Brendi Richards’ Debut Radio Show – The Truth About South Africa – 02/07/15


On her debut radio show, BRENDI RICHARDS, delivers The Truth in South Africa headlines, interviews and high profile guests. Richards combines factual context, reporting and opinion from within current South Africa where universal corruption and lies have made the very act of “breathing while white” a criminal offense.

In South Africa’s reality the State legislates workplace racism and outright minority oppression – with the results measured in deaths an order of magnitude worse than ever experienced during the hated “Apartheid Era”.

The World has not heard the Truth in South Africa. It is past time for all freedom loving peoples of the world to hear how they have been used to rape and victimize more than 50 million South Africans … and how today ALL citizens of every shade suffer and die.

It is time for the truth to be heard.

We share a common interest in freedom. The problems that we face are not a matter of Black vs. White – our problems are a matter of Wrong vs. Right.

Please visit Brendi’s website: The Truth About South Africa

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The show is broadcast WORLDWIDE LIVE from 12PM (ET) / 7PM (SA) on WDFP – Restoring America Radio , Red State Talk Radio, American Agenda, Nightside Radio Studios, and on Freedom In America Radio

2 responses to “Brendi Richards’ Debut Radio Show – The Truth About South Africa – 02/07/15

  1. absolutely awesome…
    I hope that this can reach people who still think and believe that the problem in SA is just between black and white.
    However, I do believe that racism against white South Africans is very real today.

  2. Well done Brendi. Keep up the good work. Maybe the rest of the world will now wake up and take note of the plight of the people of South Africa