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SA’s shocking crime wave goes viral

South Africa’s high incidence of crime is going viral, with footage from CCTV and private security, reflecting some of the country’s most shocking and brutal crimes, making its way on to YouTube.

In one of the most shocking incidents, Durban man Ryan Sutherland and a friend are ambushed by two men with a panga and knife, hidden in bushes outside Sutherland’s home in 2013. A third man joins in the attack, which sees them stab Sutherland twice, then enter his home through the kitchen, terrifying a woman inside. – Watch footage as Ryan talks about leaving South Africa.  A recent study showed that 1 in 3 white South Africans are thinking about leaving South Africa permanently. Also see how the police are playing it down as usual.  With over 50 murders a day according to our latest crime stats, one cannot continue to deny the obvious any longer.

Bomb Squad office torched – PE South Africa

A PORT Elizabeth police Bomb Squad office in Shirley Street, Newton Park, was damaged by fire in a suspected early morning burglary yesterday.

Picture – HeraldLIVE

A computer and bulletproof vest were stolen and a suspect was arrested at 3pm yesterday. Police said no explosives were stolen.

ATM bombing in Bellville South Africa – In broad daylight!

Cape Town Metro Police have arrested two men in Bellville, Western Cape, who are suspected of being linked to an ATM bombing.

The City’s Mayoral Committee member for Safety, JP Smith, says two officers were patrolling the area on foot when they heard screams in the Bellville CBD.