Farm attacks show how criminality is engulfing SA citizens – SAHRC

Farm attacks showed how criminality in South Africa was engulfing its citizens, the SA Human Rights Commission said on Thursday.


Since the start of the year, there have been 148 farm attacks, with 33 murders taking place.

International delegates shocked by violent farm murders in South Africa

The international community has learned with shock of the 1 750 farm murders that occurred across South Africa since 1994.

South African farmers fearing for their lives

South African farmers fearing for their lives


The Department of Correctional Services has admitted that children in juvenile centres across the country are going without food for more than 14 hours on weekends as a result of staff shortages.

1110874495The latest correctional services inspectorate report has found that most of those affected are teenagers.

DA calls for full disclosure of procurement process for R1 trillion nuclear deal

In a reply to a parliamentary question the Minister of Energy, Tina Joemat–Pettersson, indicated that government would begin the nuclear build programme procurement process this month, regardless of the fact that they have been unable to explain how it will be financed, or whether it is even feasible.


SA farm attacks to be raised at Aussie conference on crime victims

Civil rights group AfriForum will inform the world about South Africa’s unique phenomenon of farms attacks during a conference on “victimology” in Australia later this month.

South Africa has had 116 farm attacks in six months: Afriforum, Tau SA

Limpopo is now the province where the most farm attacks and murders occur.

3924631327_3af28d8acd_o-1Gauteng previously had the number one spot‚ said agriculture union TAU-SA and activist group AfriForum.

Releasing updated data on farm attacks for the first half of 2015‚ the groups recorded 27 murders and 116 attacks.

Swine flu sends people to ICU in South Africa

One of the strains of influenza A (also called ‘swine flu’) that caused a pandemic in 2009 has been the cause of a number of people in George becoming seriously ill and having to receive treatment at their GP and the local hospitals.

images (3)
Some of the patients have also been admitted to ICU.
Rumours that seven people in George have died because of swine flu could not be confirmed.
Bianca Carls, Western Cape Health spokesperson, said one patient died of pneumonia at George Hospital but did not want to confirm that it was caused by swine flu.
“We have noticed an increased number of individuals contracting the flu this year, however we have not seen an increase in admittance rates due to the illness and we cannot verify that this is necessarily swine flu.”

She did however, confirm that the department’s laboratory influenza surveillance systems indicate that the swine flu strain is currently predominant, and some private and public hospitals have sent in reports of “some identified swine flu cases”.


Eskom needs tariff increase because load shedding is expensive: CEO

Eskom is asking for an increase in tariffs because it wants to deal with the problem of load shedding, acting Eskom CEO Brian Molefe said


“We are just asking for money to deal with the issue of load shedding,” he told a National Energy Regulator of SA panel in Johannesburg.

I’m Offended by this Potato!!!

TRIGGER WARNING: during a discussion earlier today, someone posted this meme, I suppose in an effort to make light of the perpetual outrage and offense that permeates our culture these days. But I think, instead, this heartless and callous individual only demonstrated the need for the PC police.


Plan launched for worst case blackout scenario

While Eskom is insistent that a total blackout is out of the question, a concerned group has launched a basic emergency guide to living in the dark.


The plan offers practical tips on how households can prepare for the eventuality of being without Eskom electricity for up to two weeks, the period it would take for Eskom to turn the lights back on if there was a total blackout.