing from remaining few friends as others like us have left. I feel for those left behind and advise anyone to get out before you are a target.

  37. as I read the main content of this paper and the comments I feel a deep depression as I was born in RSA from a British heritence. I left RSA in the late 1970 as I could see the imminent fall of white rule and together with that fall the country going to pieces as their neighbors in the north did. The whites in South Africa being only 7million produced 40% of the requirements of the Southern Hemisphere, trade in all sectors was at its highest in the 1980’s. Their military was to be recognized as the strongest in the Southern Henisphere with RSA designed and locally produced new and state of art weaponry. It seems no matter were you look in the world once the white influence is removed the country can not be managed due to greed and obsession to have everything for nothing without working for it. I feel desperately sorry for the people still trapped in this situation. My advice would be to get out and save yourself for internal strife in about to become reality in the next few years.

  38. I received this email and it’s so true …………worth reading.
    (Please note that I’m not a Steve Hofmeyr fan, but I do admire his guts)

    A well written Open Letter to Virginia Keppler

    Keppler is black and well-educated but has chips on both shoulders.

    The letter below was written in response to a diatribe by Virginia Keppler (a news editor at the Afrikaans newspaper Beeld) against Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr, who dared to sing South Africa’s former national anthem “Die Stem” (The Voice) at an open-air event…

    For the benefit of non-South African readers, certain words and phrases have been translated.

    You’re not free, Virginia. Your white boss gave you a job. You use his language and you write what he tells you to write.

    We take it from whence it comes, your tirade against Steve Hofmeyr. The truth is sometimes brutal, but it remains the truth. Steve’s right of course – he knows his history (his people had the written word so things can be checked) while the “others” occupied this continent for
    millennia and did nothing, absolutely nothing except kill each other and plant a few mealies [maize]. No wheel, no written word, no towns, gardens, hospitals, railway lines, factories, shops or any other accoutrements of a civilization worth its salt.

    Just check out what the early English missionaries found when they ventured into the country’s interior in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. They had no political agenda and they wrote down what they saw – they sketched primitive people with spears and loin cloths standing outside straw and mud houses. They wrote about their wars and their early deaths because of disease and internecine struggles. There were no title deeds then, so claiming the land is now a bit of a hit and miss, given that there were no records of anything. The white man codified their languages (who else did it?) so being “oppressed” by whites is hardly the way it was.

    There is no proof whatsoever that these Africans would have advanced one inch without white influence. Otherwise why didn’t they create a civilization of their own? They had the territory, they had the sun, the rain, the rivers, the green pastures. Oppressed? I would think
    they should go on their knees every day that the whites came to South Africa first. What would have happened if the Chinese or the Arabs had gotten here first? You ought to shudder that contemplation, Virginia.

    You talk about the black “owners” of this land. How can they prove they owned anything? They didn’t have the written word so there are no records. Just small numbers in tribal groups often nomadic. Aren’t you supposed to back up your journalistic integrity with facts? Or did your white baas tell you you can say what you like because you’ve been “previously disadvantaged”?

    Every thing you own and consume was provided to you by the whites and their civilization. Name me one thing that is part of your life that is indigenous to black South Africa? Dance and fables, yes. Even your job is courtesy of a white man. The main language you speak and in which you write, the clothes you wear, the food you eat – spring from a white civilization. The transport you use, the water from the tap [faucet], electricity are not indigenous to Africa. The fact that you
    are not standing on some dusty patch of red earth watching the Ebola health workers carrying out your deceased neighbours to be buried can be attributed to the fact that you live in a developed South Africa. Your’e taking advantage of the solid, first world health system whose
    foundations were laid down by the forefathers of the Steve Hofmeyrs of this world.

    Who else did it? The ANC? They are too busy destroying everything — but that is in their DNA. Why don’t you fill your newspaper space criticizing them? And by the way, why can’t Africa look after the Ebola outbreak itself? Why must the white people (and others) of this world rescue them from their cultural backwardness of not knowing how to wash their hands properly?

    You bleat about apartheid! In the 50s hordes streamed into the cities looking for work provided by white development. We would have been sitting with a Kwame Nkrumah or a Jacob Zuma fifty years earlier. Where did Eskom, Sasol, Iscor, our nuclear achievements and one of the
    world’s most vibrant economies have come from except under apartheid?

    Unshackled by the huge drain of a welfare state (as we have now), white creativity and entrepreneurship flourished. Did you know that the rand was worth more than the US dollar at that time, that investors streamed into our country because the non-Zumas were in charge? That millions of blacks to the north of us tried to get into the apartheid pariah country?

    Like so many of your ilk, you call the truth racial hatred. The world’s nations are careful about not allowing too many Africans into their countries. There are reasons, Virginia, and they can be found in the streets of our once pristine South African cities. The fact is that when the blacks move in, the whites move out and this happens all over the world. (Detroit is now filing for bankruptcy for this very reason).

    I just loved your “we are twenty years into democracy, into freedom” platitude. Democracy? No! When the country is run from Luthuli House, where not one parliamentarian is responsible to any constituent, and where the so-called government is the worst the country has ever had, there’s not much to be said for democracy.

    Freedom? Freedom to do what? Pee against someone’s wall? Throw rubbish into our once clean spruits [creeks]? Murder someone for a cell phone? Live in crowded shacks in a squatter camp because you were “free” to come to a city with no job for you?

    You ask Steve to “pak op en trek” [pack up and leave]. Why don’t you do this if you’re not happy with the white man’s legacy to this country? How about looking for a job in Zambia? Or Rwanda? Better still, try Zimbabwe. Or Liberia, home of Ebola! This is the country comprised of slaves repatriated from the United States. The country has been financed and supported by America ever since – the US couldn’t get them back to Africa fast enough! Liberia has freedom and
    democracy too, but they don’t even know how to wash their hands. There are no whites in Liberia, and that’s the difference.

    You talk about being “onderdruk” [oppressed]. Yes, there was law and order and you couldn’t just go into a park and defecate and throw your papers all over the show and leave your takeaway leftovers under a seat. Which park do you take your children to now, Virginia?

    Remember Joubert Park in Johannesburg? Christmas was a wonderful time – the lights, the theatre shows, the decorations. Now it is home to Somali squatters who live there, and hang their washing over the trees and use the gutter as a toilet. Was it better under apartheid, or worse, Virginia? Sweden for example didn’t have apartheid because it didn’t have third world hordes. Now our cities are surrounded by squatter camps. (I bet you live in a gated community, or with barred windows. Security against whom, Virginia? Whites? No, security is against the “freedom of movement” you like to preach.

    Steve doesn’t “staan alleen in die land” [stand alone in this country]. Not at all. Millions agree with him, millions. They quietly curse as they drive through Sunnyside in Pretoria, once a pleasant
    flatland with parks and nice shops. Now the trash lines the streets and prostitutes roam .Sudanese and the Somalis have it all to themselves.

    And Hillbrow? That fun, colourful suburb. It’s not called Little Lagos for nothing.

    You can’t have it all in South Africa, Virginia. You ask how it feels to experience this and that. Doesn’t it worry you that we experience things that are a hundred times worse than not being able to go into someone’s restaurant? What about the vicious crime? What about the wanton killing and torturing of white farmers? What about the unemployment and the terrible poverty, much worse than under apartheid?

    What about the corruption in government? Who is stealing us blind? The whites or the ANC? Who has destroyed productive farms in their hundreds in order to prove a failed policy? Who is putting food security at risk? The whites? Who has turned our once world class health system into a third world disgrace where babies die and patients have to buy their own anaesthetics and medicines because the hospitals have run out? The whites? Who doesn’t answer the phone,
    doesn’t reply to letters and generally doesn’t give a rat’s backside for the people who pay their fancy salaries? The ANC’s comrades occupying jobs for which they are not qualified, or the whites? Who are “deployed” somewhere else when they’re found with their hands in
    the cookie jar? White employees or the others?

    Your freedom and democracy people can’t even run a post office, Virginia. They can’t keep the country supplied with electricity, and they can’t run the Johannesburg Zoo, let alone protect our wildlife. They let their animals starve on farms they were given on a plate by their pals in the government. They are unable to produce books for school children. They steal from their own children’s school feeding schemes. They steal from the social grants (read welfare payments)
    destined for poor old people in the homelands who stand all day to get their money.

    They talk nonsense with regularity. They promise the earth but do nothing. They are charlatans of the first order. They refuse to admit they are wrong. They are incompetent and useless. It’s always someone else’s fault – it’s the stolen cable, its apartheid, it’s the weather, its colonialism, its racism. This is why they are legal thieves under the guise of BEE [Black Economic Empowerment]. They need BEE because they can’t even start a spaza [informal] shop in the township. They rob and assault the Somalis and the Pakistanis who do start them. They are a disgrace and you would do well, Virginia, to concentrate on this cancer eating away at a once beautiful and prosperous country. Don’t worry about apartheid, Virginia, or Steve for that matter. There’s much worse on the way to focus your mind on. Concentrate on crime, and our window bars and our alarms and our palisade fences with the spikes on top. It’s amazing how many commentators say that crime affects the blacks “as well”. But when there were whites-only areas, there was hardly any crime. This is why there were no bars on windows, no townhouse complexes (for security!), no boom gates to keep who out? Whites? No, blacks, dear Virginia. When they were not there, there was virtually no crime.

    So put up or shut up. Concentrate on bringing to book the criminals (both government and freelance), and leave Steve alone. He’s telling it like it is, and so should you. Ask those venal creatures in the ANC to move to black residential areas, to send their kids to black schools, to use state hospitals, to go to black doctors and to buy their clothes in Soweto. The sins of apartheid are pisswilly compared to the wholesale pillaging of our country by the charlatans calling themselves the government of South Africa.

    – Sic Transit Gloria, Gauteng

  39. Lyn chamberlain

    Just an addage my husband’s boss boys said they preferred the Aparthide times as they were looked after better by the White man – says it all and yet they still keep voting ANC are they being intimidated and threatened with all sorts?

  40. I agree with all that has been said in the comments.
    I was born in Estonia and we fled from there at the end of WW2 to Sweden. Four years later once again we were travelling on ending in Cape Town where once again we had to start from scratch. Now in hind sight we should have perhaps journeyed on. Who was to know then that 50 years later this beautiful country would become what it is today and getting worse. I think it will take at least 50+ years before it gets better and it will with good people in office who will govern with honesty and integrity.
    Read my book Almi a Refugee on Amazon books and see what it means to struggle and survive not once but twice. There are now so many underprivileged whites in S.A. but they are being over looked and only blacks a mentioned. We dare not mention this and are called racists but they can call us all manner of names and we have to take it. Where is fairness? They are so over sensitive.
    So it’s no wonder that people are leaving for a better life in another country. I tell my children, the writing is on the wall for all to see. Leave while you are still young enough to do so. Unfortunately time is getting few for them, being on the wrong side of 50 and the wrong colour. Perhaps if they go they will take me with them.
    Good luck to all who have immigrated and those who are seriously considering it as well. Do it!!!

  41. It’s interesting that, neither the Article nor any of the comments, have failed to mention that South Africa has bred it self a label. It’s called a Psychopathic Nation. I don’t know how one could ‘un-do’ the millions of people who feel no remorse or guilt for their actions because of their mental health. I feel very sorry for the non-psychopathic people that are left there.

  42. With the movement of time South Africans only vaguely realize what basic rights they don’t have anymore. We moved some 8 years ago, first to NZ and now Ozz. Our front door is never locked, the garage door stands open over weekends. Our loyalty has become divided. The positive is that I now have three Super 1 teams that I root for.

  43. I lived in South Africa for over thirty three years and had many businesses. When I first arrived there as a teenager I worked on the gold mines in the Transvaal. Being alone and having come from Great Britain the Afrikaaners singled me out as being responsible for the Boer war (1899-1902). Collectively they did whatever they could to make my life unpleasant until eventually I hit a shift boss and got fired / quit. From then on I was self employed and hired many Afrikaaners. I soon realized what strange people they were and that they would say and do what was most convenient. Today instead of praising the many wonderful things that were achieved under apartheid it is scorned and ridiculed. Apartheid is everywhere with everyone. You mix with those that you are most comfortable with and that is what has always happened. If you disaproved of ignorance, stupidity superstition, murder, rape etc. you do not associate with people who do. I currently live on Vancouver Island in Canada where there are virtually no blacks here so it is peaceful, clean and well organized. Unfortunatly there are still some crazies that want to change that by promoting multi culturalism. The British cullture that has done so much and achieved incredible things apparently it is wrong and should be replaced with others that have failed dismally time and time again, Kids here are not told about the British Empire any more nor the way uncivilized societies benefited from it. If something is worth having it must be fought for. Eat incorrectly, you get sick, don’t pay your mortgage, you lose your home, don’t put oil in your car and it breaks down and so on. Kids believe in Father Christmas, a big old guy in a red suite who climbs up and down millions of chimneys all within a few hours. Most Afrikkanas still believe in something equally ridiculouse like a four hundred year old guy building a boat to keep all the animals safe and loving the Lord who in theory has billions of people screaming in hell for all eternity. They are banking on this deity saving them, but he she or they do not give a damn. If they don’t get off their fat behinds and do something themselves then they and their crazy beliefs will become a footnote in history. A lot of people could have a wonderful life in South Africa, as we did for a while. I had a farm, a house on the beach with lots of toys and my three kids went to private schools Why? Hard work and perseverance. At one point I employed over one hundred people, 10% Afrikaaners ( so called supervisors) and 90% blacks, Where are they now?. I still live in a big house and I still have others to attend to the garden and there is nothing I lack from the best medical care to Carabean cruises. I had arrived in South Africa with nothing and I was in a similar situation when I came to Canada. My South African properties were worthless due to the crime that was taking place.Was I just lucky or was it perhaps my frame of mind and my genes? White South Africans, either get out if you can still find somewhere to go, or change things. Stop praying and start doing, is my advice to you. God and the rest of the world are not about to step in and clean up the mess that you have allowed to happen.The people behind the changes like De Klerk, The Black Sash and other activist groups have long since left like we did. Unless you have a death wish, or do not mind your daughter and perhaps her child being raped at the same time, do what the brave souls from the Warsaw Getto did in 19944, rise up and help Africa by removing garbage not only from your streets but also parliment (Honorable members) and else where.

  44. Colin Boolsen - Vorster

    Please forgive and the intention is not to offend and yet …, it is with something akin to ” You were told you so” that I read these miserable lines that are written for ignorance of Africa … and please .. please know that unlike most Africans, I celebrate our shared humanity…. not the colour of a skin. How strange that a people who should have known better were hoodwinked into the genocidal tragedy that currently befalls our people. 165 000 of our people butchered … literally…, our women raped beyond measure, a million legislated out of the economy created by their forebears and gusting two million who have fled those fair climes… in horror. With what contempt do we collectively … black and white … remember Clem Sunter and his high road and low road… for this road, so clamored for by the ignorant… is very certainly a dead end of insanity and gross unmitigated racist inhumanity. Just google the Afrikaner Genocide Museum and youtube Dr. Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch International and see what most who have penned their lines on this post were party to in their desperate demand for the fall of rational rule in South Africa. Indeed, … with the luxury of hindsight, if the miserable likes of Pik Botha and Clem Sunter and the treachery of DeKlerk are held to account, they have served their country, and very particularly …our beautiful black South Africans … in the most pathetic manner possible. Those who waxed lyrical as to the ills of Apartheid, did so ignorant of Africa, while clutching their foreign passports with which to escape the horror they were party in creating. Indeed, did any mention that 54% of the European tax was spent on our black citizens, did any note that the cause of the relative and yet not actual deprivation, was on account of demographics and not politics. did any note that our fellow black South African enjoyed a life that his peers to the north would literally kill for. And all this is torn asunder for ignorance of those who should have known better. That racist South Africa created more African universities than the rest of the continent combined or that the largest hospital and eye hospital on the planet was created for our African citizens. The myth of Apartheid and even worse the myth of Mandela. That our fellow Africans enjoyed a quality of life and life expectancy unknown on that sorry continent prior to the population going from 1 million in 1900 to 55 million in 2000. Do the math, demographics .. not politics. It was Clem Sunter who recently penned an article bemoaning the racial genocide that he was party to spawn with his patently ignorant high road to hell option. What clowns … who were so eager to dispense power that they held no insurance policy for exactly what any and all could see. You were told so .. so clutch your passports so very tightly and say nothing of what you were party to creating, …. for you… who still celebrate the tyrant of Mandela and the demise of rational rule in South Africa … know nothing of Africa and I … like you have a foreign passport and thrive so very far from that sorry … sorry spot called home.

  45. I feel connected to all of you who write. Since leaving RSA in 2000 I have lived throughout 7 different countries internationally. Future’s are certainly forgeable, and a man can muster himself to rebuild time after time, but the heart is always conscious of it’s true origin. With all its problems, my heart is still South African though my body may be elsewhere. I still watch the news, watch the rugby, eat the food and embody the rich heritage we have. There is nothing like South Africa in all I’ve seen. I cannot adopt another identity, I am not British, not American, Canadian, Kiwi and certainly not Australian.

  46. I come from an English farming back ground and our family have lived in on of the little towns in Mpumalanga for more than 130 years. Our family has always respected the black and spoken to them in there language, we’ve always tried to work within their cultures and have tried to made a living without offending them and there ways. In my humbil opinion the biggest problem in our country today is the lack of understanding and respect of each others culture. we all like to blame everyone except our selves in this country, I see it on a daily basis, it is not white genocide have you seen what happens to hard working black people in the townships, that is genocide and a lot of the white farmers that have been killed where killed by white people. I own a bar and on a daily basis I hear hate speach from white people, I have friends of all colors I here racist remarks from them all the time. When my educated black friends come into my pub I physically have to stop idiotic whites from starting a fight with them. Yes apartheid is illegal but it is very much alive, we are still trying to mould the black to the western way of doing things and we have not stopped to embrace their culture yet, which is actually quite a loving one if we took the time to understand the man on the street and not expect them to know everything about us and our culture maybe there wouldn’t be so much hatred. If you took time to understand your colleagues culture maybe you would get along better with them, your colleagues are not the people rapping, stealing and killing, they just want to live and have equal chances like you. Start from the ground up, you can’t change the politics minds but you can change the minds of the people you come into contact with. Whats the use of moaning and seeing the problems if you don’t do any thing about them, help each other how and if you can, a kind word at the right time can some times go further than R100, so become involved and aware of things around you step out of your bubbles and live. Or stay in your bubbles and slowly suffocate or wait until some one pops it. Sorry I’m just So sick of people moaning and pointing fingers.

  47. What is happening in RSA is happening in many places in the world, or has happened, or will happen, all over the world, eventually. We see this as a South African issue. It’s a world issue. There have been many warnings, but those dissenting, edifying words are muffled, stifled, or obliterated.
    However, you can find them, if you look in the right places.
    The simple truth is that we are moving ever closer to the New World Order, it’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s very real.
    It all started with the French Revolution and it continues apace, accelerating.
    Look up the book “THE CONTROVERSY OF ZION” by Douglas Reed.
    It’s available on-line, it’s free.
    There are many other books on this subject, but this will get you started. Knowledge is the only true power and no-one can take it away from you.
    Arm yourself with knowledge. It’s your best chance of survival.

  48. The Nation is consumed with making a quick buck. Black, White, Pink or Brown.
    Everyone blames apartheid or the race issue. The above all boils down to the decay of civilization!!!
    We are all just selfish individuals…
    Global warming, murder, politics all stem from one thing money/greed in some way or another.
    We are killing ourselves!! We are killing our planet. Do we want our Grandkids to live in this world we ALL have created?
    We all point fingers!! We all need to look into the mirror and start making a difference ourselves.. And not just on Tuesdays.
    Every single day!!!
    Starting with allowing someone in front of you in the traffic. Getting off our bums and doing something for our Country our Planet our fellow human.
    I get sad watching what we have become..
    Its NOT to late for change if we ALL pull together!!!

  49. Casper Wilsenach

    Nobody can deny that our country S.A is in trouble . You see what happened in the past happened , we can not change it now, but we can learn from it and start to plan for the future because, that is all, we all have ! the past is gone ! Blaming , cursing , negative thoughts will bring us nowhere . Staying positive and planning with all the peoples in S.A that needs help and education , and also want a better future like people in the D.A. political party that are trying to solve our problems and needs, but can only be done if we all work together ! There is no other way in the present dispensation we find ourselves in. Respect for each other as people , because there is no way that all the whites will disappear , or that all the black people will return to a homeland !South Africa whether some like it or not belongs to the peoples of S.A. We must make it work or we will destroy ourselves ! IT CAN BE DONE and MUST BE DONE together. With Respect ,help , education and a WILL South Africans can and must, through the ballet box, OUR VOTE turn the country around . There is no other way !!

  50. As an south african now living in the uk I find it so sad to read the above although very true. I have onl been a way for three years. However when I do return home I amalways looking over my shoulder and thevcost of living is so expensive. Such a beautiful country with so many aspects diverse. Cry the beloved country.

  51. I agree with all that has been said in the comments.
    I was born in Estonia and we fled from there at the end of WW2 to Sweden. Four years later once again we were travelling on ending in Cape Town where once again we had to start from scratch. Now in hind sight we should have perhaps journeyed on. Who was to know then that 50 years later this beautiful country would become what is is today and getting worse. I think it will take at least 50+ years before it gets better and it will, with good people in office who will govern with honesty and integrity.
    Read my book Almi a Refugee on Amazon books and see what it means to struggle and survive not once but twice. There are now so many underprivileged whites in S.A. but they are being over looked and only blacks are mentioned. We dare not mention this and are called racists but they can call us all manner of names and we have to take it. Where is fairness? They are so over sensitive.
    So it’s no wonder that people are leaving for a better life in another country. I tell my children, the writing is on the wall for all to see. Leave while you are still young enough to do so. Unfortunately time is getting few for them, being on the wrong side of 50 and the wrong colour. Perhaps if they go they will take me with them.
    Good luck to all who have immigrated and those who are seriously considering it as well. Do it!!!

  52. All I can say having left the country 7 years ago and never stepping foot in it again is RUN! Just get out while you can and if you have any way of doing so, sell up and get your money out. Things are not going to get better. You are forced to have tolerance, a sunny disposition and live in false hope because you have no choice other than to grin and bear it. Firstly because many of you have no idea what life is actually like outside SA and secondly because you have no way out. Africa is a wild and ruthless continent. Always has been, always will be. The white man probably had no business with it in the first place. We should have just stayed on our side of the pond and let Africa get on with Africa, with their ruthlessness and way of life.

    I am so sick of the word apartheid and racism and enjoy living in a country with so many cultures and nationalities and never ever having to hear those words thrown around when things get messy. It’s absolutely pathetic, the world has moved on, so should SA, it’s been over 2 decades and people are still harping on about it. There is NO hope, you are all just kidding yourselves. Get over it and get out, black, white, mixed, whatever you are. If Africa is not for you and you have the way or the means, just RUN!

    I personally am sick to death of SA and all it’s delusional occupants. If you don’t like it, leave. If you decide to stay, then stop bitching. The only one who has the power to change your future is you. If you are waiting on 58 million people to change their vote, so that your lively hood may improve, you have a long wait ahead of you. Your future is in your own hands, not that of your country. Each and every one of you, wake up, put your trainers on and run, because the country you once loved is now gone and their are wonderful places outside of Arica that you can grow to love and call home!

    • Charmaine I agree with your sentiments, get out or live with the decision you make to stay. Left Africa (Zimbabwe) in 2003, go back to Africa when I can, but on my terms.

  53. Now to start off, im in matric. In my history class, there is a good mix of white and black kids. Many times there are arguments between myself and the black children. All of them call me racist, because I oppose the ANC gov and go against things like BEE and Affirmative action and etc. These peers of mine, who were born some 3 years after Apartheid, say that they still feel the effects of Apartheid. Now for all of us who were not born in Apartheid, the blacks blame many current affairs on Apartheid, where as myself as a white student blame our completely useless gov. Now these kids are extremely smart and we all attend a private school, so to my mind, they are blinded to what is actually going on and are influenced by what their parents say to them. After reading this article, it will be nice to be able to show them solid facts, but to change their thinking patern will be nearly impossible. Having a mutual president may help, however he/she will not come from the ANC, so the “sheep of the nation” will probably not even vote for said person. Unfortunately, whichever way we look at it, SOUTH AFRICA IS DOOMED!!! That is why I will be moving to England at the end of the year to study in Bath. My best recommendation, leave now while you can (especially white people). For those who cant leave, my prayers are with you and may God be with you.

  54. South Africa may have more than its share of problems, but this is my country and my heritage. There are many good and beautiful things and people here. If you look for the good, or if you look for the bad, you will find it. I am proudly South African.

  55. So many words of truth spoken here. At times, as a South African one is at a loss of words because of the state our country is in and the direction in which it is moving at such an alarming rate. Thank you for the “voices” and clear minds above articulating what so many of us “men on the street” are feeling and experiencing. So many complex issues brought us to this point where we stand today. I must say with all honesty I feel rather despondent as I unfortunately, as so many other South Africans(of all races) do not have the financial means to leave this continent. I do however, believe that the time for contemplating that choice is NOW.

  56. Kenneth T. Tellis

    Why are people avoiding the reality of Southern Africa’s demise? The writing was on the wall, the day when Apartheid was removed, because the average Black did not feel that he/she would have to do any work, as once the Whites were removed everything would be their’s. That was a terrible blunder as has been proven even in the Rhodesia, which is now called Zimbabwe, where money is now meaningless. Do not blame the Whites, because it was the African attitude that created this mess, and will keep getting worse as time goes on. With freedom comes responsibility, but Africans have no idea of that. Thus they are living in a vacuum. ON.webecause

  57. I am a 45 year old Electrical engineer and business man in South Africa and have seen things going downhill at a more rapid rate each year in this country.
    Business has declined, the quality of engineering graduates entering the workplace is declining year on year and most of my fellow engineering friends have left the country. I however will not leave which leaves only one choice, fight! I believe that the electrical grid will fail completely in the next couple of years which will result in chaos and inevitable violence. I have been putting my military training to good use preparing my sons should the day come they have to defend themselves or should the opportunity arise to liberate this country. The reality is that we have nowhere to go with the sea at our backs if faced with extermination we will have to take action.

    There are still some of us that should the day come will look out for the little guy however we should continue to pray for our embattled country as I do still believe in miracles.

  58. No matter how you look at it, and in my personal opinion; multiculturalism does not work. “One day the world will know I was right” – Adolf Hitler

  59. Remember what Ghandi said on the eve of the liberation of India from the British. When he was challenged (as all the fireworks were going off) that there would be chaos the next day when the royal yacht Brittania sailed out of the bay in the morning; his answer was, “Yes, but only for the first hundred years.”
    We still have a good quality of life in South Africa and we need to conquer corruption and crime – and get on with a good education system and good governance that will enable us to add wealth to our resources and restore our economy, instead of selling the resources and chasing away the people whom we all educated with our taxes, thereby making other economies stronger than ours.

    JZ, please just move out, as you are belittling the country – and take all your buddies who are milking the system with you.
    BBBEE will die out like Apartheid Nazism and Communism, as it is based on a lie.
    Guys, we have to be positive and make sure that we are each absolutely blameless when it comes to honesty, integrity and productivity.

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  62. THIS is Mandela’s legacy. Like it or not.

  63. Its so sad South Africa is going this way. I noticed in life people you sympathize with and even fight to liberate, instead of learning from the past, the end up doing the same to others. Sad the black are have turned racist. It would be hard for South Africa to grow this way. A nation is built upon love and sharing. We’ve seen Nigeria fall. I pray for South Africa.

  64. Benito Odendal

    A very good read.After all is said and done I think maybe,just maybe, Verwoerd was too far ahead of his time and maybe he new much more than he was credited for…as a staunch believer that apartheid was wrong in it’s application ,I now believe that it was the saving grace of that country up to 1994….Ethnicity is surely one of the most complicated issues our world has to deal with in the 21 st century.All of us feel safe in our own specific group..( Birds of feather flock together )…. .where everyone has more or less the same values, norms ,standards and ethics….Once we are forced together by the liberal school of thought things start going out of control because we can’t solve them from our own perspectives, own ethics and own values our specific groups prescribe….the flip side is also true…some of us like to be a part of a dream (ie. the big American one) political correctness,freedom of everything and rights for every one… in one happy happy mixed up bundle where everything goes and nothing means everything….and yeah in the end…,everything are controlled by the “haves” while the only aspiration of the majority , the ” have not’s” are to become “haves “….Maybe the solution for this world is that we have to first understand that we are different,our values and principals are different…Once we can acknowledged that , we need to understand that we can’t shape and share this world the way we as a group want to but that we need to respect those who differ from us and allow them their fair share of the sun….how they use their piece of the sun is their business and we must stick to the part we have….if we mess up,it’s our own problem and if they mess up it’s theirs….self determination,control and accountability for your own group is far better than ….being accountable for the mistakes of other groups who don’t value your specific standards ….In short …let those who dream flock together in their own make believe areas… but also grant those who are devoted to their own specific group, who likes law and order,honesty ,security and real freedom ,… their piece of the pie!!!!

  65. Does the author honestly think the ANC will allow a White “state” full of Whites to live in peace??? The ANC would rather commit mass-suicide than allow Whites to be successful and left on their own. They can’t have them showing the ANC up, because then people will realise the truth – the WHITES built South Africa into a successful nation, not the blacks. And secondly, once this “independent” state becomes successful, as it no doubt will, all the blackss will come flooding in for jobs and set up their shanty towns, and pretty soon they’ll say the land belongs to them and the same thing as happened in SA will happen to the new Singapore. It’s the way of the African. They can’t leave the White man in peace. They know where the White man is, prosperity follows.

    • voice of reason

      O my God! What a racist thing to need to check yourself Denni..if you had your way apartheid would still reign supreme. Shame on you!

  66. Colin Andrews

    Please read prof Jansen’s response to all the negative stuff happening in our land His “Third Way” approach is so wise & needed It’s not about “Flight or Fight” it’s about another way like Madiba’s way. Come on South Africans let’s be the non-violent compassionate way forward. Colin Andrews Pinetown

  67. When everything is said and done, the white man in South Africa is doomed for extinction, if for this single reason – There are ten black people for every white person in South Africa! Of these 26.8% are unemployed (and unemployable due to lack of education) and the rest will forever be too uninformed to realize that the country that they call home is in the process of becoming just another failed African state where anarchy, hatred, racism, crime and corruption is the name of the game. And the worst part of this is that they don’t give a damn!

  68. Stefnie Meyer

    You ASK not! Complaining & focussing on what we don’t want means HAVING what you DON’T WANT so You ARE WHAT YOU focus & talk about & don’t WANT …. instead of walking talking living what you do want! It starts with prayer & change of thought patterns. Asking questions to solutions that will come to you collectively as thoughts & knowing the next step because your INTENTIONS have changed.
    If we pray with the fire of our souls for protection, stability, abundance of South Africa, – all countries of this beautiful world really!
    ” I ask that You open the hearts of humanity to the inhabitants of this planet so that we treat everybody & everything with love, honour and respect, and learn from them.
    I also ask that You touch the collective mind of humanity and impress us all with a deep understanding of the importance and worth of the animal kingdom and a desire to help them.
    I ask that the energy of those who have harmed others be channelled into worthwhile pursuits and that a cloak of true abundance and love is placed over them for their highest good; for the highest good of all. It is so!”
    Live with appreciation of what you do have & enjoy that now, this very moment – your reality is what you ‘vibrate’ / send out; stand for, right NOW, this present moment. Love drives out fear … Not war, not hate, not ‘getting even’.

    Our strength lies in our diversity & allowance of each other’s differences. It prevents us from becoming a rotting stagnant pool or a dead sea with water that cannot sustain life.

  69. I left in May 95, I am not the smartest guy in town but whatever I hear does not surprise me. The good news is you are living in paradise, the next 5 to 10 years will finally see the bottom of the barrel. Those of you waiting for a “friendly” country to help you are living in a dream, nobody cares. A solution of a Singapore style state and then letting the savages in to work will start the process all over again. The decent people have all the power, you simply need to find strong leaders that can help you use it. Maybe bribe Zuma for land in NW Cape (obviously with a coastline) start over.

  70. Quite disturbing non fictional reading. I whole heartedly agree with most of what’s been said. I am a white male reaching fifty and have moved abroad 14 years ago. I sincerely miss SA’s beautiful landscapes, fauna & flora, the peaceful times when one could go to a remote area for picnics, just enjoying life, and never having to worry about safety.

    I feel a great sadness for those I left behind, those who have no means to leave the country. They are trying to make a life for them and their children and have no option but to accept their fate, adapt to the changes around them and to try and stay positive against all odds.

    Yes it is sad to see such a proud nation falling apart due to poor leadership. How can one condone the actions of those who wants to remove all history from the country. Why not rather make new history and erect new memorials instead. With 20 years plus behind the ANC, can they look back and and produce any achievements, anything that the nation can be proud of or are they trying to whipe all existence of non blacks from our country.

    Why are the majority still supporting the lying, corrupt and thieving parties. Is it not now time for the new generation of well educated black citizens to start educating their counterparts in the truth of What the government is doing to our country. They should share their common sense and the learning from history.

    I would like to read from more non white ex pats/citizens because surely everyone regardless of race must see what is happening and if it continues what will become of our beloved land?

    In truth, I don’t see any short term changes within SA and guess 10 years from now many more darker posts would have been written, many more crime would have been committed and many more will be still in denial.

  71. The bottom line for me is that it is easier to sit and make all these comments sitting in our cosy far homes with running water and electricity, good jobs, with food on the table, a car or two, kids at good schools etc etc, while the vast majority of our fellow South Africans live in poverty !!

    It is so much easier to moan and groan than to actually be part of the solution and do something towards making our country a better place to live in !!

    There are more than enough quality black, white, coloured and Indian people in this beautiful country to turn this all around, but we have to be willing to put our money where our mouths are and start making a difference !!

    It’s very easy to sit back and whinge, but those who get off their backsides and actually do something towards making South Africa a better place, get my respect …….

  72. As I reflect on my last visit to KwaZulu, it is the hearts of family and friends that I miss. Nothing can remove their smiles from my heart or the love we hold between us, not even death itself.
    I am enormously proud of Africans who persevere to call Africa home.
    I want to encourage them in the knowledge of the same Gospel that was brought by the early enlightened Settlers to this African continent. “The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it”. John 1Verse5

  73. I have glanced at this article and comments and yet again it seems its the ex SA’s that are whining. I’m British/SA and have returned to this beautiful land after 10yrs in the UK. Yes this country has problems but what country doesn’t? What nation is happy with their government? I used to run SA down to justify leaving, I’m living on the breadline and everyday is a financial struggle but so to was it in the UK but at least here the sun always shines and the people are friendly unlike the UK were the English are probably the unfriendliest nation on earth, education is supposed to be bad here yet in the UK teenagers cant spell or do simple maths, underage sex and binge drinking are rife there and a lot of Brits would rather sponge off the government than work. If you are lucky enough to have a well paid job so that you can afford to leave the country on a regular basis then good for you. A lot of my UK relatives think that their country is going to the dogs. You talk about poor whites here, what about the poor blacks, during apartheid most blacks were poor whilst the whites were sitting pretty and couldn’t give a damn. My Scottish husband was very patriotic but now loves SA so much wild horses wouldn’t drag him back there and like me wants to live out his life here, whether its cut short by being murdered then so be it, rather to have a shorter life than a long miserable one, the only time I was a victim of crime here was in the 70’s. I know there are radical blacks here but don’t tar everyone with the same brush, the same goes for all races.

  74. Game over, do not pass begin, do not collect R200
    So sorry for all that are stuck there and those who are trying to raise families – its only a matter of time before you get taken out – illigal immigrants are the ones who are causing most of the crime and nothing is able to stop their onslaught…..and of course this unfounded hatred towards the whites – are you kidding me!?
    You cannot blame the whites for Apartheid – you should be thankful it lasted as long as it did, otherwise the country will be like the rest in Africa a long time ago!

  75. Ethlynne Lidbetter

    I liked what Peter said plus so many people have valid comments over and above that but unfortunately, so what! Whites are so lazy, apathetic and at times they remind me of my rescue dog, which can’t get over the sense of hopelessness and simply rolls over on her back.. When we put our feet where our mouths are it might just go a long way to change but instead, I hear, no I am not going to vote. “What’s the point”

  76. Conrad Taljaard SWA

    All well said, all tingling the string of my heart. All of it truthful and very accurate. All of it sounds like a song that is repeating itself everyday.

    Now, Since there are a million of us that agree on the matter, why is nothing being done to right our situation? Everyone in the million of us knows that there is no help coming, no one will hear you cry when the rape or murder you, and yet everyone is going about their daily life.

    We are all waiting for a change when we all know that it will not come unless we make work of it. You think you’re safe in your 5 mil house and upgraded security home and nothing will ever happen to you? You’re wrong my friend. You will be murdered after watching 6 men rape you’re wife and daughter. You will wish you started a revolution.
    I hate violence. I hate crime. I am a firm believer that the pen is mightier than the sword.

    In the world today, there is no one coming to aid us in our pre genocidal era. They will report the killings worldwide, and everyone will see you die. The next day you will be forgotten. ISIS is destroying relics that are valuable to the world. Does anybody stop them? No.

    Wake up people. You are already at war. Day by day your troops are dying, and your number lessen. Steve will be murdered, and no one will follow him. We’re too comfortable where we are. Behind our TV screens, or burglar bars, or computer screens.

    They will come for you, sooner or later. I wish you a painless death. I hope one day, the Afrikaner or Whites can stand together and turn this country around. I hope there will be enough left.

  77. Well… Its rather sad to see whats happening in this beautiful country. Ive lived here all my life and its only become worse as time went by. It ranges from murder to rape to having problems with essentials such as electricity. I find it sad that the uneducated ones dont see it, although its not their fault for their lack of intelligence. Why say that you are feeling the effects of apartheid if you werent even alive during that time?? Your parents WERE affected by it but they are not longer. They have the money, they have the jobs and most of all they have the country. What more do you want from us? For those of you who are leaving a reply saying that us whited should get out, take a biy of time and firstly count yourself lucky but also understanf that not all of us are as fortunate as what you are and cannot financially afford to do so. Living in another country isnt as easy as you are making it out to be because countries dont just allow us to move there and because with our money we wont survive there resulting in more poverty for that country. Think before you say these things unless YOU can help us to find a way out of here and still manage to survive! Thank you that is all.

  78. I think you’ve hit on a lot of important points.
    The ones everyone tends to miss is, in fact, the negative influence of foreign nations concerning natural resource and how it’s not well managed by the host government.
    I.e. Africa as a whole is being almost literally raped for resource, paid in pittance and duped into buying rubbish investments to ensure debt (paid in natural resource)….and the cycle continues.
    So aside from an incompetent ANC, South Africa has meddling and greedy companies like Lonmin (one example of many) to contend with. I don’t think the international crown know what their need for cheap mass commodity impacts.

    It’s just a thought. I’m no expert.

  79. Skye Anderson

    Leaving the country is only a realistic option for those with sought after skills, qualifications or enough money. As a demographic we’re still here because at some level we just can’t comprehend the inhumanity. There’s a small naive part of us that is sure it has to stop before the entire population is drowning in it’s own blood around us, while our government stuffs its pockets with our future.

  80. All very eloquently written. I cut the ambilical cord to SA in 2000 and have never looked back. Selfishly, it is my loved ones ‘left behind’ that I am concerned for. It is a country that I love(ed), however I have been disappointed too many times to commit any more emotion to its well being. It is too draining for me. I only hope that nature takes its course for my loved ones and not some statistic. RIP SA.

  81. Most of the comments I read. We’re either blaming black people or using black people as the reasons for the chaos. Yes education rate with black people is low. But you can give thanx to apartheid for that one. If your grandparents were domestic workers, your parents domestic workers as well and the only education you were given was in a class room made up of 40 other students . You’d be uneducated as well. Whilst moderate schools can decided to not accept a black student in their class and if they do. They are treated with prejudice and racism. Nobody chooses to be uneducated. Black people have been through it too. kids were being raped, shoot in the street for a simple protest to better their education or when families were torn apart cause they spoke better English than a white officer . Double standards.

    • I agree. I cannot believe the level of racism exposed in most of these comments. When I read about the “poor whites living in shacks” it is clear that there is no comprehension of how most black South Africans live! And before I get the typical response that that I clearly cannot leave South Africa, my husband has a British passport and we both have professional qualifications that are highly sought after the world over.

  82. Can the author and anyone interested in the discussion (how a group could set up an independent state such as Singapore), email me on [email protected]
    Hamzah Gani.

  83. It breaks my heart reading all of these comments. My family and I had the privilege of living in SA for 20 years (our daughter was born there). We decided to pack up and leave in 2011 and miss SA every day. It is such a beautiful country and the people are so friendly but the crime was getting out of control as was the corruption. We hate being back in the UK, but at least we have a better sense of security.

  84. Name Witheld

    People people people,
    let these articles speak for themselves



    Enough said?

  85. Sooo sad, I have read through the majority of these posts, we all are more or less of the same opinion, but people we are just voicing our opinions! It is time for all south africans, and really ALL, no matter what race, we are supposed to be living in a democratic country,not so, so now we have to make ourselves heard! We have to stand together and get rid of the ANC rulers( now don’t get me wrong, we all agree that the current leaders are useless and unfortunately they represent the ANC) other countries got it right so can we. We don’t need to and cannot wait for the next elections, too late!! It is time to act now. We people of south africa can do it . . . . . .. . . . . . . We have to demand the stepping down of Zuma! with immediate effect . . . . . . .. . . . . . . Help here people how can we go about this, in the proper, legal way . . . . . . suggestions please

  86. Well, Zuma said the other day, (in defence of Zwelethini), that the current spate of xenophobia, is the fault of journalists (misinterpreting his statements), and the “INTELLIGENTSIA” ! Now, we all know when leaders start blaming the “Intelligentsia” for everything, where this is going…. Look who they got rid of first, in any previous populist revolution that led to communism and / or dictatorships and the eventual genocides that followed under such regimes. Killing of the white farmers is only the beginning ! And then to roll out the red carpet for Uncle Bob (whose country doesn’t even trade in its own currency anymore, because it’s worthless); on a state visit, insulting white people as far as he went, and encouraging government to “just take” in his speeches…… I think the writing is probably on the wall for the whites of this country. An independent “City State” will never be allowed to exist under this government. Probably best to build up a little nest-egg overseas in order to have a little “something” outside RSA for when the time comes….

  87. Ectore Loretto

    What did white South Africans expect would happen after handing over the control of their country to people with average IQs of 70? It’s time to face the facts, blacks are incapable of maintaining an advanced civilization and cause social decay wherever they settle. Blacks do poorly in almost every single field, be it in South Africa, Nigeria, the USA, Europe, Brazil or Haiti. Despite having existed for 100,000 years, the negro race has NEVER been able to create anything of value, and were stuck in the neolithic up until the 20th century when European colonization began (some are until now). On the other hand, Europeans and Asians have created extremely advanced civilizations despite having existed for merely 10,000 years.

  88. Forgive me for my ignorance, but as an American, the whole way South Africa was founded and functioned for most of its’ history greatly confuses me. South Africa, bills itself as the world’s first and only true ‘Rainbow Nation’, yet refused to allow Black Africans to be citizens of the country they were born in and relegated them to the equivalent of the Native American Reservations we have here in the United States. How on Earth is that possibly a progressive socialist trendsetting country. The White minority in power in South Africa for most of its’ history claimed that they were Christians who were committed to improving the lives of all peoples under their rule regardless of skin color. They claimed that the Black Africans in their territory had the very best standard of living in all continental Africa before and during Apartheid. They claimed that loads of government money was being spent on the education and health of Black Africans, economic progress and public works development, and yet again the Black Africans were caged in and the pictures I have seen of the supposed ‘Bantu Homelands’ aren’t anywhere that anyone born in a 1st world democratic or even 2nd world communist country would want to live. What I am trying to say is that I do not see any proof of the alleged earnest efforts on the part of the White minority follow through with the agenda that their ancestors gave upon arriving and establishing South Africa, which was the Christinization and advancement of the “savage” natives into productive members of what they deemed to be a civilized society. Not one White South African has been able to adequately explain why, if so much effort and expense really went towards the improvement of Black Africans, did the Black majority revolt and take power by any violent means necessary?! Why the need for draconian legalized Segregation if the Black Africans were truly viewed as capable of being a functional cog in society and their advancement was a top priority of the government? Why, if Black Africans were being well educated and treated fairly under Apartheid, did South Africa go to Hell in a handbasket when the majority took over? The Black African leaders should have had a fantastic education that allowed them to be competent leaders, been proud patriotic South Africans, and understood what it took to keep their country running smoothly. The only logical answer seems to be that the Black Africans and various other non-White groups were fed up with an oppressive regime that was not benefitting them and lashed out in desire of a fairer South African society. Had the White minority practiced what they preached and did even a quarter of the beneficial things that they claimed they were doing for the non-Whites, then South Africa would not be as it is today, on the verge of total collapse as a result of widespread corruption and ethnic tensions due to deep seated resentment.

  89. Moses Smith

    Just been reading some of these old articles again; and yes it almost brings tears to my eyes. A figure of 60% of South Africans saying that in 2002, thing were better for them under apartheid…wow; what can I say. I have shared my views in other areas – not sure if I did on this one though – but there is basically a few thing that we have to recognise and acknowledge and without this, South Africa i doomed to be a third world backwater.
    First – 1994 or the rainbow nation was a total disaster – and still is for that matter. The ANC regime has down the country tremendous harm and it is only going to get worse.
    Second – this persistent bleating about apartheid and its ills need to be put into perspective. Apartheid was a policy of separate development. It was never inclusive of destroying black folk, robbing them of opportunities and so forth.
    Third – and following on from the aforementioned. We have apartheid being practiced right now by the ANC regime. Job quotas, business opportunities, study bursaries and more for black folk…there is so much more evidence to support this; so those that may feel the need to castigate me for this view, please look at the status quo without emotion and with some honesty and you will come to the conclusion that current government policy is merely another version of apartheid.
    Fourth – did some bad things happen to black folk – and other – during the apartheid years? Yes – no doubt and these have been documented. For reasons mentioned above these do need to be put into context. It is really sad that we do not see this level of concern and indignation for white folk that are being butchered..
    Fifth – following on from the above. South Africa is now more racist than it has ever been. Again to much evidence supporting this to be disputed. The ANC along with the black elite in academia are racist, fascist bigots. I will gladly debate this further with anyone; I will however not respond to verbal abuse for daring to have a different perspective on something which is plain to see.
    Sixth – the ANC and the media need to stop taking the moral high ground on race. An example. Orania was being interviewed about their settlement and the rules for living there. The interviewer asked whether their admission criteria was racist. That they have the gall and temerity to ask such a question beggars belief I assume they were from the SABC who have a race based employment policy – does anyone see my problem with this?
    This sheer arrogance needs to be redirected back at the ANC and their ilk.

    Is there goodwill among South Africans? Absolutely. Can their be a turnaround for the predicament that South Africa is currently in? No doubt. I do hope though that this happens very soon…