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Is This The End of South Africa?

Things are very bad in South Africa. When the scourge of apartheid was finally smashed to pieces in 1994, the country seemed to have a bright future ahead of it. Eight years later, in 2002, 60 percent of South Africans said life had been better under apartheid. Hard to believe — but that’s how bad things were in 2002. And now they’re even worse.

Watch: Stefan Molyneux – Facts on the current state of South Africa

The mere mention of South Africa in a discussion provokes deep images of institutional racism, discrimination and horrific violence.

Stefan Molyneux

Stefan Molyneux

Swine flu sends people to ICU in South Africa

One of the strains of influenza A (also called ‘swine flu’) that caused a pandemic in 2009 has been the cause of a number of people in George becoming seriously ill and having to receive treatment at their GP and the local hospitals.

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Some of the patients have also been admitted to ICU.
Rumours that seven people in George have died because of swine flu could not be confirmed.
Bianca Carls, Western Cape Health spokesperson, said one patient died of pneumonia at George Hospital but did not want to confirm that it was caused by swine flu.
“We have noticed an increased number of individuals contracting the flu this year, however we have not seen an increase in admittance rates due to the illness and we cannot verify that this is necessarily swine flu.”

She did however, confirm that the department’s laboratory influenza surveillance systems indicate that the swine flu strain is currently predominant, and some private and public hospitals have sent in reports of “some identified swine flu cases”.


South Africans warned of severe flu strains – Health 24

South Africans are being urged to get vaccinated after the Northern Hemisphere experienced one of its worst flu outbreaks that left nearly 30 children dead in the US.


After a delay in this year’s flu jab, South Africans are now being urged to getvaccinated with this winter’s flu strains proving to be virulent.

First time mom’s near-death after birth

When a 30-year-old Mthatha woman went to hospital to give birth, she had no idea that in the next few days she would have a near-death experience and a hysterectomy.

Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital in Mthatha

Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital in Mthatha

Tabisa Ndongeni, 30, had her womb removed at the weekend after her bladder was allegedly earlier stitched to her intestines and womb during a Caesarean-section.

Jacob Zuma: Be afraid, be VERY afraid

Shielded from accountability, deploying acolytes and benefiting himself, the president has become untouchable

Jacob Zuma’s presidency has taken on a particular flavour. Exposés of capricious political interference in important arms of the state such as the prosecuting authority, the police and the intelligence services have become commonplace: there is little shock factor left in the abuses of power and process committed by his friends in his name; and there is no parallel with any other SA president in the extent to which he has personally benefited from holding office.

Malema: 10 reasons to vote EFF – has he delivered?

Here they are – the 10 reasons to vote EFF

EFF leader Julius Malema toasts his supporters during the party's launch on Sunday (October 13 2013). Picture: Felix Dlangamandla/Foto24

EFF leader Julius Malema toasts his supporters during the party’s launch on Sunday (October 13 2013). Picture: Felix Dlangamandla/Foto24Here are 10 of the reasons which he gave for why he should rule South Africa:

Ambulances torched after paramedics hijacked

Paramedics and a patient were hijacked and robbed early on Tuesday, and two ambulances they were travelling in were torched near Eshowe. It has been alleged that the incidents were linked to the ongoing paramedic strike.


The paramedics, two men and two women, and a 1-year-old patient, escaped.

Woman assaulted at local hospital

Grace Ludde has a major heart problem and was admitted to Tambo Memorial Hospital on 2 February 2015, to see a cardiologist


But she ended up leaving the hospital on February 11, before being treated, because she was assaulted.

Pelonomi hospital (Bloemfontein SA) killed my mother!

A Free State man has blamed Bloemfontein’s Pelonomi Hospital for the death of his mother, who died last Thursday, three months after being admitted to the hospital with a broken leg.

Kathlene van Heerden and her son, Hendrik. (Netwerk24)

Kathlene van Heerden and her son, Hendrik. (Netwerk24)