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Monique Barnard

Monique Barnard

The police confirmed on Monday morning that the decaying body found in May near the Deelkraal turnoff just outside Lephalale is indeed that of missing Monique Barnard (19). DNA-tests were carried out on the body to confirm whether the body matched Monique’s parents’ DNA. “The DNA results came back last week and we can confirm that the body is definitely Monique’s”, said Warrant Officer Frans Mokoena of the Lephalale police.

Watch: Stefan Molyneux – Facts on the current state of South Africa

The mere mention of South Africa in a discussion provokes deep images of institutional racism, discrimination and horrific violence.

Stefan Molyneux

Stefan Molyneux

Farm attacks show how criminality is engulfing SA citizens – SAHRC

Farm attacks showed how criminality in South Africa was engulfing its citizens, the SA Human Rights Commission said on Thursday.


Since the start of the year, there have been 148 farm attacks, with 33 murders taking place.

International delegates shocked by violent farm murders in South Africa

The international community has learned with shock of the 1 750 farm murders that occurred across South Africa since 1994.

South African farmers fearing for their lives

South African farmers fearing for their lives

SA farm attacks to be raised at Aussie conference on crime victims

Civil rights group AfriForum will inform the world about South Africa’s unique phenomenon of farms attacks during a conference on “victimology” in Australia later this month.

SA is sinking deeper into violence red zone

Increases in violent crime and protests have resulted in South Africa sliding down 14 places on the Global Peace Index.

The cost of violence to the South African economy, says the index, is the 21st-highest in the world and the 43rd-highest per capita. File photo Image by: STR / AFP

The cost of violence to the South African economy, says the index, is the 21st-highest in the world and the 43rd-highest per capita. File photo
Image by: STR / AFP


An American tourist has been admitted to a hospital in Knysna after she was raped along the coast in the Tsitsikamma National Park – allegedly by two illegal fishermen.

3YBPolice spokesperson Warrant Officer Gerda Swarts said that the suspects are believed to have pounced on her while she was jogging along the coast.

Two suspects, both aged 26, were arrested in the Stormsriver area on Sunday night.

They are expected to appear in court on Wednesday.

Charlize Theron

SA’s shocking crime wave goes viral

South Africa’s high incidence of crime is going viral, with footage from CCTV and private security, reflecting some of the country’s most shocking and brutal crimes, making its way on to YouTube.

In one of the most shocking incidents, Durban man Ryan Sutherland and a friend are ambushed by two men with a panga and knife, hidden in bushes outside Sutherland’s home in 2013. A third man joins in the attack, which sees them stab Sutherland twice, then enter his home through the kitchen, terrifying a woman inside. – Watch footage as Ryan talks about leaving South Africa.  A recent study showed that 1 in 3 white South Africans are thinking about leaving South Africa permanently. Also see how the police are playing it down as usual.  With over 50 murders a day according to our latest crime stats, one cannot continue to deny the obvious any longer.

Elderly nun robbed, raped, strangled in Ixopo South Africa

Police are combing a small KwaZulu-Natal midlands town for the killers of an elderly nun‚ who was allegedly robbed‚ raped and strangled over the weekend.


The 86-year-old nun was found gagged and bound with a typewriter cord‚ in her quarters at the Sacred Heart Missionary in Ixopo‚ police said on Monday.

Released: list of the 9 murder victims – minority group under attack in South Africa

While the country was preoccupied with history/colonialism and burning Statues all over South Africa, 9 brutal murders (all separate incidents) took place the first two weeks of this month alone (April 2015), and not a word or an outcry?