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Is This The End of South Africa?

Things are very bad in South Africa. When the scourge of apartheid was finally smashed to pieces in 1994, the country seemed to have a bright future ahead of it. Eight years later, in 2002, 60 percent of South Africans said life had been better under apartheid. Hard to believe — but that’s how bad things were in 2002. And now they’re even worse.

Watch: Stefan Molyneux – Facts on the current state of South Africa

The mere mention of South Africa in a discussion provokes deep images of institutional racism, discrimination and horrific violence.

Stefan Molyneux

Stefan Molyneux

THIS WEEK’S GUEST: TREVOR LOUDON, Author / Researcher / Activist


THIS WEEK’S GUEST:   TREVOR LOUDON, Author / Researcher / Activist

Trevor Loudon

Trevor Loudon

Xenophobia: Multiculturalism FAILS in South Africa! Finally the Rainbow Nation is exposed as a lie. Wake Up!

Finally the Rainbow Nation is exposed for the Marxist Communist, mass marketing propaganda lie that it is.

Marchers against xenophobia run from tear gas in Dr Pixley Kaseme (West) Street in Durban. Picture: Doctor Ngcobo

Marchers against xenophobia run from tear gas in Dr Pixley Kaseme (West) Street in Durban. Picture: Doctor Ngcobo

Will South Africans continue naively denying what Europe has now realised? (In a recent poll 95% of British admitted multiculturalism was a failure).

Future Prospects for South African Youths

SA’s youth a time bomb:  Here are some interesting statistics regarding the youth, their numbers and their unemployment which may interest some readers. The article is not really about race – it’s actually about numbers of the youth – but thanks to Stats SA who do still base their reports on race this is the way it comes out.

Seven ways in which our government abuses black people

The real problem between black and white South Africans is not white people’s attitude, but the government’s desertion of black people.

Verashni Pillay’s recent Mail & Guardian online article, Six things white people have that black people don’t, hasn’t really brought us closer to solving racial polarisation in South Africa.pick-pocket-2-1024x680 (1)

The Truth on the ANC and South Africa


Quatro Camp – ANC Detention Centre Angola

Sequence on rape, torture & execution of inmates in exile at ANC detention centre Quatro Camp, Angola.

From the documentary by Kevin Harris, titled “Unfinished Business”dealing with the search by Joe Seremane for the truth about his brother, Chief – tortured & executed in exile at Quatro Camp.

Apartheid never died in South Africa. It inspired a world order upheld by force and illusion

This article originally appeared in the New Statesman, UK *  19 Sept 2012

The murder of 34 miners by the South African police, most of them shot in the back, puts paid to the illusion of post-apartheid democracy and illuminates the new worldwide apartheid of which South Africa is both an historic and contemporary model.

Farm killings in South-Africa: a shocking testimony

This is a 10 minutes extract from the documentary ‘War of the Flea’ from director Rian van der Walt published in 2011. It contains shocking information on the genocide that is being carried out under ANC-rule in the ‘new’ South-Africa against the white minority by means of farm killings or (‘plaasmoorde’ in the Afrikaans language). It was shown at an international conference in the European Parliament in Monument_PlaasmoordeFebruary 2012, in the presence of farmers’ spokesman Henk Van de Graaf and hosted by Philip Claeys, member of the European Parliament for the Vlaams Belang-party. The full movie is 93minutes. Have you see it on your TV yet? Neither have we. Compare this to the worldwide hysteria in the time of ‘apartheid’ and draw your own conclusions… (Note: ‘war of the flea’ means ‘guerilla warfare’). Please visit the Youtube-channel of the makers: