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The ANC: A pyramid scheme on the brink of collapse?

By: Mzukisi Makatse

I am a member of the ANC and have been since 1989 when I was barely 11 years old. Painfully, it is the first time in all these years that I am overcome by a great feeling of doubt about the ANC.


Mzukisi Makatse

My dear Black People

When you fight for you rights… it’s called standing up for yourself, when you don’t, you become a victim.

By: Jabulani Zwane

Jabulani Zwane with his wife Buyi Zwane

Jabulani Zwane with his wife Buyi Zwane

Rising above Our Bias – by Jabulani Zwane

This is one of the first articles I will be writing on race relations in South Africa, with the view to contribute towards how we can build a United South Africa flourishing in the richness of our diversity. Contribution and comments are welcome.

Jabulani Zwane

Watch: Stefan Molyneux – Facts on the current state of South Africa

The mere mention of South Africa in a discussion provokes deep images of institutional racism, discrimination and horrific violence.

Stefan Molyneux

Stefan Molyneux

How the world sees us: The Times – “Zuma is enemy of blacks and whites”

Those who have been through crisis points in their lives know that the first step to recovery is admitting there is problem, that the situation is unmanageable. The paradox is that only after such utter surrender can the solutions begin. There are reminders everywhere.1 I had a couple this week that the Zuma Administration is some way from grasping reality. One was a passionate soccer administrator who tried to explain away the $10m bribe SA paid FIFA officials to host the 2010 World Cup. Another is recently appointed Eskom chief Brian Molefe’s emotive defence of the indefensible Russian nuclear power project that threatens to bankrupt SA (but enrich the already enriched). RW Johnson’s explains in some detail in his classic How Long Can SA Survive that the end of Apartheid was engineered abroad. Hopefully international pressure will play a similar, desperately required job of sobering those who desperately need it. Here’s a precis of what the British are reading about South Africa in the influential Times of London this morning. – Alec Hogg

Picture: twitter

Picture: twitter

It’s official: Zuma world’s highest paid, worst value-for-money president

While digging around on the web yesterday, I came across some fascinating data compiled by global network news channel CNN. The Atlanta-based team scoured through Government accounts to compare salaries paid to heads of State.

President Jacob Zuma. (GCIS)

President Jacob Zuma. (GCIS)

I’m Offended by this Potato!!!

TRIGGER WARNING: during a discussion earlier today, someone posted this meme, I suppose in an effort to make light of the perpetual outrage and offense that permeates our culture these days. But I think, instead, this heartless and callous individual only demonstrated the need for the PC police.


South Africa Free Education for All Learners

The President of South Africa Jacob Zuma addressed a rally and said it was the government’s plan to provide free education to all learners. People have to love this president, for making such a generous gesture of aiming to educate South Africans. The current education system has collapsed, and there is not enough money to fix the country’s electricity supply, the water crisis needs urgent attention, and Zuma is talking about creating industrialists.


South Africa the Faults of Black Empowerment Policies

The ruling African National Congress (ANC) party of South Africa implemented Black Broad-Based Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) policies, and the faults within this enablement continue to raise poverty within the country. In the 21 years of ANC rule, there have been laws passed for the benefit of the elite only while the majority continues to suffer untold misery. The government will say BBBEE is a meaningful change for South Africa, and this is a contradiction. These black empowerment policies implemented in South Africa have many faults, and will only make things worse for the country.


Words of a Desperate Zuma

I couldn’t agree more education is paramount, but unfortunately Zuma doesn’t have the money or the infrastructure to do this, and why does he only talk about this now, when he’s known about this for years, besides, that was the great Madiba’s vision, not bloody Zuma’s!

images (1)He’s only saying this to start feathering his nest for the next election, it’s a political promise that he knows he can’t deliver on, he can’t even feed the country.