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WHATCH: Violence and Private Security in South Africa – Vice News

The high walls, electric fences, and private security guards surrounding South Africa’s residences and businesses are as inherent to the country’s landscape as Table Mountain is to Cape Town. And with good reason

— South Africa’s crime statistics are the worst in a decade, with increases in murder, attempted murder, violent armed robbery, and carjackings.

Watch: SABC news anchor loses cool on EFF’s Ndlozi



News Crew got robbed whilst filming xenophobic violence in Durban – Two men arrested

Two men were arrested in Durban on Friday for allegedly breaking into an SABC crew car and stealing items, while the crew was filming, police said.


The crew was filming in the Point area of Durban, scenes of clashes with police in a week of xenophobic violence, at the time of the theft.

Economist weighs in on Eskom management problems


Violence in The New South Africa



Quatro Camp – ANC Detention Centre Angola

Sequence on rape, torture & execution of inmates in exile at ANC detention centre Quatro Camp, Angola.

From the documentary by Kevin Harris, titled “Unfinished Business”dealing with the search by Joe Seremane for the truth about his brother, Chief – tortured & executed in exile at Quatro Camp.

Apartheid never died in South Africa. It inspired a world order upheld by force and illusion

This article originally appeared in the New Statesman, UK *  19 Sept 2012

The murder of 34 miners by the South African police, most of them shot in the back, puts paid to the illusion of post-apartheid democracy and illuminates the new worldwide apartheid of which South Africa is both an historic and contemporary model.

The Magic Bread Ride!

I remember years ago when one of the ladies working at our office told me that her Sangoma (witch-doctor) consults in Durban 1 day and Cape Town the next day…flying_bread_by_nama_who-d77lv4z alternating daily… when I asked her about his transport costs and practicality of this arrangement… she told me that he flies to Cape Town and back to Durban in a loaf of bread and that it is free and fast… I thought she was smoking something… apparently it is all true! Gasps in total astonishment!

Jacob Zuma is not fit to govern this country – Mbuyiseni Ndlozi – EFF

The EFF’s national spokesperson, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi joins Jerusha Sukhdeo-Raath in studio to discuss the EFF’s position the State of the Nation debates in red-berets-effParliament.

Ndlozi says the EFF is certain President Zuma is not fit for office as he is a corrupt and unable to give direction.Watch.


Watch Tutu’s unbelievable warning to the ANC

Tutu blasts ANC as “worse than apartheid”



The Full Speech