4 Lies told by the ANC about the history of land ownership in South Africa

The recent uproar in South Africa over the claims by ANC president Jacob Zuma that the 1913 Land Act dispossessed blacks is a blatant lie, and forms part of four core lies about South African history, a New Observer correspondent Yochanan has written.

Submitted in the comment section of this newspaper, Yochanan’s remarks are so pertinent that they deserve greater publicity:

LIE NUMBER ONE: There is a common belief in South Africa that the Natives Land Act of 1913 shoved blacks on reserves (‘7 percent of the land’) and ‘prohibited them from buying land in white areas’. That ‘whites forcibly removed blacks to these reserves and that these reserves were on the worst land in the country with no mineral riches and that whites kept all the best land and minerals for themselves’.

Now if I was a black man, I would probably also want to believe that myth, because it would ensure me eternal victimhood status and compensation for generations to come.

Unfortunately, it is a blatant lie and can be attributed to the lack of reading ability or legal comprehension of the journalists and historians of our time.

homelandsBlack tribal areas, secured, not defined, by the 1913 Land Act.

THE TRUTH: First of all the biggest Platinum reserves in the world run through the former Black homeland of Bophuthatswana (North West province).

The former Nationalist government had no problem allocating this area to the Tswana tribes for self-rule—although they already had a massive country called Botswana given to them by the British. It was originally part of South Africa, called Bechuanaland.

Blacks further got another two massive countries from the British called Lesotho and Swaziland. There goes their 7 percent.

LIE NUMBER TWO: ‘Black homelands were on the worst land in South Africa’.

THE TRUTH: When one compares the rainfall map of South Africa and anybody with elementary knowledge of South Africa will tell you that the largest part of South Africa is called the Karoo. It is a semi desert comparable to Arizona or Nevada in the USA.


Blacks never even entered this area let alone settled it. Whites made it blossom and created successful sheep farms producing meat of world quality.

Black “settlements” are found on the north and east coast of South Africa. The East Coast has a sub-tropical climate and the north a prairie-like climate with summer rainfall and thunderstorms. An exception to this is the Western Cape with a Mediterranean climate and winter rainfall.

The northern and eastern part of South Africa with its beautiful green grasslands and fertile soil is where the blacks eventually coalesced and this is the land they chose for themselves. Their eventual homelands were found on the land they inhabited out of their own free will.

The Afrikaners even have a song praising the greenness of Natal, called “Groen is die land van Natal” (Green is the land of Natal). It was perfect grazing area for the cattle herding blacks.

LIE NUMBER THREE: ‘Blacks are indigenous to South Africa and first settled it’.

THE TRUTH: Today Blacks in South Africa often tell Afrikaners and other minorities such as the Coloureds, Indians, Chinese or Jews to adapt to their misrule and corruption or “Go Home”…implying that we, who have been born here, who hold legal citizenship through successive birthrights; should emigrate to Europe, Malaysia, India or Israel. That the only ones who have a legal claim to South Africa, all of it, are the blacks. Blacks believe that they are ‘indigenous to South Africa’—but they are not: it was proven by DNA research. We are ALL settlers in South Africa.

All South Africans are settlers, regardless of their skin colour, and their DNA carries the proof. So says Dr Wilmot James, head of the African Genome Project, a distinguished academic, sociologist and, more recently, honorary professor of human genetics at the University of Cape Town.


Where is the archaeological proof that blacks ‘settled’ South Africa?

Apart from a few scattered archaeological remains found of black culture in the far northern Transvaal prior to 1652, it is generally agreed that blacks and whites were contemporary settlers of South Africa.

I use the term “Settler” loosely, because blacks never ‘settled’ South Africa; their presence was nomadic. Blacks were itinerants who travelled from place to place with no fixed home.

Whole capital “cities” of grass huts could be moved if grazing was exhausted. They had no demarcated areas, no fences, no borders, no maps, no title deeds to proof ownership of any land apart from a verbal claim and mutual understanding that their temporary presence in a certain area in a certain period of time constituted “ownership” of the land.

They left behind no foundations of buildings, no statues, no roads, no rock paintings, not a single proof of “settlement” of the land prior to the whites settling South Africa.

The only rock paintings were made by the Bushmen and the Hottentots (Khoi-Khoi and San) in the caves they temporarily occupied. Blacks were pastoral-nomads and the Bushmen/Hottentots were hunter-gatherer-nomads.

Whites, on the other hand, built cities, railroads, dams and a first world country comparable to the best in Europe and the new world…their legacy speaks of a people who intended to live there for a thousand years, if not eternity.

To claim that ‘the whole of Africa belongs to Blacks’ is absurd. It is like an Italian claiming the whole of Europe belongs to Italians, including Norway.

In fact, the pyramids of Egypt are proof of white settlement going back thousands of years—and also the Phoenicians settling Carthage and the Greeks settling Alexandria.

The Arabs settled North Africa soon after the Prophet Mohammed died and the whites settled Southern Africa from 1652 onwards. Today there are three Africas as Dr. Eschel Rhoodie calls it in his book “The Third Africa” (1968)… Arabic up north, Black in the centre and Whites at the south…

The white settlers of the Cape first came face to face with the Bantu around 1770 on the banks of the Great Fish River, 120 years after Van Riebeeck came to the Cape and 1000 km east of Cape Town.

LIE NUMBER FOUR: Whites created black reserves and homelands.

THE TRUTH: Blacks created the homelands themselves, thanks to Shaka Zulu. The common belief is that the ‘black tribes at the time were all living peacefully and in the spirit of ‘Ubuntu’ with each other in a virtual liberal paradise’.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Shaka-Zulu was a genocidal maniac who wiped out some two million black people in the Defeqane ( “great scattering”).


Above: The Difeqane, or “great scattering” of blacks occurred centuries after Europeans arrived in South Africa.

The Zulu tyrant Shaka, at the time was committing genocide against other tribes. The Swazis and the Ndebeles fled back north in the direction of central Africa where they migrated from.

The Sothos fled into the mountains of what is today, Lesotho. The rest of the smaller tribes huddled together trying to find strength in coalescing.

That is the history of black South Africans that blacks prefer to ignore… that blacks drove other blacks off their land, not whites.

It is into this maelstrom of black chaos that the Boers trekked in 1838. As far as they went they found large open sections of country uninhabited by anyone.

Black tribes fleeing Shaka’s carnage grouped themselves into areas finding protection in concentrated numbers.

This is how Sir Theophilus Shepstone later found the remnants of black refugees huddled together on self-created reserves. He just demarcated it in order to protect them from each other.

The creators of the Bantustans were not the Boers or the whites, it was a black man called Shaka.

Source: The New Observer

24 responses to “4 Lies told by the ANC about the history of land ownership in South Africa

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am a white South African, and never knew the truth about my skin, besides coming from Europe. I thank you again for this information. I hope everyone with a little bit of schooling can read this. The unskilled will never understand this, because they gets lead by their noses, and believes the skilled, who looks like, also does not know the history of our beautiful country.

  2. Elizabeth Gage

    Blacks will never believe this because they same it is the history of the settlers or whites and their history is totally different from this…….

  3. Congratulations! Although I know this to be true and many fellow South Africans I am sure are also aware, it is the first time I have read it from this perspective.
    Unfortunately, as the saying “Preaching to the choir” goes. It will fall on deaf ears as the ANC chose to disregard the truth. And sadly they’re succeeding in brainwashing the masses to believe otherwise. Rewriting history based on false pretense. AND because the masses believe what they hear, rather than verify the facts, the history will be lost in translation!
    Such a pity!

  4. Andrew Farquhar

    ONe tribe that has been ignored is the Griqua tribe who were around the Kimberly region. When the Boer came along, they met and got along with these people, who were called the friendly tribe. They got on and all the land that Griqua settled, was bought legally and goods shared respectfully. Boer found no other settlers as they moved inwards to Oranja and Transvaal regions.

  5. Valerie Diesel

    PLEASE PUT THIS TRUE DOCUMENTARY ONTO SKY NEWS, CNN, TO LET ALL THE WORLD KNOW THE TRUTH!! Time White South Africans stood up to be counted, we are NOT the problem! Look at Ireland, Australia, America…. the list is endless, and no co lour of skin is to be blamed, just ignorance.

  6. ANC will not believe as this as it does not suite their agendas….

  7. Joanne Schmitt

    Thank you for this well researched information on SA. I would just comment that I have never received any land or dwelling, or services without paying for it with hard earned money.
    Land given away has not been looked after…driving in the midlands I see former beautiful well run farms and homesteads lying derelict and with soil erosion and perhaps small tracts used to cultivate crops for personal usage.
    I just think the rest of the world doesn’t really care that so many countries in Africa have been destroyed instead of all people working together to preserve the land that we have been blessed with.

  8. For anyone doubting that black people actually say that white people have no claim or right to be in this country whatsoever, I’m here to tell you that it does happen.

    Here’s a screenshot I took of when it happened to me

    For those who don’t want to click the link:

    Ketso Mokoena Sure Ayana, they called us Moses, Mary, all these shit names of theirs..but u won’t hear any Qhoshangokwenzakwakhe van der Kaak, Simphiwe Labuschagne, hey we r sick & tired to be humble for this bull shit in our country of birth!! They must better fuck off!!

    Simphiwe Nutty Last-Born Sibiya Whenever a black man stands still and raises dat he wants wat blongs to him,he is killed

    Logan Young Simphiwe, you’re talking out your asshole now…

    Ketso, who must fuck off exactly?

    Ketso Mokoena Young baas..rooi varks must fuck off [so called whites] Look in Western Cape, Africans are fighting for their constitutional right to have a decent sanitation, but they has been called barbarians!! The day will come!!

    Logan Young Ketso, whites must fuck off you say… Let me ask you this: I was born in South Africa and so was my mom and her parents, her grandparents and their parents and grandparents. Do you mean to say that because we’re white, we must leave South Africa even though we were all born here?

    Lehuma Nthite Logan, I was not following this discussion but I am interested in you to tell me how different is the Khoikhoi from me or any other Black South African?

    I will await for the response, thank you…

    Ketso Mokoena Since ur not originated in Africa, ur great-great-great grand fathers..it doesn’t matter that u were born here..we hate u the way u treat us, u think ur God’s angels..u tell urself that ur holy or smell nice like shit, than Us!!

    I had researched the timeline of events in South Africa (including what peoples were where) around the 1600 up until present day in order to comment intelligently.

    Many on this Facebook thread had claimed that the Khoi-khoi were the owners of the land that the white men “stole” but also failed to note that the Khoi-khoi were nomadic. Even the San who are – as my research had claimed – the oldest known people to live in South Africa, didn’t originate here. They immigrated from Central Africa.

    Personally I don’t have a problem with black people. I’m finding that they’re awesome people to do business with and many that I’ve met, worked with, and got to know are damn decent people. What I do have a problem with, is when people speak without knowing and the sad truth of the matter is that it seems that very many black people do this all too often.

  9. first of all i would like to thank the person who wrote this document and i agree that this should be braught to the rest of the world the blacks disregarding it and forcefully trying to hange history is pushing towards a new devide another apartheid is not what south Africa needs 2 .a Zuma should be braught to justice for his greed and his ignorance towords a beautiful country what he believs in is wrong and his past should have kept him out of Parliament i speak as a south African citizen hoping for a better way of living in my home country

  10. Read this white guy’s books on the matter to understand that the above is largely correct:


  11. he should resign for being a south african president and face the charges that all

  12. I read that Blacks were brought from North Africa as cheap labour, and I would assume settled here eventually, The San were nomadic but probably the true South Africans, so everyone black and white immigrated here one way or another, White people know their history but black people only think where they were born is where their families have lived for ever and are indigenous which they are not.

  13. None of this matters the truth is that during the last ice age the black people that lived in Africa were actually white like albinos. Ha ha ha ha ha ha

  14. We – all South Africans – irrespective of race, colour or religion are involved, in one way or another, in a war for survival. Survial for ourselves, our children, our beliefs, culture, freedom of expression and association. Survival for our way of life, our respect for nature and the preservation of the beauty and resources we have all inherited. Survival for economic opportunity and growth. And we are not the first to face this “war” in Africa.
    The ANC’S history is as a struggle party – they see the same “war for survival” as one of control. In such “battle” conditions, the well known phrase dating back many, many years, “THE FIRST CASUALTY IN WAR IS THE TRUTH” still holds true. Those who get their stories out into the market place and SELL their ideology to the voting population in a manner they understand and can buy into, will win. Irrespective of the truth. Few, if any that are taken in by what they are told, stop to consider the costs of instant gratification. What white South Africans have not yet learnt is the art of selling the truth and the “better future for all” philosophy to the voting public. And more is the pity. White politicians need to learn from similar thinking population groups as to HOW to sell their product. Good luck – it has not been achieved yet in Africa – maybe South Africa will be different.

  15. I am saddened by the response of certain people when responding to articles in the media. It seems that it is always a black person such as Mr Ketso Mokoena above, who is vulgar and ill informed. These people are blinded by their own bigotry and race intolerance, and unfortunately JZ encourages this disgusting behaviour. . Thankfully they don’t speak for everybody.

  16. A few other points that need to be made.
    [1] The original inhabitants of Southern Africa were the Khoi [Hottentots] and the the San [Bushmen] Regrettably the Khoi were decimated by diseases – smallpox – contracted from the white man.
    [2] San rock art paintings can be found in caves from the Cedarberg to the Drakensberg. Today they reside in the Kalahari, driven there by the advancing back hordes from the north
    [3] The 1913 Land Act was created and drafted in the Westminster Parliament, London UK. This division of the country can’t be blamed on the Afrikaner as they had little if any political power at the time.
    [4] The land allocated to the 9 black tribes of South Africa was effectively 100% of what they had always had. So the “fact” that 13% of the population [whites] had 80% of the land was a propaganda lie in the anti-apartheid campaign.
    [5] These territories had name changes over time. In the 1950s they were Native Reserves, then in the 1960s Bantustans and finally in the 1970s Homelands.
    [6] Theophilus Shepstone [British / SA Politician – Native Administrator] was Knighted by Queen Victoria for his Native Policy – which was – “We [The British] have no right to impose our civilisation on the black tribes. Leave them to live their traditional tribal life in their reserves. Should they wish to cross over into the white western capitalist industrial society they can do so at their own pace in their own time.]
    [7] It is interesting to note that this land reservation for indigenous peoples was practiced by the colonial powers in the USA, Canada [Reservations], Australia, New Zealand and Rhodesian [Tribal Trust lands] Except for Zimbabwe these systems still exist today and in 3 of the countries mentioned the Head of State is HM Queen Elizabeth II of England, UK …… hmmmmm?
    [8] Another popular myth is that Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd was the “architect of apartheid.” Not true. The first segregationist law on any statute book in what became the Union of South Africa can be found on that of The British Crown Colony of Cape c1807 and later The British Crown Colony of Natal c1843. The Boer Republics only came into being in 1854 and 1856. The full legislative trail can be followed on:
    [9] Check the date when the ANC was founded – 1912. Who was running the country at the time? The British / English South Africans with the formation of the Union of SA in 1910 after the end of the Anglo-Boer War in 1902 – and all the wars against the black tribes which had preceded that between 1806 and 1898. So another myth gets blown out of the water. Blacks started protesting their lack of political rights and participation in the mainstream political process as imposed on them by the SA English – not the Afrikaners. Between 1910 and 1948 only the Hertzog administration was an Afrikaner Government for a 4 year term. So for a full 138 years – 1806 to 1948 less the Hertzog 4 years – South Africa was firmly a British Apartheid State. Facts dear reader which the mainstream English liberal media go to great lengths not to publicise.

  17. Please tell me who are still pure – how many blacks have german blood or white blood or portugese and lately Chinese. Where do they belong? Blacks can’t even handle other blacks coming from neighbouring countries. After getting rid of white – will they start killing the white blood out if the coloureds? Or who will be next??

  18. There is documented proof that in the late 1300s, 1400s, 1500s until Jan van Riebeeck landed – Bartholomew Dias and Vasco da Gama saw no black people! THERE WERE NO BLACK FOLK IN THE S.O.U.T.H. OF AFRICA. THERE WERE WHAT HAS BEEN RECORDED: “LITTLE BROWN PEOPLE” KNOWN THEN AS HOTTENTOTS AND BUSHMEN. This is HISTORY which has not been offered to school children to learn about. Most “born-frees” believe that South Africa came into existence in 1994. Duh!

  19. Hans Juergen Buchholz

    Very special and interistig – but Zuma with his education is not able to understand !

  20. I always wondered was I the only one who took History as a subject? The original message described above was in our History books up to the old Standard 9. Standard 10, 11 and 12, we did the politics of SA. How could the whole of SA population forget their history so quickly? To believe such lies so easily? The 2nd part of this message is so crucial to share! The Queen still controls this country. Can somebody explains how the British still control our politics because of the mining control they never gave up in all these years. Is the Queen also head of that? With all her SA Diamonds? Please tell us that part of our heritage? The lie of racism is the biggest foolish success that was ever propagated against White as well as black South Africans!! A pity that a few black families, who are today our government, were so gullible to be used for the political gain of a few white electives and to destroy a whole nation. what a perfect plot!!

  21. I’m very impressed with the clear description of our History above. Thank you to Laager for the informative knowledge he shared on top of the original message.

  22. Ownership of land is a western ideology, the Aborigines, North American and South American Indians never owned land as do numerous peoples across Asia. Land ownership is simply a means by which, land can be divided up so that the rich can accumulate wealth than the poor and therein lies subjugation. Unfortunately for many, including “Westerners” this is how the world now operates and most people will never own land, or its associated wealth. So, for point number 3. Being nomadic or itinerant does not mean you have not status, but in reality you don’t, in this greedy world of western ideology. That’s just the way it goes.

  23. Very interesting. At last the truth is out! Now to convience the Black of this story after they have been told all these lies. They actually have the most beautiful parts of South Africa.

  24. Found this very interesting in
    deed. some of the facts I have been aware of.