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DA calls for full disclosure of procurement process for R1 trillion nuclear deal

In a reply to a parliamentary question the Minister of Energy, Tina Joemat–Pettersson, indicated that government would begin the nuclear build programme procurement process this month, regardless of the fact that they have been unable to explain how it will be financed, or whether it is even feasible.


WE are LIVE today on The JJ McCartney Show!!


My guest today is Brendi Richards and we will be talking LIVE about the latest developments in Africa, as we reflect on the Islamic terror attack on the Christian school in Kenya, as well as the latest from South Africa as the systemic discrimination against whites by the Zuma regime destroy the lives of innocent farmers.

Protest shuts down Durban highway

Inanda Drive in Durban has been closed as protesters take over. Traffic has come to a standstill and police are trying to clear the highway.

A violent service delivery protest prevented hundreds of Durban residents from arriving at work before noon today.


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Seven ways in which our government abuses black people

The real problem between black and white South Africans is not white people’s attitude, but the government’s desertion of black people.

Verashni Pillay’s recent Mail & Guardian online article, Six things white people have that black people don’t, hasn’t really brought us closer to solving racial polarisation in South Africa.pick-pocket-2-1024x680 (1)

Woman left traumatised after strip-search


Janine Mahabeer, 21, recounts her humiliating encounter with the police. Photo: Ross Jansen

Cape Town – A Cape Town woman has been left traumatised and humiliated after being strip-searched by a police officer who forced her to remove her sanitary pad during a search.

Red State Talk Radio Promo – The Truth About South Africa is in there!

Does Appearance Change How People Are Treated?

What will you do?

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Another senseless Murder!!!!!

Translation: “My 21 year old son was stabbed to death during a break in this morning. How long will this useless government allow this to continue?”

RIP young man incredibly sorry for your loss JC de Bruin. Prayers to the family.

Breaking NEWS! ‘Spy cables’ reveal SA’s jihad camps

Johannesburg – Businesses in South Africa have allegedly been used as fronts to help forward the Iranian revolution, and there are jihad training camps at 1702489019Zakariyya Park in Lenasia, and at a farm in Port Elizabeth and in KwaZulu-Natal.