How the left and radical Islam are working toward the same ends in the West

Just a couple days ago two radical Jihadist “known-wolves” living in Phoenix drove 1,000 miles to Garland, Texas; locked and loaded, to commit mayhem on a free speech event featuring a contest for cartoonists to draw Muhammad, a forbidden act in Islam.

Their actions were most overt and heinous, but similar attempts at crushing free speech are being waged in a more covert form; Marxism and the left across the western nations of the world are forcing ‘social justice’ upon all.

This morning ISIS claimed responsibility for the heinous act in Texas, but a much less violent attempt to quash free speech just occurred in Great Britain. Did not see it in the news? Of course not, it was taking place in parliamentary politics in the UK, this time centering on the state of affairs in South Africa just a few days prior to the election in the UK.

Independent Party (UKIP)  Mr. Jack Sen.

Independent Party (UKIP)
Mr. Jack Sen.

What, you do not know about the farce that is the government of South Africa? Of course not, America thinks ‘Apartheid’ has been conquered and now ‘social justice’ has prevailed, or has it? The media has portrayed ‘Apartheid’ as akin to the ‘Holocaust,’ though history proves it far different; but that does not stop the media’s complicity in promoting untruths.

In an exclusive interview on Brendi Richard’s show: “The Truth About South Africa,” and as a frequent visitor to the US and UK, she talks with one of the latest casualties in the war on free speech; Independent Party (UKIP) candidate for a seat in the UK Parliament; Mr. Jack Sen.

The interview can be heard here in its entirety but first, let’s see why it is so important not only to South Africans, and the British, but also for Americans. After all, are we not witnessing the very same trends emerging in America as they have completely changed the UK and ruined South Africa? (A grandparent of Jack Sen is from South Africa.)states

In America, we see rocketing racial tension once again, whether it was in Ferguson, or Baltimore, or in Florida; the flames are being fanned by ‘social justice’ mavens like Al Sharpton, and arguably by President Obama himself.

The quelling of the freedom of speech attempts in Great Britain, and South Africa, are certainly race based as well. Now we free speakers are choked by two of the most intolerant movements, ‘social justice’ liberalism and radical Islam.

As forbidden as depicting Muhammad in a drawing is to Islam, talking about the ANC in South Africa is no less the ‘third-rail’ there and its sparks are now flying in UK politics by the leftists.

It was okay, no it was a fad that hit the USA from Ferguson with “hands up, don’t shoot,” and “burn this bitch down.” But the fact that there never was an actual “hands up, don’t shoot” moment, a fabrication of the worst order, but inciting to riot was all but ignored and called freedom of expression.

Rush to judgment seems to be the latest fad, along with shooting or burning those who do not toe their ideological line. Where does it end?

If you saw the real truth here in South Africa, you would see that using the same ‘social justice’ liberalism recipe for the UK or USA, you would get the same cake.

Of course Ferguson-type, rabid free speech, and lies are fine apparently on the left, in fact they are condoned and celebrated, but don’t besmirch that “Religion of Peace” in any manner.

As detestable as some free speech may be to our ears, some free speech is certainly now ‘freer’ than others. You scream incendiary rhetoric and watch a riot grow in Missouri, but don’t you dare talk about the killing of white farmers in South Africa, or even bring up their plight in UK parliamentary politics – the ‘Marxists’ will crucify you.

The Jihadists will just be more proactive and shoot you. Ask Mr. Jack Sen, or far worse, ask the Christians, Yazidis, and Jews in the Middle East.

“Mr. Jack Sen, who pledged to help communicate to the United Kingdom and the world at large our plight as victims of violence and radicalism; various forms of nationalisation, confiscation of land and the exclusion of the white minority from corporate and public-sector jobs are fast bringing South Africa to her knees.

But here at last was Mr. Sen, an Englishman who took an interest in our country, not to terrorise us, nor to pour calumny onto us as your left-wing media are wont to do, but to save us from a Zimbabwean-style catastrophe or worse.” – Dan Roodt: “Open Letter To Nigel Farage From A Disappointed South African” published in on May 4, 2015.

You see, the plight of crushing free speech is an epidemic in the western nations of the world. When your own leaders cannot utter certain words for fear of upsetting the sensitivities of barbarians, yet have no problem telling us we are “cowards” about racial discourse, the left is steering us ever closer to anarchy where the mob rules – because their aims are ‘politically correct’ as deemed by the ‘social justice’ types.

We cannot talk about the root causes for strife in Baltimore, or Johannesburg, and tensions are quelled by the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City, Marilyn Mosby’s words about “getting justice for Freddie Gray,” all the while rushing to judgment and over-charging six police officers. How about just ensuring blind justice?

Each white cross symbolises a murdered South African farmer. To these must be added tens of thousands killed in the cities by the today's more criminal "freedom fighters"

Each white cross symbolises a murdered South African farmer. To these must be added tens of thousands killed in the cities by the today’s more criminal “freedom fighters”

Let’s get back to Mr. Sen’s plight in the UK. Because he is shining a light on the plight of white Afrikaner farmers and other whites being slaughtered in the cities, he is labeled an anti-semite and his own conservative party, the UKIP has suspended him from the party over a mere ‘tweet,’ and an interview addressing those areas forbidden to be broached by the left. What did he say?

“The minority South African, and Afrikaner in particular, is an endangered species in my estimation.”

Dan Roodt continues, again referring to Mr. Sen:

“We here in South Africa, locked into an undemocratic system of ethnic majority tyranny whereby 90% of taxpayers have no say in government, have watched your rise to prominence in the United Kingdom with interest and even sympathy. Could you save your country from British Marxism, the ideology that has ruined us?”

It appears clearly to be open-season on the “endangered” among the western nations, people who exercise their free speech rights because they do not agree with the uber-liberal ‘social justice’ Marxists in our grandest democracies, the world’s most successful nations. We are endangered and the US and UK are on a path of destruction just like South Africa.

“In his dystopian prophecies, Orwell foresaw an England where the truth itself would become prohibited and where an all-powerful brainwashing dictatorship would reign supreme. If a party like UKIP, supposedly conservative and euroskeptic, may censure and reject a candidate for such an utterance that is almost a euphemism, is there any freedom of speech left?

The accusation that Mr. Sen is “anti-Semitic” on account of a single tweet in which he referred to the Labour candidate, Ms. Luciana Berger, as “Britain’s youngest Jewish MP” is equally spurious. If I had to quote Sigmund Freud describing himself as a “godless Jew” would that make me an anti-Semite too?” (Read the rest of  Dan Roodt’s open letter here.)

To the left, and also to the radical Jihadis, it is fair game to assassinate your enemies, in any manner possible, both figuratively and literally. The socialists, communists, Marxists, and Jihadis are all working toward the same end – broken societies are easier to manipulate and control than free ones. Confuse the public, control the dialogue, and when challenged, haul out the race cards and accuse your enemies of doing what you are already doing. Intolerance at the barrel of the gun, figuratively and literally, all while accusing you of being intolerant.

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By: Brendi Richards



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