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Murders of South African whites hidden by fraudulent “natural death” certificates

According to newspaper reports recently unearthed by several rights groups in South Africa, murders of South African whites are being disguised by issuing death certificates showing that they had died of “natural causes”. At least three such cases have come to light.

Cape Town – chaos erupts as protesters loot stalls

A mob of protesters who charged through Cape Town city centre yesterday mugged a bystander, looted vendors’ stalls and vandalised property.

LOOTING CONTINUES: A Ses'Khona member grabs the bag of a coffee shop customer in St George's Mall Images by:  ESA ALEXANDER

LOOTING CONTINUES: A Ses’Khona member grabs the bag of a coffee shop customer in St George’s Mall

USA uneasy about nuclear-weapons fuel – takes aim at a South African vault – Washington Post


South Africa stores nearly a quarter-ton of uranium that could be readily fashioned into an atomic bomb at the Pelindaba Nuclear Research Center. (Douglas Birch/Center for Public Integrity)

Enough nuclear explosive to fuel half a dozen bombs, each powerful enough to obliterate central Washington or most of Lower Manhattan, is locked in a former silver vault at a nuclear research center near the South African capital.

UKIP Parliamentary Candidate Jack Sen Says Britain In Danger of Succumbing to Cultural Marxism as South Africa

The Left’s complicity with sexual violence against women and children; a disturbing hallmark of Cultural Marxism. Britain’s new Dark Age

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Jack Sen, UKIP Parliamentary Candidate, West Lancashire

“Just how destructive has the oppressive Leftist ideology of political correctness, pervading every facet of British life, been to our national psyche?

Top al-Qaeda member in contact with SA numbers – spy cable

A leaked spy cable shows that a Somali cellphone number used by an associate of a senior al-Shabaab member and al-Qaeda associate was in contact with South African cellphone numbers for three months in 2009.

This has emerged from a leaked spy cable from Britain’s MI6 dated 11 November 2009, in which subscriber details were requested for the South African cellphone numbers.

Warning: – ISIS-linked suspects could head to SA

Eleven terror suspects with links to Islamic State and al-Qaeda might consider using South Africa as a base, the presidency has warned.

a057d8890c4e4270a0141716caa0fb98The group are on a global terror watch list.

This week a proclamation was published in the Government Gazette listing the 11 wanted men and women from France, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq, the Times reported on Friday.

BREAKING NEWS: Bomb explodes at Trichardtsfontein Combined School

TRICHARDT – Pupils had to wait outside the gate at Trichardtsfontein Combined School after a bomb exploded in one of the classrooms on Sunday night.

A person passing by saw the classroom was in flames and contacted the police.

Rare Video: Nelson Mandela Speaking on Palestine

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