Can you handle the truth? – Historic Documentary on South Africa and the ANC

If only independent thinkers not swayed by the media and all the lies it feeds us, can stand together and say… “We the people…” let’s pray enough people start waking up from their media induced coma and turn these political smart weapons against the very ones who wields them against the masses! Let lies be exposed and let ALL men and woman be free from discrimination.

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8 responses to “Can you handle the truth? – Historic Documentary on South Africa and the ANC

  1. The war being fought in South Africa and the rest of the White Western World is between the Children of the Light and the Forces of the darkness. This is a war is raging for eons of time. We have to get to the source of the problem. As Disraeli very clearly said “race is all.” Not before this is understood will we make any break through. The prize of this war is the extermination of the White Race, worldwide.

  2. Daniel Rossouw

    This is the truth and it’s going to happened, no matter what.

  3. South Africa is on a downward spiral- they want to call that Democracy- I would rather call that anarchy!

  4. Brendi,

    Thank you for posting this eye-opening documentary.

    I’m sharing it across all my social media outlets.

    God bless you for all that you are doing for the people of South Africa.

  5. Ronaldo Fourie

    This is very realistic and accurate portrayal of the ANC and the path we were put on and are on. I have seen the ANC intimidate and scare to rule, I have seen them kill counsellor’s and there families to further the political agenda. I have seen the so called murder by necklasing from people they deem to be collaborators. I have seen there SDU’s in the townships run there fear tactics to keep people in line and fearful to stand or vote against the ANC.. And I have seen these things after 1994 when the ANC was firmly in power. The ANC is here to take power and keep it they don’t give a dam about the people the people they can control by fear and miss information .
    They were a terrorist organisation back then and they run the country by the same rules they operated on back then. They all about power to the few. The Socialist 1 party government rule. The ANC was founded out of the SACP and has always had a great relationship with them. Mandela and all of the old ANC boys are SACP card carrying members. The EFF was formed out of the ANC. I am sure the EFF was formed as a means for the ANC to distance it self from acts of violence and racism as a scape goat. They were also created to still votes as most of the eff followers are disillusioned ANC members In my opinion they par of the same thing they devitions of the SACP . When the time comes they will all do there part and become one again. We are fighting Global communism in South Africa, And the world turned there backs on us because of well organise and planned lies. Winnie in Aus We stand for peacefulI non violence solutions SA we shall bring freedom to SA with out matches and necklaces. Clearly a contradiction between her outside talk and internal talk. The ANC is not a government they a terrorist organisation trying to manage the people they have under them favouring the few and dooming there supporters into poverty unemployment and starvation. The destroyed the infrastructure crippled a booming economy lowered education standards. So they will have a desperate people who they can control.
    Welcome to the new not so FREE totally broke totally corrupt South Africa

  6. This is why I left RSA. My neighbour who took care of my property after I left was attacked, robbed, his vehicle stolen and he was tied to the gate of the farm. If I had been there I would have been killed. I live in the USA now, thank God I was able to leave. I love my new country, I will forever miss Table Mountain and my home town, but it was not worth my life. In my years in the OFS I took many black people to the Pelonomi hospital after they stabbed and maimed each other on the weekend. In all my years there, 25 in total, they were polite, kind and caring. I never lost anything not even a sock off my washline.

  7. This is a spiritual war from a bloodshed sin which runs as a curse over South Africa because satan has a legal right to operate in our lives with hatred, racism, judgemenal hearts, critising, bitterness, revenge, unforgivenss ALL OF WHICH IS THE OPPOSITE OF LOVE OUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF. We sing death over our country with “the stem” “ONS sal liewe ONS sal strews vir ONS land Suid Africa. Father has a prayer command to change all this evil and unrighteousness to change and be burnt spiritually to their knees. He disposes the sin but loves the “sinner”. Should you want to join in the Gideon Army and pray Fathers’ will in his prayer command for us to be his instruments in helping him save his creation from going to hell. Where he promises us if we pray for the unrighteousness we will be redeemed or we are accountable and the blood is on our hands. So join in and pray the prayer command SOTHAT all evil can be put under the footstool of Y’SHUA SO THAT REVIVAL CAN COME!!! Shalom!

  8. Please pray for this barbaric spirit to diminish in the name of Jesus.South Africa used to pride itself by the diversity of our different cultures forming a beautiful rainbow all that has just gone down the drain because of some few scavages who have no ambitions for the future in the process spoiling everything for us who love our African neighbors and everyone kind enough to mix with we stuck with these useless good for nothing cannibals.i am ashamed to be a South African now really.they rob and kill mercilessly even their they want to include everyone in South Africa in their evil acts.the goverment must send out the riot police that used to torment people during aparteid.these people must be dealt with including those that killed Sithole on the streets yesterday in view of everyone there.xenophobic attack or not they must be jailed.